Sunday, August 27, 2017

We're soon at El Mirage...but first a Tribute to Muscle cars and thier potential.

We're getting there slowly. Day-by-day, mile-by-mile, we're approaching our first real milestone. To run our Land Speed racer at El Mirage in California. But we're not there yet.
Our journey is full om car impressions and when driving the fantastic (rental) SS Camaro across US I realized that I love today's muscle cars. Modern Muscle cars and their potential. 
But what is so special with Muscle Cars? Well, to start with, even if they do take you from A to B, they are not a means of transportation. They are not either super expensive sports car either i.e. snobby, cold and out of reach. Instead they're fast, fun, emotional and affordable too. 
And as the DI V8 in our SS Camaro roars and eat up the road, people around us are making thumps-up. The handling and braking are really good to drive it. 
And it brings comfort to know that when you're in need of additional 150-200 rear wheel horsepower to the stock +400hp it can be solved fast and easy with bolt on kit from Magnuson Supercharger. But not only boost devices are available, the aftermarket is toys to these cars.
A Mustang somewhere in the west.
The Camaro, an animal that according to the (marketing-) legend hunts and eat Mustang's. Is that so?
There's always a Challenger. Now and in the past available with Hemi V8.
There's Chargers too. Could Purple Chargers produce some haze as well? Probably... 
Not only car guys and girls have understood that the greatness of Muscle Cars. 
Perhaps because it takes one to catch one? 

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Wait, Think, Plan and don't get worried!

Some team members are already in US, some are still in Sweden tooling their way to L.A. But all of us are thinking about our first real challenge. Which is to make a first set of test runs and as well a first test race at El Mirage September 10th.
We're all occupied with being worried about all details and constantly call each other as well as more experienced people within SCTA and the land speed community to discuss what we need to do to reach our first real goal. Should we change tires? To which tires? What have we forgotten? Where to buy what safety clothing? etc. etc.
But when you're worried the best thing to do is to distract the mind with some new input... a road trip i Colorado. So we rented a Camaro SS and took off to get some insight about cool 4x4 vehicles and more.
We've learned that all these steep hills, rocky mountains and gravel roads requires a decent displacement and a big turbo...and... four wheel drive. 
When passing Gunnison we understood that there's new set of turbo tuners that starts to infiltrate the Hot Rod and Street Rod community. 
It was good to see that not all fearless machine masters are men.
Information to Swedes: No, she was not wearing a yellow safety west and she's still alive!
For those who might want to know; The Silverton train is still running and it has been doing so since the 1880 ties.  
 Another new insight, Chevy Suburban's can be used for off road sightseeing purpose. But the roof has to go...
Last but not least, when you're traveling. Do as birdwatchers do. Collect odd ball cars to your what-I-have-seen portfolio. What it is? An early man Toyota Landcruiser. Simple as that.
All of these distraction made it possible for us to, for a short period of time, not worry about our Land Speed racer.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

After thousands and thousands of hours, we're just at the beginning...

When are you ready? When is the goal reached? Is it even possible to get there? To reach a level where nothing more can be done? Probably not.
But there are milestones. Times when dreams converted to hard work has paid off and it's time to calm down for a short period of time. As you all know we're at such a milestone now when our Volvo Amazon Landspeed Racer is on the ocean.
As I was searching for a specific picture for a friend I started to rewind, go back in time and found some pictures from our 3 year journey. A journey that now continuous to the next goal. Which is racing the beast. 
It's late Spring 2017 and we're at a really good test track. Sun is shining, everything works fine and we're so happy. We've reached somewhere, but we were not ready yet.
But there was an earlier phase. When more violence was appropriate... 
Back in those days we were happy too. But we were not ready yet...
We were welding....
...and welding...
...and welding....
But we were dreaming as well. 
And dreams do come true! (if you work really hard)
Once again, we were proud.  But we were not ready yet. 
Kalle was fighting with The Coolant Tank. But even if he's happy, he was NOT ready yet..
We started to work with the engine. Here some top decking going on.
We were really proud to have the Swedish Hot Rod celebrity, Göran Ambell, in our workshop. 
We went to US to interview the super experienced man, Erik Hansson, about Land Speed racing. And we learned a lot. But we were definitely not ready yet.  
We celebrated Christmas and took a day off. 
Frustration. The engine doesn't run properly. Evening after evening with misfire only. Wanna know the reason? The crank signal went bananas above 700rpm. Sensor was changed and happiness in its purest form came to us all. But we were not ready yet... 
We're at Bilsport Performance & Custom motor show representing EFR, AirWerks and Magnuson Superchargers for the second time (2016) and we're cocky because car was running. But we were not ready yet. 
In the Sunshine 2016
Engine running doesn't mean that you've reached the power target or established a proper calibration. It took 3 times (all good things are 3?) in two different chassi dyno to get everything right. Sorry for the oil leakage, Hannes. Here Magnus is taking a spin in the rain. And believe me, we were NOT ready yet.
 But we made some progress.  Again, hard work pays off. Eventually...
Another milestone. After a furious work load the car got painted. Thanks Frank (at Universalteknik) for the excellent support!
And we made it! We managed to get the car painted, calibrated and assembled to the Bilsport Performance & Custom motor show 2017. What a victory!  Pictured: Early moring preparation before the show began.
But we were not ready yet. We had to fabricate a flat floor,a spoiler, a diffusor, a couple of inner fenders.... 
Let's put the home made aluminum bulb here! (It's the cover for the rear end, shown upside down
So, we're heading for the flat salt and dust surfaces.  
Conclusion: We've built a Amazon Landspeed racer on time, shipped it to US and we're soo happy.
But we're not ready yet.
The Salt Slush story will continue...

