Friday, October 30, 2015

Verdi and Clevite!

This has nothing to do with dramatic and romantic operas and should not be mix up with criminal couples from the past. Instead this post is a about determination. To marry an odd couple together with the purpose to go fast, aim high and push the limits.

The old Verdi
Our Verdi, a Swedish ingredient.
The US contribution: A Celvite bearing before treatment
The Celvite bearing after treatment, ready to act as the second important party

What we're taking about? As careful as hedgehogs makes love, we did grind off the dent in the Celvite bearing. The dent that stopped us from using these bearings and run with a slightly larger conrod bearing gap than original. This will help us to get a lot of oil through the bearings and keep things cool. 

The result. All six in place. Ready to perform under high pressure and speed during dramatic circumstances.

Yes, we were properly dressed for the task.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Cold one is better than a hot one

In search for Engine cooling we move on to the next step. Magnus is evaluating available space for the cooler

About this big ! or ? ! Ragnar is critically evaluating the level of precision and the principals for Thermal management in our engine bay.

Let's try to mock it up ! The box is the same size as a Volvo V70 cooler which is a kind of a safe haven for us in the SSR Garage and easily bought by Biltema…... 

Lets adjust and apply some magic force. Magnus is a man with many skills, always full of surprises and new approaches.

Our new guest in the garage is shouting HOO HOA Hold your Horses !!!! This will not work you need a custom made cooler.  The Biltema cooler will instead be used in the Water tank more about that later on.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Thrilling Milling!

There's something special with machining engine parts. If you make an error it's definitive, Game Over and speed dreams turns into a nightmare. That's why there's certain excitement in the air when the cutter hits the metal. Or at least before it touches...    

But eventually its time to stop calculating and measure stuff and instead get going. One millimeter had to go, the block height should be 219mm instead of 220mm in order to give us a decent compression ratio. 
It's time. 
A short ritual. 
A last argument.
Yes, we have the equipment. And yes everybody was on site. Mario and Gitte came up from Germany...
The audience were happy and excited.
Drum roll....Action!
Magnus admire the smooth operation of the SAJO 54 as we cut the final 0,5mm
Relief. Everyone is happy. Kalle is really happy and proud over his latest aluminum welding. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Salt Slush celebrate Robin Antonsson!

Salt Slush Racing team are car addicts who just loves engines, turbo boost and speed....
That's why it´s a pleasure for us to celebrate a guy who's really into speed and boosting....Robin Antonsson! 

The winner of the Pro class in the Swedish Time Attack series this year!

How did he achieve this? I guess 3 basic rules: A really fast driver, a really fast car and an engine equipped with a responsive EFR 9180 turbo...
The undisputed winner: Robin Antonsson

Robin as he speed toward victory!

Robin's super successful season 2015 (with EFR turbo) in a summary
  • Kinnekulle race track: Robin won the race and set new R-Tire record: 54.089s !
  • Mantorp Park race track: Robin won the race with 1:21,1 min !
  • Karlskoga raceway: Robin over the finish line as no.1 after at 1:08.254 min !
  • Knutstorp Ring race track: Robin finished as no.3 with 1:03.277 (after loosing the hood in the test run...etc. (no 1 and no 2 also used EFR turbos by the way, SSR remark.)

Robin - The Winner of Time Attack Pro class 2015!

 Those of you who can read Swedish, please enjoy Robins exiting 2015 race journal below:


Racesäsong 2015

Som tur var så hade vi en träningsdag innan själva tävlingen. Nästan hela första dagen gick åt att ställa in höjden och andra små justeringar på chassiet.
På tävlingsdagen var det dags att stå på lite. 
Mitt personbästa,  tillika banrekord på R-däck var då 56,3 och målet var att att slå det i första kvalet. Därefter var målet satt till att hoppa över 55orna och köra en 54a, ett högt mål men ändå realistiskt.
 Det blev ett varv i första kvalet och tiden satt till 55.8
 Kval två blev även det bara ett varv 54.6 !
 Så till finalen. Även där blev det bara ett attackvarv och en vinnartid och nytt R-däckrekord 54.089 !
Även om motorn nu levererade mindre effekt än året innan så gick det fortare i slutet på alla rakor. Och på långa rakan så ökades slutfarten på med 7km/h. Hhmmm?

Mantorp Park

Sommarvärme och 30 grader i skuggan, inget väder för rekord direkt....
Men då jag kört king of mantorp några veckor innan, även då i varmt före så hade jag en aning om hur bilen skulle bete sig.  
Under king of mantorp så lyckades jag putsa mitt gamla person bästa från 1:23,7 till 1:21,1
Kvalet blev något sämre 1:21,6 men i finalen blev det ännu en 1:21,1
 Även om värmen var påtaglig och antalet hk mindre än året innan så ökade jag på farten på rakan från 250 till 259km/h. Bättre tryck lågt i registret och mycket bättre spool efter växling måste vara svaret på varför det går fortare med mindre effekt.
 Tiden i Finalen räckte till en seger, två raka !

