Friday, May 31, 2019

Friday afternoon....providing boooooost and some quality time !

Have we gone completely bonkers now when Håkan, Carina and Magnus are in LA prepping The 449The Amazon Wagon....starting with gardening and beautification of Ringön ?

Well yes, our asphalt jungle outside the workshop is flourishing and looking really healthy. We do focus this because Carina expect us to do that.
Carinas hollyhocks on both side of the Garage door are doing just great, a lot thanks to Ruben (The very Big Block dog across the street) and Chevy (The Small Block Dog across the street).
But what's this ? Some pottery has found it's way in to the jungle too.
Therese a famous pottery artist is in the creative mood, 
But as always we can't help it, there is always time for some boost to happen and today two Magnuson Kits and a turbo was shipped to happy gear heads in Sweden, soon to make some serious power and smiles.
A pickup truck is always nice and handy, especially a sunny soon-to-be-summer day. 
We need to be cautious with the loading ! Everything onboard ? Paper work OK ? 
Aaaahhh a bed of dreams on it's way.
Besides of beautification and boost business, we have time for some dream of our own as well. My (my wife's) LT1 Corvette 94 (for her Camaro 68 Cabrio) soon to be opened and checked. 
Hopefully with out any drama lurking inside. 
Magnus T Drag Coupe waiting for Magnus to come back full of energy...
...and more mad ideas !!
What is this ? Pottery  ? No this is Magnus doing some tricks fo a friend. If you think it's to easy to get some serious power from a modern LS with boost, this could be an alternative; A Dan Price Cylinder head to a Four Banger. For sure cool and some nice technique from another time era. 
Looks nice !
Some of Therese's pottery art, waiting for a happy customers. 
By the way,  Therese is sometimes in to bugs...
...and bugs are usually not a problem in Sweden.
But if these basterds start to move, we better call Pest Control !

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

For Enthusiast By Enhusiasts...We're at Magnuson Superchargers!

We're in California. And we have a task. The task is to test drive our 449 Amazon landspeed racer at El Mirage and fix whatever needs to be fixed before the full team arrives in August. Before we load up the Amazon on a trailer behind our old Suburban and hit the road. 

 While in California, we always take the opportunity to meet our friends at Magnuson Superchargers in Ventura. It's energizing to meet the guys, because not only do they have new cool products to present, they always have cool private car projects to show as well. These guys are living and breathing superchargers and engines. And it's a good living. Learning by doing…

But let's cut the crap and look at one of the most impressive and coolest aftermarket products I've seen. Ever. The TVS 2650 supercharger unit that fits under the C7 Corvette and Camaro hood without modification.
How is it even possible to package the BIG TVS 2650 Eaton supercharger and a pair of big size water-to air intercooler in the super tight packaging space available under a C7 Corvette hood? 
Mike and his team at Magnuson have not only managed to get the packaging right, they have as well managed to get the flow characteristic right, which is a must if you want BIG Power. Last not least, the unit looks amazing. It's hard to stop looking at it. It looks so good.

The unit fits in all LT1 DI Engines in Corvette and Camaro. Ain't she sweet?
More importantly, they are available, off the shelves!
Would you prefer a Magna Charger type of TVS 2650 for your LT1 Engine? Well, here are four units ready for shipping, still hot after just passing the final superchager mapping. 
BIG power means high flow, optimized air paths is a must.
How it all began...the less sophisticated Camaro with the TVS2650 prototype. Fast as a Shark and Cobra Cool but more suitable to run under 9,5s at the strip then to use as a daily commuter.
Testing and playing around makes perfection….
Private Projects. No.1 The Maverick.
When there's no Magnuson Supercharger kit available, you make an inlet adapter and arrange the belt drive... at least that's what Mike and his son did. The result: A super nice installation in the low weight Ford Maverick. Yes, it's fast.
Interesting combo...modern aftermarket EFI with all bells a whistles and cable throttle. I had almost forgotten how fast a throttle response could be...

Pulling Power and mpg is important too. Dustin, at Magnuson has teared out the old big block V8 and installed iron LS V8 with Magnuson Supercharger.
The result: Stong performance, really good drivability and a significant lower fuel consumption. Looks really nice too.

