Saturday, August 31, 2019

We've been here, we've been there...we've basically been everywhere!

There was this rumor. Based on a thousend year old story about a basement in which corpes were kept at times when corpes were kept in basements. A rumor about ghosts and a creepy basement for all to enjoy. 

However, Salt Slush Racing seems to be ghost repellent. Probably too busy dreaming sweet dreams of speed on Salt. No time left for slow going ghosts. Therefore we didn't pay attention to howling spirit of unease . Consequence; Wanbo Herrgård left nothing but a beer bill to remember.

Why did we go to Dalarna, Sweden for Gasoline MEGA meet a couple of days after coming home from our Bonneville Speed Week in US of A?

Here's why... 
1. Anders Magnuson Supercharged LS equipped El Caminoooo needed a proper shake down.
Since she ain't no trailor queen, we took her for her first 450km spin.
Pictured: Kalle, a survivor, proud as can be.
2. Cina likes to travel, espscially when there's ghosts on the agenda.
3. We like to help to heal the soul of those in search of pointless power.
Because only then we're coming close to the meaing of life. 
4. Amazon in flames. Worth the trip.
5. Happy customers coming to see us.

That's why. 

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Volvo Amazon 122 over the top

Just take a look !
There are more crazy people with the ambition to make Go Fast Amazons.
First one is Mr Toads Wildride !
When you go over the top and make it real, 
when everything is working and fits together, it all becomes very nice.
Ok... There's a hidden Corvette under the Amazon 
but the craftsmanship and the way it is done is fantastic.

Below You see another Amazon, aimed for Dragracing with a turbocharged big block. 
We're talking about Charlie Ostedt's 'Amazing Delivery.

Seems to be very nicely done too !

 The Salt Slush Racing team gets inspired. Very well done benchmarks.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Mother f** Nature!

They told us already from the beginning. They warned us about her. Becuase she's bad to the bone. She's evil and got no remorse. We're talking about Mother Nature.

Experienced Landspeed Racers told us that there was this Trinity. Something that was hard to understand but would be obvious to us sooner or later. They explained that technology, driving skill and nature was all involved in each race. We've looked at those guys for a couple of seconds and went back to think about cam timing, turbo matching and aerodynamics and other important stuff.

We're now enlightened. We've travelled from Sweden to L.A. We've picked up our Green Burb In Ventura, we traveled from L.A area to Bonneville Speed Week and we were tagged, prepared, and ambitions, because the 449 Amazon is calibrated and Cobra fast. We were a bit anxious because we knew that we were about to go fast on the salt. 200 mph was not out of hand.

Then she showed up. In bad mood. She literally rained on our parade. Mother f*** Nature.

Here's what happened; The Friday before the Saturday when it was all about to get going, the rain started falling heavily. Consequently, the salt bed was flooded, and the race postponed for three days. Then suddenly, on Tuesday the race was on! But only on track out of four was open.

With only one track opened….we waited under the blistering sun for the moment of truth. 
We carried our own shadow for ten hours and finally… was our turn. Our slot. Our time to shine and perform. After approximatly 300 meter / yards we suffered an electrical problem, the engine stalled and we quitely rolled off the track, well aware of the fact the there was no time for a second run.
Yes, we restlessly drove around at the shortend 1 mile rookie track at 150mph a couple of times, after we fixed the electrical problem just because we could, but…
...except for one hell of a sun tan, the only positive outcome of the Bonneville Speed Week 2019 is deeper understadning of the land speed racing, a kind of respect for how whimsey Mother Natur can be and the virtue of waiting.

But we'll be back!

We'll be fast

Be sure!

Monday, August 12, 2019

The Race Is On!

We've been waiting. We've been walking around in...Salt Slush…for days. But now it's finally time. Time to get to get going.

Long before any sensible Cook would crow, we'll be on our way to The Bonneville Flats.

Can we run? Will we go fast? Nobody knows.

Out there on the Salt, The Amazon is waiting…. be towed away to the race.

Only one thing is for sure....We'll know more 24h from now!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Preparation ongoing. Only a few days left until Bonneville Speed Week 2019.

I'll keep this short. Because the hour is getting late. We're in a process. We're on the move. While we're flooding in sweat under the Californian Sun our ToDo list is getting shorter hour by hour. We're currently doing fine, we're on track, but at the same time we know that anything can fail anytime. That's racing.

Anyhow, here's short report, from Today, Wednesday, August 8th:
The Amazon runs fine, engine oil level adjusted, all essential bolts tightened and secured, coolant system checked.
After the usual struggle with loading our race car…
...we finally got it up on the trailer (no casualties). Tomorrow morning we're heading out in the desert. First step; LasVegas.
Meanwhile, Erik and Rick are working really, really hard to get their race car ready for Bonneville Speed Week.
Thier machine, a turbocharged (EFR 7670 turbo) Ardun V8 is braking new ground. To package a bi-turbo Ardun V8 engine in a bomb tank, lakester ain't a task for beginners.
The yard at Erik's Place is getting crowded, since more people are getting ready for Bonneville Speed Week. Nisse and his team from A-Bombers is loading his lakester...

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Salt Slush Epic Event coming up very soon! Bonneville Speed Week 2019!!

At some point in time...things are about to get real. Dreams will be challlanged. Strong focus will be needed. Things we've built need to perform in high speed, high temperature, and high altitude. Did I mention dry climate and corrosive enviroment?

I'm talking about the Salt Sluch Racing Team at Bonneville Speed Week 2019! Less than 10 days from now!

We felt that it was time to get ready. Because we've learned that this ain't easy. Anything can go wrong at any point in time. Always.
That's why we try our best to plan our way forward. Magnus Börjesson, Carina Björnsson, Håkan Björnsson and Karl-Johan Ekman (Anders Karlsson was missing at this meeting) got together to create the final Shopping & ToDo list.

But, even if we're trying to be structured and have made golden plans, deep in our heart we know that we'll alway be victims for various circumstances.
But we're trying...and we're trying hard go be fast.

Follow us on our high speed journey on social media, we'll keep you posted!