Sunday, July 9, 2023

Drive it like you love it!

When you're in love, all you care only about is the one you're in love with. You want to spend all available time together. All problems can be solved. A strange behavior is just charming. For real. Or a later topic. When you're in love.
The sun is always shining. There are no clouds in the sky. When you're in love.

If you feel a small grain of sand in your shoe you're sure that it can easily be removed. Effortlessly. When you're in love.
I'm talking about shakedowns, test drives, check-ups and the first long haul after some years of build/restoration/recreation. When the rubber meets the road. 

Here's what; you pretend to be cool.
-What could possibly go wrong? 
You dress up in clean clothes. At least not garage gear. Then you fill up the trunk with tools. Just in case of. Will not be needed. Just in case of.
First hour; On the surface, a polite and cool conversation. In your mind: Oil pressure, Coolant temperature, Air-Fuel-Ratio, Charge voltage...
- What's that noise?
- Now it's gone! or is it?

Third hour: Your mind is at ease. Philosophical discussion possible. The rattle from somewhere in the back seems to be normal. Perhaps unbalance. Meanwhile a todo list is created. The anxious love has now grown something else. Still love, but more to the topic.  

Here's what; Carina and I took the Olds Rocket 88 for a long test drive this Saturday-Sunday after 3 years of get-together actives in the Salt Slush Speed shop. We've given Olds Bertha from Wendover a new lease on life because we love here shape and heritage.

The love seems to be mutual. But like in any relation, there are a few topics that we need to take care of. I guess that means that reached a deeper relationship.
The moral of this story: Get out there. Drive your stuff. Get to know you ride. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
Road side repair = New friends


Sunday, July 2, 2023

We're taking our Amazon to the 75th Bonneville Speed Week!

We started 2014 to build a land speed racer. We based it on a Volvo Amazon station wagon. In 2017 we shipped the vehicle to US, we got it approved and drove our rookie runs at El Mirage same autumn. In 2018 we took our Amazon to Bonneville Speed Week. Our first visit at Bonneville. What an experience! Amazing and an over all success. We went back to Speed Week 2019 with full enthusiasm...but the salt was too wet and soggy to make speed dreams come true.

Then there was this pandemic in 2020 and 2021...the racing at Bonneville Speed Week was good since the salt was dry and hard. But we couldn't enter US of A so we were idling back home in Sweden. 

In 2022 we were better prepared that ever before. With a set of new of Ohlin rear shocks and loads of positive energy. But there was rain on our parade. Or should we say a lake on our parade?

Another year has past and it's now 2023. So we've bought flights tickets, hotels and prepared ourselves mentally to attend the 75th Bonneville Speed Week. Will Lady Luck support our speed attempt? We don't know...

...but this is what we hope for. The absolutely mind blowing moment when the track is yours and you, your race car and this wide open salt track are formed to a magic unit of speed dreams and hope.
At Bonneville Speed Week, the speed is high but the pace is slow.
There's a lot of  slow towing and waiting.
I hate waiting and I hate queues but Speed Week is a social event and there's a feeling of excitement that hovers over the white salt under the blue skies. Keep you sharp and in shape.