Sunday, August 30, 2020

Wir uber uns. About us. Reflection

No. We did not attend Bonneville Speed Week this year. In spite of sun, the hard white salt and the speed that follows. Instead we stayed in cold rain in Sweden. Because we were stuck. Couldn't enter the US of A as Swedish citizens due to the well know global virus. 
Bonneville Speed Week 2018. Little did we know how magic this event turned out to be. But we'll get back as soon as we're allow to be back.

But how do we keep sane and dreams alive during current Covid crises? 
Our way forward has been and still is; To be engaged. To work, Dream and Think together with friends.
Carina and I worked 5-6 hours a day during our summer vacation to get those basic systems back in service in our dear Olds Bertha. Our Rocket Ride to be. 
At some point it was running just great. Ready for the Swedish Car Inspection. 
When you're working hard it's good get some disturbance. To have hot Big Block Camaro coming by...
...with  it's cheerful owner. 
It's good to be a team too. My no.1 team member. Carina. Jack of all trades, master of some. My wife, Tech Expert Engineer, Salt Slush CFO...
...and the provider of food for hard workers in need of energy.
Anders is busy as always with a new project. Currently his to be fuel injected Matra Bagheera. Proof of concept coming up...
...when his home made throttle body-inlet manifold...
and catch tank (drenched fuel pump) is in service.
Across the street you'll find Ragnar. How do we know that he's working? Here's how;  His pounding hammer and his rythmic machines can be heard in the harbour. As a mid day ghost over the Ringö Marina. 
Magnus is a man of many projects. Keeps his mind at ease while the rest of us are getting nervous just trying to remember them all. This is my favorite. Eaton TVS 1900 + Diesel V8 = Experiance!
Ulf and his customs. Makes us all perky. 
Ringön. Where we get our sun tan when the high speed desert is closed.
Ringön-Where Cougars and Javelin can meet friendly. Roaring.
What about Kalle? What is he doing? Well, he's on the car guy couch with Flowers in his hair (left minded flower power) talking about Vespa from the fifties, while he in parallell has bought a kind of Swedish Willys Jeep. 
Will he be able to contain these two sides? The Hippie and Military Man. We'll see. 
Remark: Swedes are obviously not hawks. Pictured contraption was named Valp by the Swedish Army, which translates to Puppy. 
Even in case of war we try to avoid conflicts and be soft. 
Other than that? Well, our shelves are full of turbos and superchargers.
Ready for your ride. 
When you are ready

Sunday, August 23, 2020

We think we're postmodern. How about you?

We might sometimes struggle in our search to do the right thing. To do what is sane, smart and profitable. In short; To do what is reasonable. Instead we mix old and new with no particular purpose. Can we be cured? Is there a vaccine coming up soon?  I guess we know the answer already. There's no magic pill. We have to live with the thrill.

Let us take you through this philosofical car guy insight.
Magnus, a true old school hot rodder...with several postmodern projects ongoing... supercharging a Diesel V8 Square body Chevy Suburban using a modified Audi V6 Eaton Supercharger. 
Before we move on to next topic, here's some postmodern music from Postmodern Juxebox. 
Topic: Burn
Anders decied to replace his carburators with a PFI system. 
So he built a PFI system
Reasonable? Well, everything is relative...
Has it been done before? For sure. But that doesn't matter, because it's well know true... 
...that when you have an engine equipped with port fuel injection (PFI) turbo makes sense.
Besides, in a light weight mid engine car with 3 front seats, equipped with a small sloppy Simca engine, turbocharging is needed. At least in the kind of skewed world that only car guys understand.
Let's round up with 1940's version of Gorillaz's, Clint Eastwood.

We're living in unreasonalbe times. Our advice; Go with the flow.

Mix, make and Manufacture!


Saturday, August 15, 2020

The Raw, The Shiny and the Odd ball. Dig this powerful triad.

I've been thinking about Maslow and his theory of needs, but I still haven't been able to figure out on which step on a brutal home built ride is parked. If you don't know what we're talking about have a look at the Youtube lecture below.

What we've learned is that some of us have crave for a ride that makes the adrenaline flow, something that kicks ass. In other word a beast that makes us scared and euphoric at the same time.  

Within the group of adrenaline junkies there are subgroups. Which subgroup of power & speed addicts do you belong to? Think about this existential question while absorbing the examples below.

 The Raw: LS engine & Truck Turbo.... a Ford Capri

Our advice; If the car next to you at the ampel has a roll cage and a drifting break consider to cool down and relax...
...but that statement only valid if not your ride is not a shining beast with a supercharged LS7 (like this 55 Chevy)....
...or a Wankel Mazda with +600hp equipped with a
......S300SX turbo.
The crave for speed and power is the base, but the equippment differ. Choose the typ you prefere and enjoy exitement!
Maslow and needs explained.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

When the sun shines on a Saturday.... cold latitude 57, Salt Slush shop doors will stay wide open to welcome Gearheads that suddenly comes by. Today thier thunderous rides and smokin' tires force salt slush rats out from the hole. Remark; There was no harm on any racing rodents, we just got to see the sunlight and smell soft smoke. Yes, we talked turbos too.    

Not the matchning number type of line up. 
Yellow but not chicken. Smoke seems to emerge from the wheel house at idle. What we learned: Big displacement matters 
There was this 55 Chevy. But where the hell did that yellow 3W Ford 32 go?
All the right stuff in al the right places.
Mean type of TriFive. Owners name is Hog. Nickname that is.
Those wheels are there for a reason. Picture this dream; Gullwing, Biscayne, and a calm Caribeean ocean with occasional smoke. Think fog.
...but in these warm waters, there are Stingray's too. Better be ware.
At some point in time the magic was broken and it was time to go back to our work vacation in which we're making our dreams come true. Step by step.
A rocket launch if you ask me. 
Smoke in my eyes and (tire-) smoke on my mind. 
At some point to relax with a cigar is what remains of a good sunny day.