Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fuel for the Fire !

It's time.
Time, for to reach for the First Fire. To smell the first fumes from our speedy six cylinder as they emerge. To move on to that magic moment when we'll fill up the workshop with smoke, happiness and freedom and continue towards our dream of pure speed and white salt. Let us show you how.
A man had a plan. A furious fuel plan.
Stuff's been stocked
Paths to Power in Place. 
 Pressure Provider Present.

Fuel distributer on Salt Slush Amazon Firewall. We're approaching take-off.
Don't miss out. We're getting there.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hungry ? One step closer to Guide Miche…...

Christmas is definitely over. New Year promises has already been forgotten. But we need  to get back to the right fitness again. Therefore we introduce the Weekend Warrior Workshop Exercise. When conducting this mechanic's workout we still need energy. Salt Slush has reluctantly understood that we can't (should not) live on Coffee, Fika and Beer only. Not fair...
Luckily, Carina has got parts for a WOK kitchen as Chrismast gift. Which she now has manufactured and assembled. 
The burner is made in Spain. Luckily the Spanish is most likely translated to Swedish using Google. Which is why Carina decided to go for the last sentence and use applicable law.
Cina, here using applicable rules when making Workshop WOK for hungry mechanic's 
Carina only use the essential ingredients when preparing garage food for garage people.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Stable Marriage without Future Slippage.

There comes a time when a power couple need to get together. To accept each other and merge, in order to finally reach a win-win situation.  But as always, there's obstacles on the way...let me be your matchmaker.
Rule no 1: The release bearing needs to reach the clutch.
Rule no 2: Measure and conclude. And so we did. Only to realize that we needed a 10 to 20mm adapter to get the Tilton clutch working.
Decision: Make it happen, and make it now. Grab a piece of 20mm thick aluminum, rev up the old Sajo milling machine, cut the corners in the metal saw and let the lathe run free. 
Consequence: There must be an external force. Pressure needs to be applied. The Wilwood break & clutch cylinders is now all lined up and ready to provide this service. Still we had to put a stop to too much clutch movement and design a stop. Someone always has to set limits...
No, you've got it all wrong. There's no symbolic value here. Sometimes a clutch is just a clutch.
The Volvo Aluminum Engine-to-GM (Tremec...)-rear-face-of block assembled. We're now working on the cranks sensor and the starter motor adjustment. Yes, we spent hours on manufacturing a new treaded water plug as well, but that's nothing to talk about, really.
To cut it short, we'll soon be connected to a heavenly force. This Force will not only be with us. It will be transferred.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

The cam the myth the concept

I have the engine in my Ford Model A coupe apart to hunt down a scary noise and also do some work I didn't have time for when I built it. The noise proved to be a blown head gasket so no big deal.

But what I wanted to show here is the cam I'm running. Looks innocent at first glance but there is something unusual about it.

It's a high lift cam to say the least, compared to a stock Model A/B cam

Yes the lobes are in fact so tall the cam cannot be mounted thru the cam bearings. It's a trick split cam. I was discussing camshafts and the possibility to grind tall lifts on stock cores with a guy I know. My Idea was to bore the cam bearings larger and somehow insert bushings after the cam was in place or make a new core with bigger bearing journals (which is now available by the way). But my friend came up with this neat split cam solution. I think it's lovely in many ways. It has given me the option to run a more modern high lift cam profile with reasonable short duration. There was no need to modify the engine block. Well that's not really true, but the modifications is made because of the combination of components I used. But one of the most interesting things about this cam is the engineering and machining. I think it's a masterpiece. A new solution for an old problem.

This is how it looks apart

It has held up good for the 5-6000 km I have used it. I did fail to run it in properly sine the engine wouldn't run good on first start up. Also in combination with super stiff Iskenderian Flathead valve springs, oil with to low zinc content and possibly lifters of low quality. So the nose of the lobes got a beating. But since then nothing has happened.

Here's two short clips of me drag racing. The roadster had an overhead conversion Ford Model B engine. I use a flathead Model B with this cam.

Go to if you want your own split cam. But don't order one wilder than mine. I don't want anyone being faster.

OK! Wrench and repeat.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The final assembly continunes. Sparkling parts in Sparkling cold waiting for Speed

Cleaning up workshops and buying cars are for sure fun, but as well distracting. The Amazon race car has to come together now. Not as a concept or a mock-up. This time it's to produce power and run. Gaskets needs to be in its place between surfaces, thread sealing should be applied where its needed, connections should be super clean and the correct torque needs to be applied to all bolts and screws everywhere.

