Sunday, November 20, 2022

Slow down to gain speed.

When you've been working 10-15 hours per day for a while, when you're constantly look at your phone, when you're speeding to the workshop late at night to get something done. Then it's time. Time to take a brake. From your speed shop, from your day time work but most importantly from yourself and all your projects. 
How? You can take a few days vacation from your 9 to 5 work, you can close your speed shop but how to take vacation from your own ambition and your projects? 
How to avoid sitting under the palm trees physically while still at work mentally? 

How does it feel when the stress level is going down? How do you know that you're relaxed?
Ingredients: Take 1000 palm trees, a clear skies and no emails for two days add 20 hours sun and..
 ...some love. And why not an impressive cactus too...
...and the clear mind and creativity are back again.
Carina says that if you're not looking for cars at Hemmings, Craigslist, Blocket or Mobile and have no project ideas, you're depressed. Then it's time to act.
If she's correct, I'm relaxed now because I found this super cool Peugeot 402 (114 inch wheel base and from 1937) for sale outside Alicante in Spain.
Here I'm about if this french art deco four door got an American Flathead Heart and modern Tremec Transmission? Wouldn't that be cool? Or why not use this sedan as a basis for a roadster?  I mean, just look at the shape! There's a lot of potential!
I guess she's correct. 
Stress is now gone.
Speed is back


Sunday, November 13, 2022

Salt Slush Seven Commandments.

Sometimes things come together. All of a sudden you've reach a deeper understanding. It normally happens when you're unprepared. When you thought that you've seen it all, knew it all. Then suddenly new insights evolves.

Here's what; The Convention Center in Las Vegas, aching feet, a bad back and a brain soft and overloaded by impressions and no sleep. Exhausted, but open for sensations, I saw the light.

What insight came to me in this vulnerable moment? Here are the Salt Slush commandments that suddenly appeared. They came in a kind of digital mental form, not as traditional stone tablet. Nope. Apparently the God of Speed prefer digital communication.

1. (Engine-) Power is more important than Perfection.

2. Form follows Function.

3. If Function can allow Form, Form is important too.

4. Climate change will not increase the atmospheric pressure on planet Earth. Hence follow 5th commandment below.

5. Boost pressure should be applied to any engine if possible. Always.

6. If boost pressure cannot be applied, hot cams, high rpm and big displacement are the only way forward to those in search for speed.

7. Rubber won't burn itself. Ref. point 1 above.

These were the important insights came to me at SEMA last week, for you that weren't there here are a few supporting pictures. 

Immaculate, Immense and Inline with Salt Slush Sixth Statement. 

A 509 beast.

A Magnuson Supercharger kit. 
Form and Function in a heavenly powerful marriage.
A 1500hp crate engine from MOPAR. Serves as a summary of all of the above.
Boost and Beauty, perfection and power combined.... make the seventh commandment come true.


Sunday, November 6, 2022

Rubber won't burn itself...Salt Slush @ SEMA

Before I went to SEMA in Las Vegas I was marinated with do's and don'ts from various media, governments and policy makers. I was on the verge of getting depressed.

After (and during) the SEMA event the word PASSION echoed in my mind. Though my feet started to hurt after +20.000 steps per day and I was jet lagged, I felt refreshed. Full of energy. Passion is the foundation for creativity and hope and a real energy boost.

The innovativeness and the technical level related to the vehicles on display was really a great inspiration.

Here's just a fraction of what inspired us:

Mike Sitar and his team. Always energetic and full of new solutions... the super smart PFI (Port Fuel Injection) solution that will make DI engines (like GM LT engines) go faster while maintaining drivability and not messing with emission legislation or OEM tuning. A piece of art.
How about Mopar's new HurriCrate, a brand new and reasonable 550hp twin turbo 6 cylinder? Available as crate engine. Love the name too.
Ohh I almost forgot, MOPAR displayed an engine for those who need more. For those speed souls there's a supercharged 1000hp Hellephant crate engine available. 
Yes, there was an 1500hp alternative too, but let's take it in steps.
Only big displacement from MOPAR? Nope. How about this home built Honda? We're talking about close to four digit power output from 2 litre four cylinder. Application? Scroll down...
The four banger was applied to a semi old Ferrari 308 that was in need of a heart transplant. White as snow but cobra fast. 
On the darker side there was the Hoonigan Mustang...
...and this 911 that is in line with Salt Slush- Magnus motto: 
-What is low should be high and what is high should be low.
There were repaired cars too.. this Tesla. Supercharged once and for all and lost weight too. 
Then, suddenly the The Las Vegas strip was closed. Suddenly there was an amazing sound. Suddenly there was excitement in there air. 
A-fucking-mazing moment.