Monday, October 31, 2016

From Entusiast to Entusiast! Swap meet!

Again, we felt that needed to meet people with the right mindset and as well show our Amazon for the last time before it's shipped to US.  So we took off to the other side of the country. To the east side of Sweden.
 We drove (!) the Amazon up on the trailer...
...while The Magnuson equipped C6 was at the show without support faster than the speed of light. Approximately. So here we are talking about Magnuson Superchargers and
...EFR & AirWerks race & street turbo with people whos looking for Speed and Power in good looking rides. It felt good to be with like-minded. The Salt Slush team enjoys a good discussion about engine boosting with other gearheads!
We even had time to walk around and enjoy various hot rods, race cars and customs before the show began.
Hot Rods's on the same race track... Historic racing Corvette, Mini's and Falcon. A nice frame work for a Swap Meet and a car show.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

We're not talking about our generation...we're talking about next generation!

The Salt Slush decided to spend Friday night driving 400km north-east (in Sweden). To where? To a Gasoline Magazine Swap meet in Nyköping, Sweden. Everything was planned in detail, but still, it was long drive and a lot of work which made us all tired and even though a couple of beers and a good night sleep at Clarion hotel in Nyköping cheered us up, we were a bit weak as the early bird sang its song and forced us to drive to some kind of sport arean in Nyköping.
 But then... all of a sudden... we got energy! From where? Let us tell you why...
There were enthusiastic youngsters who seems to like that the wheels keep on turing.
Our Amazon was in need for attention to be able to meet its Destiny in the Desert. The team as well... 
Here we are minutes before the crowd arrives. The Team, The Dream, The Scheme. 

Well, with no access to guide Michelin restaurants we used an Corvette LS2 engine cover as a tray. Which worked, reasonably well. But I need to say that I dislike mustard on my valve covers!
All thing comes to an end and after hours of discussion we needed to reveres it all. Luckily that a good thing nowadays, since we hava a reason to drive our Amazon


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Let's get together this Saturday! At Gasoline Magazine Swap Meet in Nyköping, Sweden!

 Take a short break from your garage this Saturday and come over to Nyköping to the Gasoline Magazine Swap Meet!
Salt Slush Racing will be there! 
Go there!
We'll demonstrate BorgWarner EFR and AirWerks turbo's for people in need for speed.
Last (hopefully!) chance to see our (now running) Land Speed Amazon before we ship it to the US of A.
Salt Slush will bring a beautiful Magnusson Supercharger installation (C6 Corvette) as well.
Yes, don't worry. We will bring some EFR and AirWerk (EFR's...S300SX-E etc) turbos as well. And yes, we will sell them for fair prices!
Get ready for Speed!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

How to handle pressure, make a deal and pull the plug. A guidance.

The Salt Slush team is currently waiting for November 12th .Why? Well, it's the moment of truth. Will we need a new engine and a new time plan or should we grab the bottle and celebrate? That's the question. Meanwhile we're preparing in various way.
Let us show you how.
We need to handle pressure, and here we're talking about boost pressure and nothing else. Therefore Anders and Magnus installed boost control. The Pierburg boost control valves needs to speaks with our Holley system. Which is happening. And that is great. Frequencies and signals seems to be better than German, English and Swedish in this case.
As always, a facilitator is needed. 
But what is this? Well, simultaneously, 10 minutes from the workshop an important deal was sealed.
It was not a global peace treaty. No, it was only Cina that was in need of a pair of appropriate winter wheels since summer over and gloom is here.  
Happy but resolute in the cold rain. Yes, a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a small 5,9L V8, a significant downsize from her 454 Suburban. 
From Picasso to White Whale. Will we ever get access to the workshop doors ever again? 
Yes! The new Stovebolt engine howls like a hound, while the continuous cold rain silently falls. The plug is pulled and another magnificent Magnus moment makes us all in a good mood.
In addition...
... we're now able to hit the road. You know, like Jack.
Eventually, and yes, we've said it before, there are reasons to love Ringön, Gothenburg, Sweden even in bad weather.
Reasons: Creativity,  Creativity, Creativity.
All good things are three.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Winnie the Pooh dilemma.

