Monday, May 30, 2016

Meanwhile in the Garage & Indy 500

As usual we have been taking care of business during the weekend.

Meaning handle the steady increasing flow of Turbo Charges which's creates happy people all over Scandinavia.

As Håkan reported earlier we had a shipment från Borg Warner so we spent the weekend unboxing, boxing, labeling take them to the Post office UPS etc.

Carina and I counting and securing that the right Turbo Charger is of to the right Customer

Since Business and Pleasure goes hand in hand we couldn't keep us away from the our cars Magnus is focusing on the brakes for the Amazon milling away everything that dosen't look like and land speed brake.

Determination , Magnus become a Terminator when he get access to Machine.

Milling by Magnus the Terminator.

OK what is Anders doing ? Well he is step by step helping the red Corvette back on track....
As You remember a couple of weeks ago a red Corvette that had been of the track came in to Anders Life.He is doing progress so far buying parts and starting up plastic repair.

Plastic can take all types of shapes, here the tailgate get some TLC

Plastic, Plastic and Plastic , Luckily Biltema is rather close 

Some New Corvette Parts Anders has been all over Sweden shopping both new and used parts to the Corvette so far only a pile of plastic after spending a pile of money.

Finally some word's about the Elephant in the room, Hakan where is He ? He is not in the Garage he is in US taking care of business at INDY 500................................ 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

No more crying! Turbos, Sunshine and Speed is coming !

We have seen grown men crying, we have seen The Evil Eye. But now when the flood of race and street turbos is coming our way, we sleep at night. Because we know that Salt Slush Racing will put an end to sleeplessness and the stressfull, out-of-turbo syndrom (which we have created)
Here we are in the backlight, happy with one of the turbo batches. Happy to be able to supply AirWerks and EFR's to everyone out there with a crave for quality and speed.
Tell us about your dreams and Salt Slush will help you to find a big turbo or a supercharger that will give you comfort! 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Blow the Horn! Weekends over!

What does it mean to relax? To take a day off and go to a SPA? To sit in the sun? (remark: not a viable alternative Gothenburg). To read a good book and silently sip on a glass of wine? No matter preference, working like a devil is not an option on the stress relief list.
But as stated before, if you work hard towards a dream, it sets your mind free. You don't have time to get stressed about the usual stuff. But yes, even a nice hot rod project can, from time to time, make you question the meaning of life.
This weekend meant hard work and meeting friends and yes it paid off. The cold evening beer felt like nectar and acing muscles reminded of inspiring exercise.
Everything has to come to an end. When Anders finished the welding on Robin Antonsson's amazing (low back pressure) down-pipe, he blow the horn and declared that the weekend was over.
Yes, I know you seen it before and yes, you're all thinking...Will they ever get ready with this Amazon Landspeed racer cooling pack installation? The answer is Yes. But it's actually a bit complicated....but now we're close. We think... 
What a sight. A lot of boosted, +500hp, +300km/h vehicles in various forms and shape. Does it look nice to you? Well, it sure looks nice to Salt Slush!
How about Magnuson Supercharger Heartbeat installation? Well, we hade support from these two enthusiastic engineers and now... 
... the Magnuson Heartbeat Supercharger aimed for LS3 engine, installed on a LS2 engine is complete! We're good! Speed and smoking tires coming up! What we had to change except the Supercharger installation? Here's the list: Cylinder heads, Inlet rockers, MAP and MAF sensor, that's all. 
But what is this? Another C6? Yes. Anders bought a C6 (also with LS2) that was in need of a little tender, love and care. 
There should always be a reference. Therefore Olle and Stina acted as antithesis to hard and determined garage work.  
Not only Paul and Michael paid us a visit this weekend, but very few brought Lego Corvette to encourage the Salt Slush spirit. 
All good times comes to an end. But to end it in a Ford Club Coupe from -46 feels like indulgences.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hope ! For the next generation !

Reading the old Greeks won't help. Cause they didn't get it...they couldn't see any hope for the next generation.

Salt Slush Racing have faith in young people. Because Salt Slush known that speed, power and smoking tires will always be there, in your dreams, no matter age and sex.
Michael demonstrate his true passion to Corvette's, while Carina is installing a Magnuson LS3 Supercharger kit.
But we have to remember that young kids have nightmares on the topic. There's always pro's and con's.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hot and Cold !

Sometime things needs to get hot before they cool down. Currently Anders is working hard to get the cooling pipe plumbing packaged in the Land Speed Amazon.
The Y-connection to the big coolant tank is about to go through a hot birth. 
Engine cooler and charge air cooler packaged and fixed in position. 
Driver side cooler pack brackets and hoses exposed.
Simultaneously, Magnus is working with the rear brakes....hmm...let me see...let's say that we have a complete powertrain (which we have), a proper (not leaking) cooling system (which we'll soon have) and brakes..wouldn't a test drive be a proper thing to do?
That would be cool.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Springtime Walkabout

A lovely morning, on Friday the 13th of May (A perfect day for a good start...?) a group of colleagues & car guys from mainly Volvo Cars and elsewhere, meet up for an inspirational walkabout, something we have done yearly for 7 years.
The rule is that you have to use an enthusiast car (meaning not your Volvo company car). The brave one will get a challenge and a full-scale reliability run.

