Sunday, October 1, 2023

Winter is approaching. Are you prepared?

The winter is approaching. Dark clouds will cover the sky. Make no mistake. Hard wind will howl and rain will make you wet and cold. 

Have no fear. There's a solution. A way to find comfort when times get rough. Take our advice and to start a project based on passion. 

Do we live as we preach? I'd say yes. Below you see why.

Carina & I will build a kind of roadster/racer/special based on our Ardun engine
Magnus is thinking; -How would a -1965 Ford Rachnero NASCAR racer have looked like if it existed? We all want to know. Don't we?
Meanwhile Anders continue to create a Ford -34 coupe from what was once a four door without future.
How about Carina? Beside all car and bike projects she's working with a 100 year old lawnmower. Why? Because she can and she like it.
Are we all to ourselves? Don't we care about others? 
We do. 
Call us if you dream about turbos, transmission and superchargers.
Because we can make those dreams come real.
If you have the fuel, we have the spark to help you through the wet cold winter.