Sunday, May 30, 2021


We've been shivering at latitude 57 this spring. It's been ice cold outside. Several degrees colder than normal and hence we've been inside waiting for a glimpse of summer. Waiting for it all to warm up. In vain until today. But make no mistake, we're still faithful to climate change church. Because we don't want to end up like Galileo Galilei. Anyhow, guilty as charged, we have to admit that we're happy as hell when a few sun-rays finally reached us.


In pure joy, since it didn't rain...we lit up the Christmas Tree. When sitting close to the fire, enjoying the last breath of Christmas we got that Caribbean Night feeling too.


 But what we really want is a salt desert under the blazing sun and go fast. We know it's stressful, we know that we'll get sunburned and we understand that it will have a major impact on our economy. But it doesn't matter. We want to get back to 2018 &2019 again when we raced at Bonneville with our +900hp Volvo Amazon. We want to go there any time 2021 to see how fast we can go once and for all.

Meanwhile, we´re working on our projects, mowing the lawn in style while sipping a beer or two and dream about the future.

Justus Sustermans - Portrait of Galileo Galilei, 1636.jpg

 Remark: Galileo studied speed and velocity, gravity and free fall.

We can relate to that.


Sunday, May 23, 2021

Tear down these walls, Mr President.

We have hope. We have dreams. We've got vaccine. It's all in our veins. 

Yes, we can...make America great again. We want to support a new time of greatness. And return to normality. Because racing means interaction between countries. Interaction and open borders is bound to boost the economy and bounce back hope.   

Beside all Presidential campaign slogans above, we wish for a date when we can assume that the vicious virus has vanished and we can travel to the US of A again.

We've now got the US-German covid cure and we're ready to go racing and prove that competition can concur Covid.

First injection is most effective if given in a Magnuson equipped Corvette. I've heard...
Carina, happy as can be.

So, please Mr Biden remove the 14 days quarantine for us (from EU) who've got the cure!
Because we want to spend money in the US.
and go racing...

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Magnus makes main's a minor task.

To be off grid and self sufficient. To have a backup plan. To be ready when Armageddon comes. If you're a Prepper or not doesn't matter. To be prepared for the worst while still expecting the best is what comfort is all about.

If you're a guy or gal that cannot find the oil stick and do not change brake pads, I advice you to halt here. To stop reading. Because reading the rest might force you to rise from the sofa. It might initiate eternal questions about what's possible and not. For a few it might even trigger an inferiority complex.

Last words of warning; To rise from the sofa will eventually pay off, but the process will be painful. To see what can be done if you put your mind to it, might inspire too much.

Here's what; Magnus has a preference for B-Ford four bangers. He can't help it. It's in his nature. Like a squirrel he collect them. As nuts. Since these motors are not exactly new anymore they need attention beyond tender, love and care. In addition to this more-than-oil-change-needed situation it's  worth to mention that the actual number of old school engine machine shops has declined. 

The reason; modern engines last for-forever-fucking-ever and as a consequence the number of engine machine shop has been reduced the last two decades. But since there's a demand from those who build race engines and from the others i.e. those who have a slightly old and worn, car, boat or bike engines, there's a need. When the demand is high and machine shops are few, you better be prepared to stand in line and hope for the best.

If you've read the text above you'll understand. Magnus is in need for a long term, high volume solution. The mental effort is immense. The initial cost is too high. But again, a long term solution is needed, so the test process had to start.
Yes, the it's a prototype block. A scrap Ford Model A block.
Q: What makes it turn and drill?
A: An old american cylinder boring machine.
Q: How can it line-up?
A: A solid shaft and four bearings, several indicator clocks and patience. A lot of patience.
Q: Is is accurate enough?
A: Magnus is in a trial period, but so far he reached 0.03mm radial position tolerance.
Q: Is he ready and a happy man?
A. He's not ready. Therefore he's a happy man.  
The home made main bearing milling device in action. 

As always, these meaning of life questions comes up. Is it worth it? Does it pay off? Is it well spent time? Why are you doing this?

I'll answer with a quote. 

Find what you love and let it kill you. 

Yeah, Bukowski said that. 

Couldn't agree more.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Comfort, Convenience and Death

When you are young you don't know what it is. As you are getting older you realize that it's what you've been striving for ever since you wear shorts in public. When in shorts age, you were obviously unaware about it, but you were unconsciously in search for it. Because deep in your mind you understood that this is what people are fighting for. To reach it you need something called a career.

When you reached it only death and boredom remains. In the opposite order.

I'm talking about Comfort and Convenience. To stay in bed. To look at another TV series. To get served and travel around in a comfy car. To relax. To get sloppy and get old too soon and die with a soft brain.

Can this be stopped?

Of that you can be sure. There's an endless and painful way forward that will keep your spirit alive and you body acing. Work hard and stay cool. That the general advice. Enjoy a beer while laughing at mistakes made when the day is done. Ignore the comfy daily driver available and enjoy a ride in the rattling rocket that you've created. 

Are there more precise guidance available? Nope. You've got to find your own rocky road full of dreams and schemes. Only you can start up your own exhausting project that will almost kill you while making you happy and healthy.  

Here's how Salt Slush fight comfort and confront boredom. 


Buy stuff, build stuff and get inspired. Pictured: Magnus and Petter in guitar making mode.

Make the world a more elegant place. The ratty old desert rocket is getting a new lease on life since we've spent 1500-2000 hours of welding, painting and wrenching.
Anders gave his somewhat boring BMW a new paint.
A paint that nobody ever used on a RT before.
He's now prepared for desert war.
German style.
My 80 year old farther was reluctantly admitting that he got inspired and energized after being forced to listen to the Blue Ardun V8 song for hours. Remark: He normally prefer bird song.  

What you want is not necessary what you need. That's all I'm saying.

When your turbo need is coming, when your surge for superchargers is there we can help.

Stay cool out there.


Sunday, May 2, 2021

Introducing: The Snoopy Hot Rod Dog.

There are all kinds of dogs. Big and small. Those who are annoying and the less annoying type. But dogs can do good things too. They can catch rats and help blind people. They should be recognized for that.

In addition, these critters normally have owners too. They vary on a liberal scale. The most liberal have a kind of Darwin approach. Which serves most of these animals just fine. Freedom is highly appreciated among dogs too. Not necessary responsible freedom, but still freedom.

So why all this doggy talk? We've got a garage dog. At first, it appeared to be a medium annoying dog in medium size, but after a while Chicco, - The Dog's name is Chicco- showed useful skills and proved to be a bad to the bone Hot Rod garage snoop.

The skill; he can detect misfire better than any other instrument. What?

Pictured: Chicco, the Snoopy Hot Rod Dog.
It was time to run the Blue Ardun V8 again. Now equipped with a new Aluminum Oil Pan and several treads sealed. 
In the background; The patient that will get new heart.
Before start; a silent street at Ringön, Gothenburg. People drinking coffee in Saturday chitchat mode.
After start; Excitement. Coffee stains on shirts, ringing ears. Happiness.
As said, excitement was in the air. Few were in analytic mode. 
I was euphorically running around. Looking for traces of oil. Sniffing after smoke. In vain.
 Due to a liberal introduction to garage life, the little bastard, I'm here talking about Chicco The Dog, is able to detect cylinder individual air/fuel ratio and misfire. He just point his dog nose toward the exhaust pipe with the poor combustion and nod his little doggy head when the misfire is gone.  
 Can he do V12? Nobody knows. So far he's only done Ardun V8 Engines.

Disclaimer: No dog nose vs. fast lambda sensor correlation done so far. 
It all might be a wishful thinking.