Thursday, July 30, 2020

Cheap as Chips or Take what you got.

Access is awesome. Creativity is King. What?

Here's what. From time to time people ask what kind of engine that is the best to boost. We always give the same answer. The best engine to boost is the one in your possession.

Next question often asked; 
-How much money is reasonable to spend? 

The money that you can live without is our simple answer. 
Inspiration: Richard, enthusiastically, shows how to get an old non-cross flow, 2 valve, slow burning push rod engine to produce power like a top modern natural asirated engine. To produce serious power with limited investment.
Meanwhile in the Salt Slush Speed Shop...Anders is making plans for his Matra. Matra Bagheera.
Dreams can come true if you let your milling machine keep spinning.

Yes, Anders had the Matra already and yes, it needs more power. 

To be continoued...  

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Summertime. When the livin ain't easy. Vacation Wrenching at Salt Slush Speed Shop.

No particular place to go and the compass of mind is pointing nowhere. But no the Coronavirus can stop creative minds from spinning and Covid can't stop the flow of turbos from Slush Racing Speed Shop from reaching our keen customers. 

Here's what. 
When customer calls, vacation is over for a while, because we deliver no matter what it takes. 
Pictured; pick-up truck turbo delivery.
Vacation Wrenching: Anders needed a new steering wheel for his...
...LS/Magnuson equipped 1970 El Camino. Bought one at Rogers Custom. 
Yes, it was a success!
Carina and I are at least 5 months behind schedule with our Ardun Engine project due to our Oldsmobile Rocket project.
Yesterday we took a leap in the right direction. Flywheel, Clutch and Starter is now assembled. First fire coming up. Soon...
Carburetor problem leads to power. Here's what; Anders got fed up with his Webers and decided to boost the Panther with leftovers from our Landspeed race project.
Feels good to see these turbos in a second life. 20 years ago I was in charge of the development of this turbo system (model year 2001 Volvo S80 T6). Now, one of them will find it's way to a Matra Bagheera. (No, Salt Slush racing cannot provide BorgWarner turbos or Magnuson Superchargers for this power level. Our portfolio starts at 350hp) 
Carina while working with one of her Suffolk lawnmower engines. 
Focus and peace of mind. 
Carina working under the Rocket dashboard. Focus and back pain. 
Life ain't easy for an Oldsmobile girl.
Magnus making sunburst magic. It took a few try and it ain't perfect, but it looks cool if you ask me.
I forgot what it was, but it was something for one of Magnus many parallell projects involving a MIG welder and transmission components.
Mission complete makes a man feel fine.

Conclusion: No matter The Virus, we can't stop working. It's in our nature. Private projects and customer project are equally important and fun. 

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Salt Slush Garage tour part one.

We're trapped and sad.  We’ve basically got the blues.  Here’s why; we cannot compete at Bonneville Speed Week this year (2020). No salt desert as long as the Coronavirus torture continues. Airlines (SAS) cancelled our flights. US authorities won’t let us in. We’re all stuck in the summer version of Nordic gloom, in the pouring rain without events. Some of us are instead trying to work us through this painful period and like maniacs getting thing done in our garages and workshops while at the same time hoping for a normal to get back. A new normal where intercontinental travel is allowed and racing is first on the agenda again.
While waiting for this to happen, we took a tour to one of our creative and ambitious friends. Reason; we felt the need to kick some tires and study a project that hopefully provides energy to all of you with big dreams and crave for speed and g forces. To take part of Mattias endless energy.
There's a reason for everything. Mattias explains and Kalle listen carefully.. 
Mattias cookbook: Take one Opel Speedster, add a Jaguar/Ford V6, an Audi transmission and a boosting system. 
Restriction: Keep wheel base and chassis layout all original. 
Mattias Speedster from another angle in approximatly the same light. Concept complete. Details Done. The devil has to move on and go elsewhere.
Another of Mattias ambitions. Make it look like OEM. Yes, he made this part too.
Smart solutions, compact packaging. Made by Mattias.

After some coffee and a lot of talk we drove back to Ringön in good mood, ready to work harder with our private projects while waiting for a vaccine or something good to happen...Anyhow, we got inspired.

How about Mattias? Well, he burned some more midnight oil and took his fast contraption for a shakedown. That's what he did...

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Risk management or How to Invest in a Powerful, Kick ass Future.

We're definitely different. Because some of our products are not like others when it comes what happens first. I'm now relating to properties and marketing. Here's what; you’re normally invited to test something. It's usually free of charge or at least available for low cost and when you're hooked, you're hooked and ready to pay for all goodies.

You're promised heaven for a small fee only to find yourself trapped, forced to spend all your money on a dream that you know you'll never reach.
Very often the first trembling step towards the ultimate target is risk free with no obligations or commitments. A nice warm feeling that later turns cold.

Magnuson Superchargers are all different. You first make a rather heavy investment in speed. At first a safe investment. A quality investment. You get the promised additional 120 real wheel hp added to your ride  A power increase that your vehicle can cope with without falling apart. For a while you can go fast sometimes, cruise most of the time and still feel like any accountable citizen. Which is good. Even great.

But deep in your heart you feel when you've reached the point. The point when it's time to take a walk on the wild side. Time to experience big time horsepower, to get the thrill and ride around in a kick ass car and not the least to put the transmission and more at risk. To own a car that is fast enough to scares you.

At this point, the investment is done and all you have to do is to spend less than 30min of wrenching and no more money than modest night on the town would cost you.

Before and after. Here's what happened when one of our Magnuson customers jumped over to the wilder side of life.
We were softly sippling some Coffee on a sunny Saturday outside our shop...when we all of a sudden heard a familiar supercharged sound approaching.

A C6 Corvette arrived. It was one of our customers who was in search for more. He wanted to go beyound his current +600hp.
Did I ever mention that speed and power is addictable?
A couple of minutes later a smaller supercharger pulley and a shorter belt was installed and only the test drive remained to make the day.
Yes, our customer choose the smallest pulley and yes...the change in power and torque was huge. Impressive.  Substantial. A game changer.
Salt Slush Conclusion & Recommendation: Fast cars are nice, but +700hp in a 1500kg vehicle with race alike tires and immediate response is hilarious, outstanding and wild.
Invest in a kick ass future. We'll be there with you on your journey from not so mild to really really wild.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Obnoxiousness with meaning. I'm talking about old school Jokers.

Jokers. They've been around for-fucking-ever. At least since Jesus wore city shorts and before Batman got the blues. As the looney that could make jokes about management in the middle ages without loosing the head or being feed to the bears.

As mothers of satire they provides painful humor with hearty grain of thruth to thoose in charge and others.
Jokers are here and forever. Again, Scuzz Twittly.