Sunday, April 23, 2023

We're learning. About Clutches.

We've been worked on cars and bikes for decades. We know how a clutch works. In fact, we've fabricated our own flywheels and applied race clutches to these. Are we clutch experts? Nope. Far from experts actually.

But we're learning and we learning fast from the best. How? We went to our supplier McLeod and to their facility in Anaheim, California, where we meet Lisa and Gary Kubo who took us through the world of street & race clutches.

These guys have theoretical knowledge about clutches. But even more important, they have practical experience from many years of successful professional racing and they have the McLeod and PTT-McLeod engineering team as a knowledge base too.

Gary demonstrated, with a lot of enthusiasm, how modular and flexible a PTT-McLeod clutches really are. Basically there's a clutch for every application. From 4,5 inch diameter multi disc clutches (2 to 4 discs) to 7,25 inch diameter (1 to 4 for discs). Ceramic or organic.
 How about pressure plates? We learned that these can be adjusted too. To make your ride as drivable as possible for a given peak power and vehicle configuration. 

Moving over to quality. These US designed and manufactured billet parts looks like something you just want to look at. A clutch equivalent to the Swiss watch. I'm not kidding. Amazing machining and finish.

It's worth to mention that the clutches are worn in from factory. Less things that can go wrong. A relief.

If you get inspired but are anxious to know if there's a PTT McLeod clutch for your ride and your engine-transmission configuration you can rest assured. There's a solution for the vast majority of the go fast-commuity... me, I've never seen more splines. 
So, to Lisa, Gary at McLeod; Thanks!!
To our readers-racers; You can ask us for clutches. We will guide you to proper power transfer and drivability.