Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summertime, bright nights and open doors.

Summertime is the right time for getting things done. The annoyingly bright light around midsummer makes it easy to get flow. Energy is in the air. Tonight was such an evening.
Now when Magnuson Superchargers has been installed, a little red Corvette has been brought back to life, the big block 454 is singing its summer bass tune in the C10 and the flathead V8 in the Ford 1946 feels just fine, we're ready to go back to work.
This is not any TO DO list, this is the final list that needs to be ticked off before we're cruising around the block with the contraption we call the Landspeed Amazon. 
Salt Slush board meeting. Decision time.
Not only the Brits' seems to want to isolate themselves...just kidding. Salt Slush like openness. But a clean room is always nice in a Speed Shop, hence doors.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Been there done that and got the t-shirt

Magnus, our probably most bespoke and recently traveled Team Member sent us following pictures.

A majority of the team (including me) and garage friends make there living on Volvo Car Company, We are all involved and heavily engaged in making Volvo Cars in to a new, unique and strong company.

Volvo is a fantastic company with a line of fantastic products, but they have to be developed and tested on key markets. Work is work, but sometimes all the stars are right and its possible to combine business and pleasure.

Here's Magnus
when combining business and pleasure. Working hard validating the latest and greatest  Volvo products in magic places. Of course celebrated with the right dress code ! 

 Even more  business and pleassure evidence.  Magnus extremely ambitious plot to establish a massive car collection. Bought in New Mexico on a earlier trip and now on its way on a slow boat to Sweden, (I hope my new tyres comes with it).

It will look like a Red Neck get together outside our workshop when we have all our pick-ups there. Maybe not exactly what we are ... We are more executive  farm boys working hard to move our Company in to the future and to play with cars in the spare time e.g bring our SSR Amazon to El Mirage and Bonneville . I guess you get it... Business and Pleasure makes miracle happen, you need to have passion to make a difference.

Alll we can promise you is that you you ain't seen nothing yet.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Magnuson Moment !

Sometimes life's just great. When you're relaxed in a very exiting moment. When The Beauty and The Beast are present at the same time. Like this amazing summer night  when the Magnuson Heartbeat kit, applied to the LS2/LS3 engine in the Velocity Yellow C6 Corvette and everything works perfectly.
Mechanical beauty. Maybe remove the hood?
Yes, I like the C6 Corvette, still looks swell after 10 years. Feel like it's time for a small expedition to Germany soon...
Besides, we will soon post some Youtube clips from the Heartbeat transplantation process. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Spread...The Word!

If you have something good to tell you better do it fast.

That said, don't hesitate to contact us when you need to increase the pressure! 

We are the therapist for all types of engine boosting.
We're there to sooth you performance soul.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Barn finds!

Procrastination and hoarding is not the reason. Instead it's the love of an old friend, a machine that has brought you to work or through the wilderness, a machine that kept your dreams alive, a machine in which you've spend part of your life.
At some point in time the old faithful wasn't suitable any more, but selling wasn't really possible. It just had to wait for a little while in dry safe barn... but half a year is very soon a year, then two and...
But suddenly it happens! The phone rang! The space in The Barn is needed for other purposes. For a couple of seconds you're in a state of shock. Then you realize that it's bound to happen, and after all, may be the sleeping beauty want to get out after years in darkness....
We saw traces of not only cats but as well car depression.  

Out in the sunlight without bursting. Long Sleek and Low and 472'. Whoa.
If the Cadillac started? Of course! Transmission? Working. Brakes? Not stuck.
Who's happy? Tapio!
My old ride a Loong Diesel Benz with ca 600 000km (375000miles) on the meter. If it started? Yes. Brakes? Stuck. Radiator: clogged. Other than that she's just fine...no it did not run as a Cadillac.. 
A Capri in need of TLC. A hopeless case? No way. A clean up (not only Wunderbaum), some minor rust repair, a roll cage, an engine overhaul and a EFR 6758 turbo and..and...
What's this? This is called gearhead exercise. Will get you exhausted and happy (if it starts). Which it did. Eventually.   
Maybe there a grain of hoarding involved as well? No, this is all valuable stuff. Invaluable if you ask me. 

 Everybody on deck. Everybody's busy?
Well, not everyone. This lazy little guy didn't contribute at all, instead he just stared at the circus. But just wait 30-40 year from now, then if he's lucky, he will be running around like a dusty rat trying to start up he's 2015 Barn Find Camaro...
All good ends good. Mission completed. Time to hit the road.... 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday again and a lot of happy people and cars

We are soon up for the big showdown. When the final question will be answered, the answer to all question. What is the best way to charge a Corvette? Pro Charger or Magnuson Heartbeat Supercharger?

OK. We're biased and but as well pretty sure that Heartbeat is the solution for torque, power and smoking tires, we will evaluate this properly, facts will tell......

While waiting for the final verdict, I used my garage time to continue with the Land Speed Amazon racer's cooling tank, preparing pipes for welding and discussing details coupled to different solutions.

Anders is working hard with the red Pro Charger Corvette and his wrestling with all the plastic parts. It should fit but doesn't... try again...change...try again.... soon everything will fit like a glove. Anders is the guy who can fix everything, at least if it's impossible.
Ring corner 1: The little red Corvette with Procharger engine bay.
The Boost device 1.