Saturday, August 5, 2017

How did it all began? We're at A Bombers Old Style Weekend in the search for the Holy Graal.

Hot rodding is the base. The base for speed need no matter age. It's the base for creative dreams and the base for motorsports. Tune it yourself and go to the track to go fast. Simple as that. 
When you're contemporary and tuning a Supra of choice, building a Bad ass Beemer with a too big turbo or making your modern US or German V8 happier with a Magnuson Supercharger, you're at the roots hot rodding. Think, engineer and go fast. That's what it's all about and we really like it.
Salt Slush Racing has, in true hot rod fashion, built a Land Speed Racer based on an 50year old Volvo Amazon to which we've added a Volvo 6 cylinder and turbocharged it to 750hp. It's now heading it's way to El Mirage in California, US.  
While being in waiting mode, we're seek racing roots, how it all began. And we know where to look for these roots since we've been lucky with this went to A-Bombers Old Style Weekend. Here's some pictures from the hill race.
Keep it simple. Low weight. Tuned engine.
Compromise comfort. Necessities only.
Same goes for bikes. Remove stuff that makes you slow.   
 Already early men understood that a light car and a powerful engine is a good thing to combine. The obstacle associated with this strategy could still kept low cost when following this advert.
This is nice. Spot on. Simple, low weight, V8 and not to forget, cool looking. 
Basic, down to the roots hot rods and howling engines attract people of all ages. No matter if it's a Ford 32 with a hemi or a Supra at Time Attack. Horsepower and sunshine makes us all feel fine.    
There's a car for each event. But nothing is perfect. A couple of Ardun cylinder heads would makes mine and Carina's Ford -46 a better ride. It would make life more exiting and provides a better connection to where it all began...

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Automotive Krankenhaus

Since The SSR Amazon was shipped the focus has been on 
neglected and not so prioritzed matters.

We have spent time in the gardens, fixing the boat and other stuff (Cars and Bikes).

When I looked around in the workshop today it became obvious...
 everything was apart, waiting for parts or on the move.
It looked like an Automotive Krankenhaus !

Carinas BMW should be fixed for the annual inspection, some lights, brakes etc.....
The week before the German Mercedes adventure Håkan got his BMW inspected.

Anders El Camino is to be updated mainly regarding front end, 
Anders wan't it to feel more modern. His vacation is ended now so he is focusing evening and weekends on the Krankenhaus.

Some internet and Summit Racing, 
2 weeks later  a big box of parts is in the work shop.

The SSR Car trailer is under treatment, all lights fixed, brakes adjusted, 
cleaned and greased......... 

Kalles Model A get some brake work and a complete overhaul 
of the front end new king pins etc.

The 69 Z28 Camaro got it's annual inspection together wit a new battery, 
some new power and ground wires to the EFI, 
the work with calibrating and geting th EFI to work good is ongoing.

The C10 got some TLC new battery and alternator since the old didn't make 
that much magic anymore. 
Celebrating with some photo shooting for a possible article in a Swedish Magazine.

The boat got a new alternator since the old got sick together with new bushings in the sea water pump, new belts etc.

What would life be without .................


On top of above the Mercedes adventure in Germany created some nursing needs on the the 450 SLC and the 350 SE......