Sunday, November 12, 2023

SEMA Young & Old and Inspiration for all.

You might have had a booth here for decades. Perhaps this event is on your bucket list. You might be a race equipment provider. Or the owner of a small speed shop with big dreams. Maybe your a cooperate guy who's just on a business trip. No matter who you are and what you do for a living, SEMA is an amazing show. 

Why? Because it's built on passion and creativity. Yes, it's big business too, but without passion there would be nothing to show. SEMA is as well to the point. It's all about products, performance and not the least, a fighting spirit.

Since creativity is the base, it attracts all car communities. From the once I do understand to those I don´t understand. Does it matter? Nope. It's all about moving forward with one agenda, coexist with current and future society while continuously fighting for our freedom to create and drive our dream cars.

So what have we seen at SEMA?

We've meet a young girl who had a really strong passion for cars, engines, workshops, and transmissions. Her spirit and obvious talent gave us all a boost. Did you work on torque converters at her age? Did you learn weld with a TIG machine before you turned 10? She was with Boss Hog transmissions. 
Approximately 90 years older and as well one of the founders of SEMA back in 1963...Ed Iskenderian. Yes, he was there signing autographs at the age 102. A honor to meet him. The picture? A tribute to his T-Roadster.
Ford. We'll liked their booth. New super cool Mustang. Amazing 50 state legal crate engines for those in search for big power. Crate engine names? Megazilla. Aluminator. I think it's time to look at what Ford are up to 
you´re a car guy or girl.
Toyota had a really cool gigantic booth too. How about this inspirational vehicle? Love it. On top of that, Toyota had invited Lexus and Toyota builders to their booth. That shows a strong company self esteem and as well a good connection with the car (off road, race and on road) community.   
In addition, the mix of vehicles at SEMA is fantastic. From high performance (race) turbo vehicles like this... amazing custom vehicles like this Y-job inspired Buick -49.

Keep going. Build something. Never stop dreaming.