Sunday, June 19, 2022

Shooks, Speed and Desert Dreams

We're planning. Planning for the great white open surface at the Bonneville Salt Flats. To be more specific, we're planning for Bonneville Speed Week 2022. What we know; Our Landspeed racer, the 449 Amazon has got the power to go really fast. The boost pressure is there to support our need for Speed. If not confirmed, it's very likely that we can go really fast.  Not so surprising since we so far primarily focused on power, gear ratio and vehicle drag.

But a race car needs a good chassis too. At this point I think it's appropriate to a quote a good friend, who happen to be a chassis engineer: 
- There's a lot of things going on at the rear shook absorbers already at 250km/h...on perfect flat asphalt +300km/h spring and shooks really need to work say the least.

When Magnus and I test drove our Amazon at El Mirage a couple of month ago we felt a strange rhythm from the rear end already at really low speed like 100mph. 
Action required. So we did what we had to do and got in contact with Ohlins. Since we're squeezed in time and in the search for reasonable safety at serious speeds only the best will do.
Yes, the Ohlins rear end shooks are now displayed on our a dinner table. With no objections. Öhlins shooks are like EFR Turbos or Swiss watches. A mechanical piece of art.  
Next step: Contact The Ohlins Guy (Dough Brenner) and let him to tune our shooks to perfection. 
As stated before, we now have a bi weekly radio program. 
It's a radio show (motortimmen) for car guys and girls with hearts that beats for cars, motorbikes and music.
Yes, it's in Swedish. 
Theme for June 27th 19.00 (7pm): Speed!
How to find it?
In 6 weeks from now, we'll be here again. At Erik's and Ruth's place under blue skies with palm trees softly waving in the warm Californian wind. Just before it all begins.

Can't wait.


Sunday, June 12, 2022

Broadcasting & Bonneville. We're preparing!

Why try? Why engage yourself? Why not just relax and calm down?  Could it be because it's fun and keeps you awake? We don't know, but here's what; As we're busy planning for Bonneville Speed Week 2022 and all the associated issues like flights, hotels and technical issues like trying to figure out a new rear shock configuration remotely...we got the brilliant idea do some broadcasting too. Oh I forgot, we're providing turbos and superchargers to the car community as well. 

But what about our Radio ambition? When will what happen?  Here's what; we have committed to a radio show (in Sweden, in Swedish) every second week starting tomorrow (Monday) at 19.00 on a station called Radio 88. It's called Motortimmen and it's all about cars, bikes and music. Our ambition is to have a show that deals with all technical, social och cultural sides of the car and bike community. The theme of our first show; Music about Cars.

We're tooling our way to Bonneville Speed Week 2022. Step by step. 
Picture: Test drive at El Mirage this Easter.
Our broadcast inspiration: Car Talk at NPR. 
 Stay Tuned!

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Bold Bees Buzzing

This is how we like it. To have the honey and have busy racing bees buzzing around our shop in the search of nectar. No, it's not about selling turbos and superchargers for those in need of speed. It's about getting in contact with and take part of other car guys dreams and schemes. It's all about giving and taking energy. 

We can of course advice when it come to turbos and supercharger, but we need energy too and besides we're story junkies. Consequently, we love when car guys & girls come by on any Sunday to tell about their latest possibilities, potentials and problems.

If they arrive is something appropriate, our attention span will expand. A lot.


This Sunny Sunday a Super Bee swarmed out side the Salt Slush Shop.

A Lock-up-your-daughters kind of vehicle. This Jawn dropping ride made things unclear. Who's represent the sweetness and who's the bee?
Here's what; when a ride such as this arrives, we drop our tools and move toward the energetic sound. 

No matter who arrives in what ride, we're there to talk and support. 
Because we're car guys twenty-four seven.