Sunday, May 21, 2023

The Social Side of Salt Slush

The Spring is here and the sun is shining even at Latitude 57. We're now providing Tremec Transmission kits from Silver Sport, BorgWarner EFR and Airwerks turbochargers and Magnuson Superchargers to our customers so we're busier than ever before. In addition we need to prepare for Bonneville Speed Week 2023 and keep all our private rides on the road too.

But we have to admit that we've been socializing more then usual lately. I mean wrenching is nice and find technical solutions for customers is as well fun, but when that rare blue sky is clear and rain has stopped falling over south Sweden, the Salt Slush team are getting more sociable. 

We have hosted a Gearhead Party in our workshop (see below) and in addition to that we've traveled to other Garage Parties far away from Gothenburg. We have travel long distance in our enthusiast cars and yes, it takes time, but it's really inspiring and provides energy. 

The moral of this short post is that working focused alone in the workshop is efficient and does bring your project closer to the finish line. But at some point in time it's important to drink beer, talk loud and have fun. To fill up the mental tank with new ideas and get energized for the dark months. When? I suggest in the summertime. When the living is easy. Or at least easier. 

Coming up soon. Tremec installation stories from our customers.  

Stay tuned!