 Epilogue: Private projects, having fun and racing provides energy and innovations. I guess this is one of the reasons that Magnuson Supercharger are able to bring good high-quality products to the market. Nevertheless, Carina and I left Magnuson today full of impressions, energy and fully supercharged!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Tug of war while weekend wrenching

Sunday. If it's summer, go sit in the sun, go to the beach or just take stroll. That's what most people do and it's a reasonable activity. Because the Thank-God-It's-Friday type of feeling is long gone. The Saturday restlessness with all obligations has faded away too. 

But there's alternative way to spend the Sunday. When your at ease, you can use the flow that comes with a relaxed mind to just do fun stuff. Be active, creative and forward looking.
Here's what I'm talking about;

Do like Kalle, find a beast and build muscles. Example: Tug of war with Ruben. 
It's Kalle to the left.
Or like Anders, Do something you've never done before i.e a complete overhaul & upgrade of an automatic transmission. We're talking about a 4LE60 transmission.
Think, do, act with some Youtube advice.
We don't need to read star signs. We can still predict that a Camaro -68 is coming our way. Because the heart just arrived. Kalle brought his LT1 Engine to the workshop since it needs some attention before it's ready to beat again. 
 Meanwhile in another part of the workshop, Carina and I are working with our mysterious 1938 Oldsmobile Coupe. We getting function after function back. Since it's spring it felt appropriate to get the blood stream (oil system) going and the spark of life (ignition) back in function first.
After sleeping for years, the alarm clock will soon ring. Because head gasket is now sealed, ignition OK, fuel system in place and starter is cranking healthy. 
The sun might be shining outside, but if there are hearts that does not beat, you've got to do what you've got to do.
And there's no better day than a Sunday…for life saving activities.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

One of our nonsence customers. We love them.

The phone rang. I picked it up and there was this hard core race guy on the other side of the line. A no bullshit, no time to waste type of guy who were in need of a solotion. Someone who faced failures and needed 700hp from his Volvo 4 cylinder engine now. The kind of customer that can have a turbo matching discussion while feeding his daughter.
Johan Lundmark's Volvo 244 while waiting in line and hoping for the best (10,5s) but prepared for the worst.
How much better can it get? A really nice installation.
Johan sent us the power & torque curve one week after Salt Slush delivered the turbo. We love this attitude. Meaning, sleeping is nice...but think, do and act is much better! 

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Be careful out there!

Since we've been busy providing turbo's and superchargers to all of you out there with taste for turbos and surge for superchargers, we've been lacking time for communications and writing blog posts.
But we've been thinking. Because supplying all these turbos means that we need to think about our responsibility too.
Therefore, we provide this informative video regarding wildlife and fast cars. In our opinion, louder exhaust and a somewhat bigger boosting device could improv this situation even further

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

A Turbo Confession about Passion

It was back in to 1994. I was in a group of students at a tech university in Sweden called Chalmers. Some kind of student counsellor were asking us questions.  I only remember two of these;
- Why did you choose Chalmers?
- Why do you want to become an  engineer?

When the other students started to answers, my somewhat naive understanding of people and the society changed. Forever. 

The young students had ambition but very limited curiosity and basically no passion for the education that they have picked;
-I want to be doctor engineer...or a lawyer…but well, here I am!

For me this was absurd. I was tool maker that had qualified. I wanted to know about things. Get educated, design engines, understand turbos and superchargers technology and eventually be in charge of an engine program. By now, all of the above has happened.

In my view, passion is what matters. Because passion keep you alert, awake and interested. Passion keeps you from going insane too. Pending on your starting point…
Passion. Building engines require strong focus and a attention to details. Especially if the engine should deliver 250hp/l for a longer period of time. 
Passion. The EFR 9180/9280 Turbo is an amazing device. Love it. 980degC on one side of the shaft and 150-200degC on the other while the ceramic ball bearing and the TiAl turbine wheel rotate at +100kRPM and provide boost pressure and flow for 1000hp. 
A piece of art that makes you happy. 
Passion and hard work. The Salt Slush Team Dream winter 2016.
The Power of Passion.
Passion, curiosity and hard work is the foundation if you want to make things happen!
 If you have it. Don't hesitate. Do it !

Andy yes, if your passion is related to engines, turbos and superchargers...we can support.
Speed up. Feel the pressure and enjoy!