Sunday, March 26, 2023

Waiting. The Essentials.

We're all waiting for something. Always. It could be Godot, Jesus or Death. 

But waiting can be near term too. 

Our new transmission customers are waiting for their Tremec transmissions to arrive in Gothenburg. The turbo customers are waiting for their performance device . Salt Slush Race team are waiting for flight SK931 to take off from Copenhagen and take us to US of A where we will prepare (and test drive) our Amazon for the Bonneville speed Week 2023. Carina and I are waiting for the paint shop to get ready with our 49 Olds 88. Anything else to wait for?

Yes...Spring, Summer, Barbecue, lower inflation, a better SEK to USD and SEK to Euro exchange rate...and for El Mirage Desert to dry up and be open to public. We're as well waiting for the Salt Flats to dry up. Always.

Is there a good way to wait? Is there a noble art of waiting? A way to consume time and make waiting less painful? 

Get lost in Social Media? Sleep? Get drunk? These examples represent the most common, contemporary and comfortable ways to wait. 

But an additional alternative exist. It might feel far fetched. But we tested it. In spite of all odds. We call sober Sunday socializing. I'm talking about the time before 6.00 pm.

Before we move on I have a word of warning. This type of time consuming activity is inspirational and can give you new dreams. Be aware.

Our space in the workshop is empty. Olds Bertha is in the paint booth  Scheduled work with the Heep and the Cadillac is done. It's now a social arena.

We even had time for a visit to a nearby garage where there are there's a lot of cool stuff...
...and a lot of dreams. Big Block Speed Boat, Muscle Cars, Amazing Italian race bikes and a 502 big block equipped XJ6

Waiting can be frustrating. The only safe way to cope wait safely is social media. The fun and dangerous way is F2F talks.

Don't say we didn't warn you!


Sunday, March 12, 2023

Spring Snow, Business flow and garage go.

According to the calendar, we're approaching spring. The reality; Snow shoveling, another layer of clothes and need for four wheel drive. 

Depressing? Wet grey snow, cold nights and crunching road salt brings one positive aspects. Quality time in workshop. No need to think about barbecues and beers in the sun when the wind is howling and snow approach you horizontally. It's instead time to turn up the heat in the garage go to work and avoid winter sadness.

That's what the Salt Slush Team with friends are doing and that's obviously how our customers spend their time too.


Carina is really fond of her Jeep Grand Cherokee 5,9. But the viscous coupling in the transfer case was crap. After a few evenings in the workshop the coupling was replaced and the Jeep is now working perfectly. A swift job? Nope. A job for a summer evening? Nope. A winter task? Yes. 
While the wind was howling outside, Carina escaped to a house in a house, turned up the heat and painted her antique lawnmower parts.
Karin also found shelter from the storm and continoued to work with her Subaru engine.  
Magnus on the other hand is in maintenance mode as the annual Swedish inspection is coming up soon. It's better to do what you have to do where the sun don't shine.
But how about Anders Ford 34 project? Progress? Yes! The 4 door body that was cut in half is step by step being transformed to a 5W coupe. Background music; The angle grinders.

Silver Sport Transmissions Celebrates First Year With Big Savings ... 

 Is it only us? Are everybody else binge watching Netflix?  Nope. Transmission,Turbo and Supercharger customers seems to be active too. A statement based on incoming orders to Salt Slush Racing AB. As an example, the first batch of transmission kits is soon on its way to our customers.  I really look forward to deliver these to customer before the barbecue party begins!