Karlskoga Raceway (Gelleråsen)

Denna gången hade vi ingen träningsdag så inställningarna höftades till i garaget, inställningar som visade sig funkar riktigt bra.
Banrekordet på R-däck här låg på 1.11.3 Och ett personbästa några tiondelar bakom.
Kval ett funkar bra och P1 på tiden 1:10.0.
Hoppade över kval två och fick då se mig besegrad av Filip i en Evo.
 Finalen blev en nagelbitare.
 Satte en bra tid på första varvet 1:09:8 men fick snabbt höra och att redan efter någon minut hade tre förare klättrat förbi och tiden att slå för att vinna var 1:09.0.
 Då kom bärgaren ut på banan. Men bogseringen gick fort och jag fick ett sista varv.
Första kurvorna sätter jag riktigt fint men missar utgången i T4 och får parera rätt friskt, nu var det bara att ge allt. Över målinjen på 1:08.254
 Seger igen och nu tre raka !

Final @  Knutstorp Ring

Detta var en bana som jag aldrig kört innan. Största hotet skulle bli de två Evo förarna hade lagt över 5000 varv var på.
Men med en träningsdag innan så skulle det nog gå att nå pallen. 
Dock blev det inte så mycket kört då huven flög av under träning, så hela dagen gick åt att reparera så det gick att köra på tävlingsdagen.  
På själva tävlingsdagen funkade allt okej.
Fick aldrig något flyt i körningen och fick hoppa över Q2 pga hög db.
Men lyckades köra i Finalen 1:03.277 dock lyckade båda hemma förarna med EFR bestyckade evos klämma sig före. Så blev en 3e plats.
Innan vi körde denna deltävlingen så var banrekordet på R-däck 1:04,xxx så jag är ändå rätt nöjd.

Med tre första platser och en tredjeplats så blev det självklart vinst i Pro klassen.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Now we know! Compression ratio analysis...

We're beyond buying stuff and planning. It's time to get going.

Since we have new shorter conrods (143mm) and new pistons, which we combine with the standard Volvo forged crankshaft (stroke 90mm) the first step was to understand if we would need to lower the deck height (the distance from crankshaft center to top of cylinder block) of the engine block or not. Here's some Salt Slush Science.
Anders had an old syringe which seems suitable for elephants injections and compression ratio check.
With a piece of acrylic glass, some soap water and concentration, we managed to measure both the volume of the combustion chamber and the piston accurate.
We measured cylinder two as well just to underline or seriousness. It had the identical volume. Tolerance ok.
 Analysis completed. This time we even used understand all consequences.
Conclusion: We will lower the deck height with 1mm to 219mm, which will give us a compression ratio of 8:1, which is on the low side, but it allow us to use the standard timing drive. Now we just need to find a suitable milling tool for our Sajo 54 (our favorite machine).

To be continued...

Saturday, October 17, 2015

The table is set!

We now have all the hot ingredients that we need to start up the engine build. When it comes to engine building we're trying our very best to be professional. Which is why we exaggerate and use a newly build stainless steel table (made by Kalle) and the best possible cleanness, at least the best possible cleanness that can be achieved at Ringön. Yes, will wash our hand before we start to assembly.
Overview: The set table. Nice!

The forged (std. Volvo) crankshaft, the forged Verdi H-beam conrods and somewhat larger crank bearings 
The super cleaned engine block, main bearings, R-line pistons and the standard oil pump, the white package is the cleaned bedplate.
Let the engine build begin!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

In search of Speed...we found thing to cheer us up!

Word of advice; -Don't go to US with Carina and me with the aim of looking at Land Speed Racing.

Reason why: We have bad influence on weather conditions at Land Speed racing tracks.

One year (2010, if I remember correctly) we tried to go to El Mirage to see the last race of the season. Result? It was cancelled du to rain. So we went back the to hotel and thought that this won't happen again...but it could happen last summer, as we had our breakfast in San Dimas we got the message: Speed Week is cancelled due to rain. 

Then again, this year we planned a new trip to US to visit World Finals at Bonneville. Yes, you guessed was cancelled.

So what can a couple do in the blistering sun under the palm trees when races are cancelled?
Go walk on the beach? Or even swim? Bad idea. Why? The boots might get wet. And you will get bored after 10min.