Yes, we're like The Pooh Bear. Even though we haven't had too much honey we're still stuck in the garage because someone is blocking the door.
Meanwhile we're thinking deep thought, dreaming about new projects and order good stuff for our race car. This means that working with all details that will make our full load mapping flawless...and relax.
Driver seat position now fully verified. With Annika at the golden Moon Wheel we've now confirmed that the driver seat position is optimal. Car girls with modest length fits perfectly. We know from experience that car guys with not so modest weight also feel comfortable in this important chair.  Please note: Anders artistic stick shifter is in place.
Here we go again. The Plug. But we have to admit that Magnus is working hard to get this Stove warm.
It not fair to compare artwork, but wouldn't this installation serve as perfect stick shifter?

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Make, Create, Innovate or Turbos, Trucks and Talant

Saturday in the Salt Slush Speed Shop. A nice, but busy atmosphere. Coffee needs to be consumed while stories and dreams from the past week must be told, then at some point the team burst in to creative insanity mode and move on with all on-going projects.   
Duty first. Turbos needs to be delivered to customers and retailers. Here Carina package EFR prototype turbos that will be a used for special built Rally application. 
Today's motto: Turbos to all, with taste for Tracks
Anders was showing off with really nice stick shift for the Amazon Landspeed racer, which we cannot drive since there's a pick-up truck blocking the workshop door.
One for all, all for one. Speaking of the plug that blocks the workshop. Here's the slightly surrealistic truck which is waiting for a new heart. Yes, I was pushing as well, but someone need to take the picture...
Chevy Stovebolt on pallet. Soon to be released.
Stovebolt 6 cylinder in the air. On its way yo a safe compartment.
Magic Manufacturing made by Man...
or rather...Ragnar restores.



Thursday, October 13, 2016

Constrict and Expand!

What does it mean to have two ideas at the same time? For Salt Slush it means to have full steam in on direction with the aim to take the race car out on the street and race track...while someone (Magnus) is blocking the hallway with a dismantled pick-up truck. Full throttle and full gas at the same so to speak. 
 Well, here we have an issue. The Salt Slush team is slowly, but safety, moving forward with the  Landspeed racer. It fair to say that this feel fine....but...there's always a price to pay. Which for us is our private car projects.
We have all suffered sooo much while building the race care. Or have we really? 
Fabricated parts ready to be mounted & welded to the Amazon. What it is? Solid brackets that will keep the water tank in place in an unlikely event of a take off. No, we have not glue everything to the wall...turn your screens 90degrees.
Oops. Ain't life a bitch? Conrod bearings are needed in all positions even in an old Chevy Stovebolt 6 cylinder. 
 Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Should I stay or should I go now?
Ready, Steady... GO! Magnus got The Power and dismantled the truck while Saturday became Sunday. And blocked the door to freedom for the Amazon. For a while...

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Pump it up !

No more sad days ! Håkan and Carina are happy again !

Why, you might ask ? Well, at the last walkabout with Håkan and Carinas Ford 1946 showed signes of a bad fuel pump to a level that the engine stopped working.

What do you do then ? How do you handle such a disaster ? Easy, you just call Magnus who were on a business trip in Phoenix and ask him to drive by So-Cal  speed shop and buy a new pump to the 46 flathead.

Yesterday Magnus showed up in the SSR Garage with the pump and some extra parts to his Pick Up.   

The Pump handed over to Håkan

What a beauty! with glas bowl, new and strong.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Strapped, Caged and Determined

While others whine wildly about the weather or sit softly in the sofa, Salt Slush Racing are working night shift with trading turbos and constructing contraptions. With one simple purpose; Provide Power and Joy to the People (and ourselves)!

Here Anders enjoys to be strapped as a result o his work. All 5 belts are now connected and welded thoroughly to the frame. Anders can't see the camera because he looks beyond, at his inner Salt Flat Track.
Feels just fine, and safe, according to Anders. Could it be the cardboard centerstack that contributes with the coziness?

Monday, October 3, 2016

Better safe than sorry!

