Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Alfa Romeo + EFR 6758 turbo = True

The winter ain't over yet. Which means moving from door to car to door. But that's not too bad. If one of the doors is a garage door. Winter time also indicates that there's still some time to create miracles (or desaster) in your workshop or garage.

We've already stated that 2018 is the Year of the Engine and as you know the Salt Slush team is busy building engines of our own. Besides planning next trips to various deserts in US... 

In addition to garage activity, you need addition energy during winter time. Some use D vitamin...others use good engine data from customers! And that really makes the day! 
Like this Graph from Mattias Jönsson. What you can see is rear wheel Power and Torque curves from his Alfa Romeo 2,5L V6 equipped with single turbo BorgWarner EFR 6758 with internal wastegate. The engine was running with E85 fuel and standard compression ratio (10,2:1) at the time.
Other than a inlet manifold from a Alfa Romeo 3.0L V6 engine, the base engine is standard. The result: power and torque north of 425 rwhp and 550Nm! Measured on a Rototest Chassi dyno. Something works really well. Could it be the turbo? Anyhow, it's really nice to see these type of graphs.The Engine was tuned by PBZ in Uppsala, Sweden. According to Mattias the peak boost pressure was 1,35bar and only 1,0 bar at peak power.
 Again, something works well.
Yes, I forgot to mention...this V6 sits in a car and it will have to work hard coming race season since it's located in Mattias Alfa GTV. 
Yes, Mattias and his Alfa will go Drifting 2018. As usually...

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