Better Land Speed Racing substitutes:

Go to Mooneye, buy some cool stuff and admire their ramp trucks.
Take a tour to Hollywood Hot Rod and study while amazing cars is being born.


Go to a breathtaking museum like the Mullin Museum and study cars which most of us have only seen in your dreams.

Is it a plane? Or is it just Superman? No, it's a Hispano-Suiza H6B Dubunnet Xenia 1938


It's actually difficult to stop looking at the Bugatti SC57 Atlantic

and I think you understand why. Did I mentioned magnesium?

This aluminum body is as well hard to take in. Very inspiring.

Conclusion: There are activities to comfort car guys and girls looking for Speed and Salt. But Salt Slush Racing never give up. Eventually we will see and participate in Land Speed racing even though it seems like we're fighting against strong Rain Gods.

Back home in Sweden it's time head to the workshop with the task to start-up the build of the Land Speed Race engine that will make our Amazon fast. We now finally, have all the parts for the lower base engine.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Vi och Rickard Cornacchini (Supramannen) vet något !

In Swedish this time…..

Vi på SSR ser fram emot vad som komma skall, detta blir bra !!!

Vi återkommer i ämnet.

Kopierat från  Porsche 997 RSR GT2 " BANREKORD MANTORP PARK 1,14,8 

Får jag lov att presentera en ny Samarbetspartner 

Dessa trevliga killar från Göteborg är PROFFS på turboaggregat och är det nått ni undrar så har dom svaret..Salt Slush säljer allt från BorgWarners så behöver ni nått så ta kontakt med dessa herrar så hjälper dom er 

Mig har dom hjälpt med att plocka hem 2 stycken EFR 6758or i Alu racing core varianten med V bands hus, gå in på deras sida och klicka runt och se om det är nått ni är sugna på och har ni några frågor så finns kontakt info där med 

Mvh/Rickard Cornacchini
Porsche 997 RSR GT2

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Salt Slush goes West to the US of A.

When car enthusiasts tour California, they find at least 3 things to envy. Firstly: The Sun. Secondly: Rust Free cars. Thirdly: The fuel prices. 
Let's start with the last: Even slow driving Prius & Volt drivers in CA will need a heart massage if we told them about European fuel prices. Which is why we won't. Cause it would be inhuman and we are good people.
Info for European gear heads: The price is in dollar per gallon. Gallon =3,8L. Yes it's true, you're not dreaming. 
 We bumped in to these dancing animals. It must be these creatures that stood models for...
...this magnificent pair of wheels. Yes, it's just our rental car. But even the entry version with the small non boosted V6 and only 300hp behaves really good. Braking and handling is far better than I expected.
  A Volvo 544 in San Francisco. It cheers up a dull and posh area in San Francisco with too much Prius, Piltes and Polenta.
 Porsche or Chevy 1958 cab? Why choose?  A nice street mix anyhow.
Anyone for a Mercedes 300SEL 6,3? Runs & Drive and free from rust. In need of TLC, quite a lot of TLC actually. But still, it's a Gentlemen's Hot Rod from a glorious past.
Mario Felker from Germany once raised a question. -Does everything in US have to look cool...?
 ...for a while I thought the answer was; Yes!
Then I realized that the answer is No. Example: US Postal Service does NOT travel in style.
But now over to cool stuff. We were honored to be invited to look at the Track Master T-Roadster, built by the late Jerry Magnuson. An amazing pair of wheels which really stands out. Low weight, 50/50 weight balance and a lot of V8 power. A hand built masterpiece. Two of these has been built so far. Out of which one is painted...
..while the other one is still in raw sheet metal & aluminum. A status that really expose the craftsmanship involved.  
The LS376 engine packaging is tight and smart. You don't know what a LS376 is? Google it.
But how was the sheet metal shape created? Dreaming won't, they made a wooden plug over which the sheet metal was formed. This plug took a lof of time to build and for sure, it's a piece of art in itself.
The LS376 engine with the Track Master designed bell housing. Starter motor on top of transmission and ignition coils moved away from the cylinder heads to enable a really tight packaging. Looks like OEM level...
But how did we get around in US this time? Navigation system classic. Carina reading from printed notes. Like rally driver. She's knows what she's doing and she gets a tan as well.
We paid a visit to Hollywood Hot Rods in Burbanks as well. These guys knows how to design and create a Contemporary Art Deco Hot Rod in a Hipster Heaven type of workshop.
Full Scale drawing painted on the wall.This project was once the remaining of a Packard -36. We bought a t-shirt and were stunned.
Carina at Mooneye Speed Shop. She's happy. Looks like her C20 pickup at home will get a new steering wheel.
Cheers from CA!