Saturday, July 28, 2018

While dreaming about Bonneville Speed Week...

When you in slumber, in no man's land, between dream and reality, your mind is levitating and anything could go in any direction. In this creative mode you're waiting for
The Wake up Call.
If the time in wonderland was alright, you normally don't feel the urge to wake up, but if you've been reaching for the unreachable and never get there, the morning light feels good. Really good. 
So what's this all about?
Have we all gone mad?
We're just waiting for
The Race with capital letter and the epic adventure to begin.
Our flights to be announced
Soon we'll be wide awake.
Meanwhile...Annika Wangnik created art on Carina's part washer.
She has not signed it. Yet.
Still, priceless. 
Carina planted various green stuff outside Salt Slush Racing establishment, where green stuff is growing and the Salt Slush Racing Amazon was built.
The hanging garden of Ringön a homage to the Gods of Speeds. 
 As temperature was raising outside, our -36 Chevy was serving as a vehicle of dreams.
But before showing up in dreams…
….brake caliper were in need of some TLC reality.
Eventually it all paid of.

When the Salt Slush workshop was all heated up, we woke up sweating just to realize that we still were in dreaming mode.
But we'll not stay in this condition for long.
Because soon all flights to US of A has taken off and we need to leave our mental ground and get ready to make our Bonneville Land Speed Racing dream come true.
 The time for dreaming is over.
It's time get real.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Blue skies. Cool minds. Relaxing while preparing for the Salt Flats. Bonneville Speed Week coming up.

It ain't easy to relax if you're the active type. And it ain't easy to prepare mentally for Bonneville Speed Week either. We're trying and we're trying hard. We've heard from Ron Main that The Salt at Bonneville is good this year. Better that in many years. We've heard the race will be just fine if it all keeps dry. 
Besides, we've done our best to prepare what needs to be prepared. 
What more can we possibly do to be ready for The Challenge?
Here's what. We can (try to) relax in shape mentally.
We can sip beer in the sun…
...or let 24 cylinders and 18,8 liter displacement move us to.. 
...a moment in the sun when all was cool.
All Swedes are now hit by the unusual summer heat.
Some are down and dry.
Others drunk and dumb.
No, there's still one small spot where deeds are done daily. 
Yes, you're all correct.
The Salt Slush Speed Shop is of course open.
Race turbos can be shipped.
Superchargers can be ordered.
El Camino prop shaft can shortened to fit the LS + Magnuson supercharger engines. 
 Besides. I need to stop write now. The hours is getting late. Gotta get some sleep before we're heading for a roadkill kind of tour... I'll tell you more in a couple of days. If we survive.

Monday, July 16, 2018

The Factory? Or just any Sunday at Ringön, Gothenburg...?

The Team has a Van. A Chevy Van.
The concern: You need a hammer in addition to the key to start it. Other than that it runs just fine.

The advantage: You can Cadillac it down the road. In comfort. It runs great in the any speed of your liking. It has a sloppy 305 V8 engine that's humming low. Smooth and Quietly.
Red and white on the surface.
But with a burning red plush interior from factory inside.
Best Texas whorehouse style.
Before we bought the Chevy Van we had VW bus.
Which was grey inside.
 Like a German office. 
The swap felt refreshing. 
But there's always a but. 
Like when a failed starter motor... 
... serves just like a group activity.
Our Ringö neighbor, a reasonably famous artist, who has a substantial dog, came by to which us luck. The dog was full. Just hade a meal. Felt good.
While our other garage friend took off with his stuff to a, for us, new unknown destination. We'll miss him.
Eventually, the Van the Man needed no hammer. It now starts like dream every time the key is turned. Ready to cruise on open roads with storys telling friends. 
 Meanwhile life goes around all around us. At Ringön, Gothenburg.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Because we love Boosting...We love Magnuson Superchargers!

Some of our Magnuson customers like it all to be hidden, some like to show where the brutal power comes from.
Our view? We're neutral. We love sleepers and those who want to make a no-kidding-type of-statement. 
Our only mission is to provide immediate drivable torque, power and as well a huge potential for serious power for those with crave for MORE. 
Camaro with a Magna Charger. Our customer didn't like GM's cylinder deactivation feature. When that was out of the picture the customer was happy. No remarks about performance…
The coolest and most complex installation so far.
The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 6.4 MY 2015.
 Yes, the Magnuson Supercharger was a game changer.
The reward; From Wild to Ferocious.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Can't get it done? Here's inspiration from our neighbour !

Do you have a problem to Just Do It?
Are you a risk averse person?
Then you might need inspiration from the spirit in neighbour garage at Ringön, Gothenburg.
As some of them moved out, they found various way to get things done.
At once. With no remorse.
Some said no. Others screamed. They just did it.
Besides: "Övningskörning" means Practicing Driving.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Enjoy the Summer and Drive!

There's a bumper sticker with following statement;  Life's too short to drive boring cars. If you would add how short the Swedish summer is, then you'd better take this serious.
So, go to your garage, open up the door, take a deep breath and inhale the fumes of freedom. You can see the freedom machine of your liking standing there. Seconds seems like forever as you absorb The Machine once again. You put yourself in position on or in your favorit ride. Life's good. You conclude that the winter work has paid off.
So you fire up up the engine. You feel the engine vibrations and the soft jerk as the vehicle get in gear. Then comes a nice mixture of freedom, exitment and a grain of anxiety. 
There're new kids on the block. Who like cool stuff. Here's one of them, Hampus. It's Cina's nephew, posing on his moped. Yes, I test drove. Was good. Felt fine.
Here's Cina, Hampus aunt, with her favorite ride.
Yes, Cina took this picture…. 
There's a After Drive moment as well. When you're totally relaxed and feel at ease.  
Doctor's preform routine screening. Car guys do that too. 
To connects to the engine prior to a ride.
Provides piece of mind
Keep you eyes on the road hands upon the wheel and RIDE!