Sunday, September 26, 2021

At the end just before a new beginning

The summer at latitude 57 is over. Except for those days. Those days when the rain stops and the last breeze of hope is sweeping in. Every second is precious and you want to breathe the last breath of summer. Especially since we're in the final pandemic wave and we're all somewhat socially isolated.  

Under these conditions we found it appropriate to wash our hands, open the workshop doors and go for a Sunday tour in suitable rides. 

At Salt Slush Racing we're now balancing on a edge. The dark, cold winter is coming at us, which is depressing. But it means cosy garage time and happy customers who are sending out orders from their workshops as street and race cars are being prepared for 2022.

Another bright light in the Nordic winter is the fact that we can travel to L.A in late November and try to wake up our Landspeed racer Amazon as well as our Big block Suburban tow car. That's hope of a new beginning in its purest form. Race season 2022 is still far away, but planning can begin.

Coming back to summer end and the last inspiration tour...
 Last Sunday the sky was grey, but we were all at ease when we took a tour to an island called Orust to meet other car guys. Carina was happy since Ulf and Sussie joined with their chop top -51 Mercury Custom.
 Carina, Anders and I felt that our -41 Buick Business Coupe was the right choice for this tour since we were visiting old school custom & hot rod guys. In addition, it was ready for the first real 200km shake down.

1941 Buick Super at the west Swedish countryside. Reliable as a door stop.
There was another -41 Buick Super at Rogers nice place. Felt good.
 But we could have stayed home at the Salt Slush Shop. Because others took the opportunity to take a tour too. Like Stefan Dunert who paid us a visit while he took his 32 Ford pick-up for a end of season spin.
There's a flow of nice car guys coming by the Salt Slush Shop on any Sunday and today was not different. Among those, this nice AD Chevy Truck came by with a nice owner. Meanwhile Carina and I was fighting...
...fuel starvation problems on our 1949 Oldsmobile Rocket. In vain.

Summary; It's getting colder and darker, but there's post pandemic hope of open borders, racing and a back-to-normal-social life. In the border country between boring and boost, it's time to look forward to racing, car events of all type and parties! And if there's another sunny, dry Sunday...Drive!

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Urgent Unwinding

Heart is beating hard. Jaws are tight and a light headache is coming up. It's late and it's been a long day. You're tired but you can't relax. You told yourself that you've got to wind down. Without success. On top of that, you forgot to pick up a turbo for a customer and you need to go to the shop late in the evening.

While going to there, your right boot treat the gas pedal like scorpion. You curse like a sailor at all red lights. Tired, but you can't slow down. Eventually, you arrive. You struggle with the key in the darkness. You open the door, turn off the alarm, hit the light switch and...suddenly in fractions of a second, you´re at ease. Within a minute you find piece of mind. There's no words to describe it. Heart stops pounding hard and a warm feeling arrives. Even time seems to stop. 

Why? No clue. But when you arrive in your workshop or garage late at night, when it's a silent and dreams emerge from every unfinished project car, engine or bike you levitate between dream and reality, where everything is possible. All engine are powerful and the sheet metal shapes in the shadows are all beautiful and proportional.

Salt Slush Shop at night. Silent dreams and future deeds.

To stroll around silently in your workshop or garage, to see the challenging projects in another light, to pick up any object and think about the story behind it, beats any other activity when it comes to stress relief. Urgent unwinding. 
Again, don't ask me why. 

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Stock vs. Modified. Purist vs. Hot Rodder

Make no mistake; they are both car guys. There's a car aspect in every essential part of their life. They can do whatever to all system in a vehicle and fix whatever. If existing these guys would get top grade in any eBay /Blocket or Tradera exam. 

In addition they tend to hoard exiting rare car parts and they always lack space that can cope with the the latest project. 

On top of that, they always have a new project idea or a new dream car to catch.

So are they alike? Nope. 
One of them, let's call him Mr. Stock want to find the ultimate rare stock Volvo Amazon in a barn. Why not a green Volvo Amazon 1962 Station Wagon in almost nice condition?  

Then we have Mr. Hot Rod. He get's a bit nervous when a vehicle is all stock. Even though he get a positive feeling as he finds hundreds way to make modifications to the vehicle in question, a stock car gives him the creep. He thinks, not natural. 

In the Salt Slush garage/workshop we have two extremes and some in between stock and modified. The other day, when Peter the Professor (Mr. Stock) bought another Volvo Amazon the different personalities came to the surface.
While Mr Stock was concerned about modifications and repairs made previously...
...Mr. Hot Rod (Magnus Börjesson) in a fraction of a second flipped up a folding ruler to find out if his friend, a OM605 Mercedes engine and Airwerks S200SX-E turbo, would fit the engine compartment. 
-It will be difficult, but some cutting in firewall...then it might fit, he concluded calmly, while you could see fear and unease in Mr. Stock's eyes.

Now finally, we like cars in stock condition too, but at the same time it's an amazing experience when the old slow ride get some breathing support and manage to produce some positive speed and power fear. 

As most of you know, we have tested to add 800hp to a Volvo Amazon. 
Take my word, it became a very different car...exiting.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Enjoy Yourself!

We've had extreme weather in Gothenburg for a week. Which means no rain, no clouds, dry mild weather and sunshine.  It's not even been gloomy. Now that's extreme for Gothenburg.
On this rare occasion you want to suck in the last breath of summer, open up the garage door, but let the wrenches stay where they are. 
Instead you fumble for the car keys while you open up the driver door and squeezing your body down (or up) in your favorite ride. At this point the quietness around you is almost disturbing. Because you want that engine wall of sound to come at you. In fraction of a second your inner mechanic is going through a check list that would make any airline pilot jealous. 

Then you turn the key and hear how the starter motor engage. How the engine revs up. How it returns to steady idle. You blip the gas, put it in gear and adjust the sunglasses.
No need to talk about the rest, because now you're enjoying yourself. You're now way beyond your 9-5 work, all private tasks and even the cosy workshop that will keep you sane through the winter.

Take our advice; Fire up your street racer, hot rod, vintage vehicle, pickup truck, sports car or motorcycle and GO! Doesn't matter if it's fast or slow. Just drive.
Word of advice from Louis Prima.
Carina and I drove around in many of our vehicles this weekend. 
That made us happy.
A joyful shakedown of our Rocket ride. Since it was Sunday we didn't work with the car we just enjoyed the ride. Except for a few roadside stops and some minor ignition system adjustments. 
Here's our advice; before you go back to the garage to execute your coming car dreams, enjoy the last sun rays. Let them shine through the windshield of the car that spent so much time with. Bring your spouse, your friends and go somewhere before it is to late! Get inspired!