It's a race car, but nobody wants to scratch painted parts and newly fabricated aluminum, hence...Be cautious!

Will we make mistakes? And destroy the finish? You bet.

Will we cry out load when it happens? No, we're Salt Slush Racing. We´ll just take a deep breath...
The amazing Tremec T56 Magnum is in place now with a redesigned and painted rear bracket. The transmission is here waiting for the marriage with the flywheel-clutch-bell housing. Yes, the break cylinders are installed.
The golden contribution from The Moon still wait for the steering column.

Fuel cell in place. Soon it will fixed with the steel straps as well. Just looking for some rubber isolation.
The turbo system. Assembled and disassembled a zillion times as it seems. But now even the exhaust manifold has got its stainless steel bracket boss in position and TIG welded to the turbine exhaust flange. It's now, finally, time to assemble the system with all the manufactured oil, water pipes, gaskets and brackets for the last time (before start-up, at least).
Outside the cozy workshop, there's no exhaust fumes, no heating fan, no coffee just a cold harsh winter. Luckily, we're not there.  
Besides, the aftermath of the disappearing 1 tonne frame building table, which served as host for various machines, has forced Anders to work with workshop mobility. Strategy: All machines should be possible to move to the best location and store them where there's space. Well, the milling machine is standing still.

Verification on-going. It's on wheels! Can we move it around? Yes. Is it still usable? Actually yes, the function is still there.
After Carina fixed some issues with the Ford 46 electrical system, she formed an aluminum circular (!) shield for her gas burner. Time for a WOK?

Monday, January 18, 2016

If there's a will there's a way. Suddenly there is... space!

Horror vacui. There's an inevitable force in nature that strive to fill up emptiness. We know all about it. This force is constantly giving Salt Slush Racing problems and challenges, which on the other hand boost our creativity. A painful and a wonderful thing, all in once.
So it appears. A new kid on the block. A charming new friend with a big heart looking for a warm place.
Oh, there's 1 tonne steel frame building table blocking our new guest? Shit. Anders and Kalle are here working with a problem that I'm very familiar with.
Magnus, who share the workshop space with Kalle is now in the shadow of a C10 copper vein. But Magnus is an understanding car guy. He knows about the general advice; don't start to argue, buy something bigger to compete instead. But where is the frame building table? Take a closer look and you'll find out.
Ready? No, we hade to start from the beginning again, since another back breaking bench was looking for a place to stay. Now we're good. For a little while. Perhaps.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Pick up a Pick Up

As a complement to todays low CO2 discussion and to get some flexibility in to our life, something special was needed. Since all members in the family have a need to transport things; bikes, car parts, horse food, tow stuff etc. what could be better than a competent, high torque, pick up ?

My friend had a low mileage C10 Big Block which had escaped a hard pick-up truck life. I've had my eyes on it for a while and I'd shown it to my wife and I got flavor of support from her side to buy it. So I bought immediately ,and that will change both the truck's and our life a bit.

From a hot and sunny Fresno, California to the cold winter night in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I had been waiting for the real cold to arrive. The Salt Slush had to freeze, otherwise this low mileage C10 Big Block would have been smeared in with more than a fair share of that corroding provider.  

The Salt Slush team was all reeved up with a particular place to go.We were all set to take the C10 to our Workshop, where it's protected from the cold and dark night. 
Just started and taken out, in to the cold night ready for transportation to the SSR garage.

Before it was started i filled one of it's fuel tanks (yes, there's two) and that's how high fuel consumption was handled in 1977.  The former owner in Fresno called it Gas Hog instead of Gas Guzzler. Luckily it's equipped it with vacuum meter to support good mileage. 

Ok using the left side tank it was started 
It was not completely comfortable with the cold, snowy and icy roads. The old and  California sun dried tyres didn't have the same grip as a new set of Nokia Hakkapelita winter tyres. The engine took some serious time to get warm, a lot of cast iron.
Fast frwrd here we have arrived to the team garage.

The transportation worked out just fine no issues or legal representatives surprised us during the transportation. So far I have learned that it's not a race car, slow steering, brakes yes but not as crisp and confident, surprisingly robust and solid, need for a service.

