Friday, February 28, 2020

Fast Friday. Dust at Dawn.

Northern hemisphere is still cold. Dark. Gloomy. In addition. The Virus. From which we'll suffer. Sooner or later. In one way or the other. 
Conclusion: Crises craves hope
Hope pictured. Search for speed with soulmates.
Enjoy the magic moment just before engines starts howling. Before racers are getting strung up. Before turbo and supercharger whining wakes up desert dogs. 
Enjoy this Erik & Ruth & Rick video. Pictured just before the (El Mirage) race was on. 
Remember. Springs is coming up. Soon.
Summer as well
Be prepared

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Let's get down to business...Who? What?Why?

Who are they? What are they doing? Why?

Last question first. Don't ever ask that question again! If you feel the urge to express that specific question once more, here's my advice; checkout and move on to a certain Death by Boredom that will come soon.

The second question above is as well useless to elaborate on, because there's not enough time available. Que? Here's why; The time needed to describe Magnus private projects in a structured way, would define eternity. Obviously that would consume all time needed to talk about all other Dreams and Themes. See what I mean? 

However, besides private projects and our land speed racing activity in US of A, we're doing our very best to provide customers with a Turbo or/and Supercharger that will fulfill their speed dreams.

Then first question at last....
Carina Björnsson our CFO and book keeper and... the lawn mover collector/hoarder. Our safety specialist keeping Ralph Nader on distance.
Håkan Björnsson, the TurboNator and Tech Sales person at Salt Slush. 20 years experience of turbos, superchargers and matching. A talkative personality.
Magnus Börjesson, a super creative engine builder, hot rodder, and an expert in car diagnostic (!). Collection, dreams and ambitions beyond magi-nation.
Karl Johan Ekman, the tactical strategist, long time hot rodder with soon 40 years in automotive business ! The networker and monkey business wizard.
Anders Karlsson, combining science with applied engineering. Someone who makes the impossible come through ! Don't start by telling him that it's not possible.

Together, we make Salts Slush Racing. We offer access to our skills and ideas all with the intention to provide you with the boost pressure that You need.

We have the luxury to play around with cars, technology and business almost 24/7, meeting car and bike community. We can guide on how to set up engines with turbos and superchargers.

All of us a has long long time ago got our automotive dream and decease from Hot Rod Magazine and we know the drill, we share the same song of unsung heroes. Combine that with creative impatient that push us forward.

Ok again. The last question Why? Because we really, really like to do what we do! 

We like to see You successful !

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Track, Turbo and Smoking Tires.

Those of you who have read about it knows. Those who have tested it know even more.

I'm talking about turbo matchning and the difficulty to get it all right. To get imidiate respons, no lag and endless power. 

Obviously there will always be compromises, but we think that the BorgWarner EFR series can take you to some kind of optimum,  to Performance Paradise where super fast torque respons, a hearty torque curve and a lot of power all comes together.

 Spend a few minuites on the film clip below and you'll see what I mean.   
The EFR 9174 deliver a really nice torque curve and reasonalble amount of power too.