Olle and I gave a speech including information and words of wisdom. Simple brief information, without the rhetoric of early man politician since we've replaced the wooden fruit box with a proper pick-up truck. Normally, we never tell people where to go, since this might be too confusing for all of us...however, about 35 cars with drivers and co drivers arrived at the scene, all in good mood.
Ok. The message. -We're about to visit Mr Kent and Mr Kjell. One is close to Gothenburg and the other one way south of the border (Hallandsåsen). A total drive of 600 km.
We've stopped to minimize the number of cars as we're going to Mr. Kent, who's located far out in the middle of nowhere, where the magic and forest meets the sea.
A pick up Truck is a friend when you need it. My C10 454 from 1977 get's to work.
Only happy faces! No Fear. If some one ask if it's legal or safe we would answer... Yes! On the second question, that is.
Ragnar and Joakim enjoys a decent transportation !
Ivar whos' usually talking about the future, is here going way back, back to yesterday in the back seat of a Ford from 1946 while Mattias enjoys luxury and space, he's not used to in his Speedster 

Since Mr Kent prefers a low profile, we don't show any photos or relief secrets, what so ever. Let's put it like this, it's a dream of european race cars coming true and YES, it was way beyond (as we in Sweden would put it...) brevskrivning.
 There's a Ford in the future! Take a way the Porsche and it could have been yesterday.
Ok. Now we are going south. Far far out to the land of strange accent and spiddekauga. For you outside Sweden that's a special cake made in the southern part of Sweden, Skåne. Take is from me, it's the truth.
With the help of sheer luck and cellular phone, we all made it to the very southern outpost. Keeping 35 cars together while following the traffic flow is a challenge. 
Porsche, Lotus, Jaguar, Corvettes and Mercedes etc. the list is long, the drive was not without Challenge. Just as an example Magnus blowed a cooling hose on his big block Corvette when enthusiastically climbing Hallandsåsen. But with the philosophy you have to make It work again! He was Ok 20 minutes later. 
Håkan in the Ford 46 with it's original 100 hp flathead had to drive it as he had stolen it or had the trunk full of moonshine to keep up.
A red Ferrari in the sun shine... is nice...Mr Kjell who is in to The Right Sound performed a V12 symphony..., which was... lovely!  

The Viper suported by a supercharger had a powerful advantage when climbing Hallandsåsen.

Me and My wife Catrine, who was just as inspired by Mr Kjell and his fantastic creations and show as I was.

A big part of good forces and a big part of home made technique....a lot of work .... 

What is to become a margarita mixer and once was a NASCAR race engine was another symphony. Also Mr Kjell and Mr Henke prefer to keep a low profile so no photos. What we can say is that it was best ever and some of us and has seen a lot and as you might understand this goes both for the Hardware and the Software...

It was for sure an inspirational Friday, our dreams became bigger, our wives understood that even if we would go totally ballistic, we still have long, long way to go to even get to same continent of crazyness as Mr Kjell and Mr Henke.

After such a total Automotive and Creative overdose, you end up looking for something to hang on to like the Silverado door panel deco. It became the mental anchor point to ease your mind and hang on to something you knew before the adventure that forward you in to the future
You search for a reference point try to stabilize your soul, why? Because what we have seen and meet was so outside the box, beyond science and above fiction.   
The Ford 46, still a trusted reliable friend and as always, when you are confident that it will bring you start to like it a lot.

The Chevy C10 still healthy, in to the sunset going north to Gothenburg, around 9 mpg  average fuel consumption with and easy foot and steady at 60 mph (focused eco cruise), 454 with a TH400 and the two fuel tank option feels like a completely logic and well working combination. 

I already started to think about how to match this where to go next time .... I have an idea..

Mr Kent; Kjell & Henke Thx 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Small things that make you smile!

We all think we'll get happy when we have achieve big things, but often these are so complicated which means that it's hard to get a warm feeling after completion.

But some times, when your worn and tired and win a small victory, you feel relieved deep in your soul, even if for a short moment.

This happened the other day, late in the evening after a long day, when a MAP sensor not only arrived quicker than a SMS from Summit Racing, but also did fit perfectly in the LS3 Magnuson Supercharger Kit. Which I have applied to a LS2 Corvette which hade another MAP sensor to begin with....
The MAP sensor pictured. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Männer, Frauen und Motoren ! Salt Slush Style!

There's a general rule. First work, then a shower then a beer. This weekend we got it all wrong. Blame it on The Sun. When it finally appeared we were shock. And acted accordingly...

Salt Slush Friends, men (Mario) and women (Gitte) from Germany arrived, dressed up in their Sunday best.

No snow. Wok and Barbecue in T-shirts
Enjoying the last sun rays while sipping Mario's and Gitte's beer.
But there's always a day after...and today it came without mercy. Why?
Well, the Corvette C6 needed Supercharged attention. Note: The Cigars from yesterday's barbecue bullshit has turned into steel as we've moved on from dreams to no nonsense problem solving.
Carina focused. The castles from yesterday has returned in to sand and projects needs sober attention and disciplin.
The reward. German beer, Makers Mark and good friends and good stories makes you happy, but looking at this motor make you feel alive! Non comprende? Go back to Yoga mat!
We've talked about proper cooling. We've measured available space. We've been nervously  discussing overheating. Reason: The Amazon Land Speed racer is in need superduper coolant system and solving it ain't easy. But the here's the new cooler in place.
Any obstacles? Well, the hood doesn't fit anymore...
If we have a cure? Hell yes...Magnus has an angle grinder.
A small surgery and we're good. The hood and the cooler fits like a glove.
Meanwhile, in another part of the workshop,  Ragnar and the SAJO milling machine were silently humming the precision tone.

Step by Step, we're as well preparing for...yes...braking.