As you all know by now, we're in the search for The High Speed Zone since have a need to satisfy our inner crave for speed. But we don't have an immediate death wish and therefore we're now at the safety chapter in the Go Fast book.  Not as fun as turbos and toe-ins but still, more than nice to have..
The Coolant Tank, not free to move anywhere, anymore. Instead framed and soon stuck to the iron structure.
Two out of five ain't bad....
... because, we need to buckle up! 
But the safety belts cannot be attached with chewing gum. Instead they need to be welded to the roll cage frame. Some more weld wire and 3 more belt fixings to go. 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Beyond Zip Ties......

It all started with some relaxed outdoor activity we all felt pretty safe and enjoyed the warm almost late summer sun. The weather gave us the notion of you ain't seen nothing yet, it will get dark, cold, rainy, windy and even snowy.
As usually, we were surrounded with tri five Chevy's I mean after all, we're in Sweden.  
Tri fives are usually on Thores side of the street. On the SSR side of the street it's usually full of Chevys from the 60- 80ths  mixed up with some Volvos and hot rods.
After some home made hot rod Fika in the sun.

During fika plans are made You do that... can you check that....Fika is like a combination of Board meeting, Operational staff meeting and a Task force. You don't just talk about it, you make it happen. Meetings are held unplugged what you don't have in your head you don't know well enough.   
We moved in to safe zone, Carina is here evaluating the seat now with comfort "skin" just recently skinned from the Summit Racing monster after some big game hunting with the Amex rifle.
Kirkby skin resting on Magnus Pick Up

When moving in to the safe zoon our brains gets overloaded with questions like 

Will this work  ?
Is it safe ?
Will this be strong enough ?
Will I get scared ?

Are you (or honestly am I) ready to cope with danger? Do you (I) feel safe?

The questions kept on running and rumble like freight train through our minds and will not stop before we al fal a sleep. 

With Simpson on board and we do not talk about Homer, we do have the right stuff available. 

Just this extremely racy and very cool quick release is in itself a reason  to build a race car 
Meanwhile testing and evaluating different solution to fixate the safety belt we all got this Movie running through our heads...Staring The Salt Slush Racing Team. 

Dessert scenery, Mountains on the horizon, sunny hot 37 deg C (after a chilly morning), dry, dusty, no clouds, We arrived two days before to El Mirage, got everything in place, been preparing testing and evaluating before Race Day (First we have to run for the SCTA license).

Team is working hard with focus and determination with Nordic Swedish silence applied maybe with some short confirming words, all of us are more than Björn Borg Cool like Ice cubes, no emotions only motions ...
Everything is ready; water, ice, fuel, oil, batteries....engine, transmission, rear axle are running warm, all temps are perfect, all pressures are perfect...We are good to go..... 

The whole race suit is on's hot, very hot... try to stay in the shadow.... line up in the que...waiting, waiting...helmet on....sun glasses on...gloves on..... now we are up and allowed to go, engine is started...The T6 engine talks to you strong and confident eager to get going......The Race Pack is talking to you, data driven precis information... buckle up.....some good luck words from the team ......close all doors and lids... check the steering wheel is it fixed.....You here a friendly but still demanding clap on the roof from the team...YES...YES... finally. 

YES YES Focus Focus... Eye contact with the starter in its white overall, sun hat, ear phones....You ! Yes You ! got the sign from the starter and you are on.... accelerating....NOW MY FRIEND YOU GOT THE SALT FEVER.... REALlY REALlY BAD beyond and above what science can are lost...forever lost....

(With a soft dark voice typical discovery channel) below is stated 

This is probably not the end of of this project it's not even the beginning of the end it's only the end of the beginning...aprox quote Winston C 

And now some words from our sponsors.......Happy Music

Then the movie stops and you wake up in the reality, in the present, 
 in our SSR World head quarter Garage.... We have seen the light...

Well to get there we have to work hard and that is what we are doing.
Focused determination... OK we do it like that... next question... 

Soon the safety belt is ready

The only glitch in what we do is the answer on a very basic question is it safe to drive in + 237 mph in an Volvo Amazon.......Since we have done all the work according to SCTA rule book and some Volvo basic common sense we say the answer is YES.

More to follow dealing with the elements Earth Wind and Fire.....