Ring corner 2: The Yellow poisonous Magnusson Supercharged engine bay

Boost device 2 !
Hoops, what the...f... is this ? 
Well, Petter got his moped howling like the two stroke monster it once was !
How did he manage that? Well, here he is, happy and satisfied when gaining back 0,05 hp by cleaning the exhaust system
My Big Block C10 pick up shadowing Hakan & Carina's flathead 46 Ford and Tapios Lada 
Marcus (A British Tea drinker) passed by with his son and the happy family Suburban.
The Suburban expert's Hakan and Carina, inspected and test drove it. It was fully approved and created a lot of new ideas. Marcus got the explanation why it feels strange when engaging AWD on asphalt (different tyre size front and rear which has to be changed). The advice! Do not use AWD on asphalt it has to be slippery first. 
What now ? Alexander passed by with his latest (wife approved) purchase. Very nice and classy. Alexander and his wife have a strong Greek heritage, which explains Alexanders  obedience and very careful anchoring of every detail with The Boss (not Springsteen)
Very nice! But a little German? or not?..you'll be the judge...?

Alexander have a wishful glance (stare) on the yellow Corvette. We who stood close could hear something sounding like ZO6, a namne not used by Porsche.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Thank God it's Friday...Supercharged Friday!

Some days are better than others. We all know that. Friday's are normally nice, but when you have receive the missing link, the solution, the small part that make our engine roar. Then life's good! For real.

Is it only me? Only me who have fallen in love with the Magnuson Heartbeat Supercharger while having a dear LS2 C6 Corvette from 2006?
Beating Heatbeat!

Word of advice: If you're lazy and gone wild for the Magnuson Heartbeat, make sure to buy an LS3 Corvette as well. Because that will make your 600hp life smooth and easy.

But let 's assume that you have an C6 LS2 and feel that your life is not complete without the Heartbeat, Salt Slush Racing have the recipe... and we're here to help. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Take a Brake, Find the energy...and Get framed!

Yes, we've been drifting for a while. Like teenagers, we've been lost, far out in the car entusiast wilderness and we found gold.

We've have installed Magnuson Superchargers and Anders has used a lot of elbow grease and determination to resurrected an unhappy Corvette C6 to the street again. But we're now getting back on track, to the race car building reality after a period of low hanging fruits and mechanical pleasures.
First we have a confession to make. The Salt Slush brake department have had a problem for a period of time. The Bolt pattern of the Currie 9 inch in combination with the 15 inch rims has brought us some difficulties....when designing  the rear brakes.

But eventually, Magnus magical mind broke the code and now we're almost done. Modified Toyota (!) brake discs, Modified Volvo 240 calipers and yes, we have clearance and (hopefully) a nice brake balance. We don't know for sure. God of Speed tells us nothing about braking during worship. Not his business.
What have they found? The Holy Grail? A tunnel to China? No, it's a classic example of Garage Acknowledgement. Kalle has moved one step closer to cooling module completion and therefore a positive inspection is taking place.
Or have they found something?
Still sober after looking deep in the coolant tank, Kalle took his -32, his helmet and drove away. Afterwards we could hear sound of burnouts and a Howin' Hemi was that for real or was it a fata morgana? (yes, it was warm in Gothenburg!)

The Loft need a door, a double door and here we go, the frame is getting there. The loft will soon get cosy, cool and comfortable (no dust).
What makes grown men look like this? Yes, you guessed it! It's the troublesome alternator packaging that makes life hard at this very moment. Magnus found a way.
Which basically means milling his life away while modifying a bracket!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Bad or Very good influence

Yesterday I came back from a quick visit to Shanghai, out on Wednesday morning and back on Saturday evening,  It was all connected to my work at Volvo Cars Corp. Lets put it like this, We are very lucky to enjoy our summer in Sweden, Air, Space, Nature, and Access to our workshop and dreams. Ok Gothenburg is not at all a Mega City (Shanghai has 20 times more citizens with all that comes with that) more a small city with easy access to space and nature.

Shanghai Pudong hotel room view Saturday morning

Lindome Outside Gothenburg Sweden view Sunday morning  

Don't misunderstand me, but I didn't see any Hot Rods or cool cars (expressing a dream) besides luxury cars which are used to express success.

Sunday morning, after sleeping well I was very happy of to be back in the garage digging in to finalizing (re start) the extra cooling tank i started last year. The Tank has kind of become my bad conscious.

To get in garage lets do it mood

What about the good influence ? Well Markus, a colleague of mine from VCC, who travelled with me to Shanghai have had a problem to define what type of car to buy to there big familly, He and his soon to be Wife Ellen, 4 children one small dog and a big dog a Mastiff.

He had considered, XC90 Classic (A Good Choice, but the Mastiff, a massive dog, killed it,) Renault Espace, (French) Land  Rover Defender  (Cool & British but extremely bad car) etc. After some discussion I sad the Word.... Suburban ! to short cut, he Bought one (a 2001 7 seater) today and is very Happy You should know that he is British.

My only reflection is that asking us in SSR garage for advice about what car is of course good but the advice can be rather twisted and different to advices from more mainstream people.

I still claim that XC90 both old and new is a very very good choice (Ok I work at Volvo since long time but trust me it's a fantastic car) but with a Mastiff you need more which makes the  Suburban the obvious pick.

The happy family Suburban

Besides these happening, Anders was managing his new Corvette  C6, which is soon of to paint, Håkan and Carina did some errands. all combined with a steady flow of different people (mainly car guys) passing by.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Indy, Indy, Indy...500!

What brings 350 000 persons together at one place, on one day?
Answer: Speed, Screaming Engines, Guts & Glory!

The nervous, aggressive, high reeving, turbocharged 2,2L 600-700hp V6 engines from GM and Honda are tensing the nerves of the crowd as the noise provides exitment and presence. Makes you feel alive.

And confident. Because you know that there are two, no nonsense EFR 7163 turbos in each vehicle, turbos that will survive the 800km of full load at full speed all along the race long track. Feels just fine to know that these ball bearing will keep on spinning and produce boost and SPEED. 
Indy 500: Speed. 
Indy 500: Speed
Indy 500: Party
Indy 500: Party

Indy 500: +350000 spectators!