Back inside, waiting for TLC and to become a Swedish citizen. The plan is to spend some time parallel with the building of the Land speed Amazon

I will give it a good service and tune it up together with some changes to support the Swedish registration.  Besides, the idea is to use and enjoy it as it is, to keep it's good untouched condition and to to improve it step by step and always keep it running. 
Some cleaning and polishing will make a difference, it has around 8 000 miles, some wear and tears and signs of a happy and comfortable California life. 
Looks good on picture solid as it is. Even the jack is still resting in the engine bay. 

No electrical system salad, original cruise control which is still working, but I need to find new AC compressor, AC dryer some bulbs and some minor things.

Our car and part logistic friend.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Work-life-balance provider from 1946!

Salt Slush Racing team like to work hard. But work-life-balance is also important. A man cannot live on bread alone, you've got to nourish your soul and once in a while buy a car. Otherwise things might go terribly wrong when you're in search for relief.
A couple of months ago, Carina and I was on vacation in California and suddenly, in Lodi, it was standing there...A Ford 1946 Club Coupe. The sun was shining, we were relaxing in a wine district and yes, vulnerable for temptations like Coupe's from the 40-ties with patina.
3 months later. January in Gothenburg. -6 deg C (21degF) outside. Will it start?
You can judged from the smile on my face...after Carina poured in start gas and attached a decent warm battery, while I was pushing the starting knob for a while. And TADA! It was running like a dream! The old Henry Ford side valve V8 for sure warm up the engine block quickly.
A moment of joy and excitement.
Warming up in its new home far away from palm trees. In a couple of months this old V8 Ford will speed old Swedish summer road and hopefully bring even more joy (and perhaps some surprisers...)


Saturday, January 9, 2016

A powerful marriage made in the nordic heaven!

There comes a time when a power source needs to meet a stabil, strong and newly  painted frame. And today was the day. 
The powerful unit. The Salt Slush hope. The mean machine that will make our Amazon a strong sprinter and hopefully blow our minds as we fly steadily over the white salt surface at Bonneville. 
Hey-Ho. Kalle and Anders are setting sail.
Ragnar is giving the direction, Magnus provide a thoughtful force and Per is leading the way. We're on the move. Life's good...
...or not...some small adjustment was needed. Yes, the frame has been painted thoroughly once. But think positive, the frame will get a thicker layer of paint in this region. It will be more rust resistant and we'll have the possibility improve the finish.  
Mission accomplished. The Beuty and The Beast, just married.
Speedy it looks. Soon to appear on a dyno. Time for a beer.
But what is this? Carina is simultaneously starting up this year's Suffolk lawn mover engine restoration. Even small hearts need to beat in the summertime.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Salt Slush Speed Shop under pressure. High pressure...

It's dark and cold again and all winter active car guy's are on the move. They have stopped dreaming and now their minds are set. Their evenings are getting longer and nights shorter. It's time build the street or race car in order to be ready for next summer's speed, power and burning rubber.
Salt Slush know all about this build fever, which comes like the flu winter time, because we're as well infected...
A clear symptom of a developed motor infection is when you all of a sudden start to order super cool Speed Parts for your ride. Then you know you're infected and you know there's only one cure; Build your vehicle, wait for summer and feel the power!
Salt Slush always try to help and therefore we're busy to proudly deliver AirWerks and EFR turbos to car guys with crave for speed, top performance and durability. Just looking at a  master piece like a EFR turbo makes you feel good.
The new S300SX-E is really popular. Super compressor and turbine. Cheap and robust. Bang for the Buck. Cina and Anders are here busy with assembling the right turbine house to the right Super core according to customer order.
Yes, sometimes we're burning midnight oil to provide race equipment to the race & street community. It feels good to contribute to all nice projects!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Laid back? Nope, we're moving on...

Salt Slush Team has been busy being for a couple of days, relaxing only. But still, our maniac master mechanic soul's has not accepted this nothingness. Therefore, we've returned to the workshop and made some useful stuff.
Once there was variable valve timing solenoids. Now there's just lids, made by Magnus. Why? Because we're looking for power and power only. Besides, Magnus is like a one man CNC machine.  
Tubular bells? Not really, but almost. Magnus and I have been working like plumbers in order to get the lubrication pressure sealed and drained. Successfully? You bet. Was it painful? You bet.
We all need support from time to time and so does our beasty boosted engine. A couple of drillings and treads in the already prepared engine block and et voilà, we're good! Modularity is magic! Salt Slush love it.