Sunday, January 30, 2022

Before, after or instead of marriage counseling.

Not too long ago there was a beer in Sweden called Lawn ower beer. According to the marketing, this beer was a perfect beverage before, after or instead of lawn mowing. Which opened up for several opportunities.
Over time I've realized that this approach can be applicable for other dilemmas in life too. Like love and marriage. Like engine and car build. And especially the combination of these two.

Here's what; Before, after or instead of marriage counseling buy a car project in significant need of tender, love and care. Then team up with your spouse and get going. If the plan works, you have a common project and a new spark in life. Nothing comes however for free. A new set of reasons to argue will arrive. Gallons of wine will be need to be consumed while discussing tuning level, colors and eternal question about modifying or not.  
  Before, after or instead of an argument. Rocket Engine Rebuild Team work. 
Epilogue: There's no shortage of cars in need of rebuild or modification. Junkyards are of full engines that can deliver more power and a wouldn't be surprised if there are a few couples out there who need to team up and form a common dream too. Seems like we have a match.


Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday, Sunday.

Sunday. A day of recovery from daytime work or hangover. When the hours after a long breakfast just disappear until the sun goes down. Perhaps take a walk in the park? Stroll to that cozy café? 

As always, there's an alternative. The Salt Slush way. Which means talk loud, make noise and do deeds until bed awaits. A way to get shit done, have fun with friends and relax while being busy. 

This Sunday was no exception. A solid post breakfast Semla Fika were followed by an energetic, noisy and enthusiastic work shift.

 Kalle made progress with his Vespa. At this point it might be worth to mention that safety glasses is a good thing to have when angle grinding. In addition, a white T-Shirt is not necessarily the best choice for a weekend workshop warrior. 

The work table located in no mans land in the Salt Slush workshop was too busy...and hence Cina had to look for a new calm place....

...while a crazy activity surrounded the belly up wasp continued
In the beginning God created Swedish climate, moister and rust. 
Then God said;
-Let there be angle grinders.
-Let there be MIG welders. 
   -Let there be those who weld.
Like Moses, Petter-The-Professor will weld Amazon's for 40 years. 
This Sunday was no exception.
Will he find the promised land? Where Amazons are sniffing low at significant speed over the salt? In the desert. Nobody knows.
Finally, Cina found a spot of her own, where she could work with the heater channel for her -49 Oldsmobile.
Meanwhile in another part of the workshop, technical dreams were exposed. 
The Salt Slush Way: When Sunday approach Monday, the mind should be free, project should have reached further even if the body might be a bit too tired. 

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Stay Safe at time goes by.

Better safe than sorry. Stay safe. Safety first. Safe travel. You've heard it all before. Several times and ignored it.

But when you're at Bonneville Speed Week safety feels more relevant than ever. However safety gear has a best before date which means that safety belts, helmet and fire extinguisher needs to be updated continuously even though the car has been sitting in a tempered garage under cover. 

You notice bitterly that the extinguisher has the same weight as when new and the safety straps looks like they did when delivered from the factory. You swear over the hassle to take care of (and remember) all these updates remotely from the a cold corner on the other side of the world (Sweden). But you know that if this stuff is not race.

So let's stop whining. When it's all updated I must admit that it feels good. Feels safe.

Helmets are expensive and should be changed too. Luckily not yet. We're good for 2022

Safety belts best before date was November 2019...

...hence Carina and I had to get the old once out and order new identical straps from Simsons. A couple of weeks later Simsons delivered to specification to Erik and we'll assemble these when we're back in California to test drive the Amazon at El Mirage in late April.

 Other than that we're good to go. Oh, I forgot The extinguishers need to be checked and updated too...


Sunday, January 9, 2022

The fourth Pandemic Wave and how to cope with it.

If you read this you're not dead. I guess that's a good start. As we've now established a base line, let's pity that the pandemic is not over yet. Then spare a few minutes to think about what you've missed out on last couple of years.

Are you done yet? If not take your time...

Then, accept the needle for the 3rd time and get constructive. I'm here talking about vaccine and nothing else. Just to be clear.  

As I progress with pics and text I need to issue a disclaimer; at Salt Slush we normally keep distance and stay safe and sound. If on the contrary, social activity is exposed it's a rare exception and obviously not a good example.

Are you familiar with Decameron? Probably not. Here's the short version; during the plague in 1300 century a group of people found a safe place where the enjoyed themselves with telling stories and having their way of fun. We've found approximately the same way forward. Storytelling. Useless discussions a few beers and coffee. Oh, and some engine out activities.

Hunters poses with their Deer. They hunt them down and they kill em. Car guys are fighting too. After days of painful wrenching the engine is out. While hunters has been freezing in a gloomy hunt tower, car guys has got dirt in their eyes, blood knuckles and dirty hands. Hence the same need to pose.

When you're in isolation. you've got time. Time to find parts. The right parts. Magnus found a strong BMW transmission with a capacity similar to a Tremec T56. It will serve his high boost Mercedes Diesel project. A project that has gained ground during 3rd and 4th wave. Of the pandemic. 

Were there was once an engine, there's now a hole. Some call it engine compartment. According to Cina a good isolated place to be in when the forth wave is coming at us. Contemplation and isolation, car girl style.

When you need another Amazon and want to develop your risk taking side, you've got net auctions. That's the drug used by Petter-The-Professor. Here he is with his latest 1962 black amazon, minutes before examined it...

We've noticed that we're not alone in isolation. There are others out there who rightfully dream of a pandemic free street and track racing 2022. A good sign. As always, Salt Slush is there to support. Come hell or high water. Snow or Sun. Salt Slush will provide boost pressure.