Monday, March 28, 2016

Amazon in sunshine!

We're at home again. Thank you all for a nice weekend in Jönköping! As we pulled out from the show we managed to shoot some pictures of our land speed racer as it was shining like sliver in cold spring sun.
There's something special with Land Speed Amazon's
Metallic charm and blue sky
Soon back in workshop were it will be safe...for a little while. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Thanks for all stories! We're back tomorrow at the Bilsport and Custom Show!

We knew it before, but still, it became more obvious than ever before...
Creative car guys are good storytellers. 
Here my theory; They've done things. Good or bad, but they've done it.
Therefore, they all have a certain distans to failure and success. This community is not inclined to write articles in the morning post or dwell endlessly on Facebook, instead you've got to listen to fragments like:
-...we were running 500hp in our Volvo 740...with a standard Volvo rear-end, but that never caused us any problems as I remember....we blow up four M90 manual transmission a week these days, but that was not really big deal, there more of them in the junkyard....but no real problem with the rear end I when I think about it...the rear end actually failed ones, when I was hunted by four police cars...after as it happened, I was drifting in a empty roundabout... and then...really embarrassing...the rear end broke down.  The cops were all really upset, but I was thinking about my rear end failure.
- Well, nevertheless, 3 months later I got my drivers licens back and I've managed to design a better rear-end.... so, again, are you sure about your rear end and its capacity?
Disclaimer: Salt Slush does not encourage illegal driving.
Car guys looking at land speed race engine.
Ragnar and Magnus listen and learning from a customer story 
Boosting discussion.
Anders and a golden seat in the sun.
Boosting and stories about various engine boosting is engaging people in all ages. We like it too...

Friday, March 25, 2016

Live at the Bilsport Performance Show!

As I slowly woke up this morning, still tired after a heavy sleep, I all of a sudden felt wide a wake! Why?
Well, we were about to hit the road early on, when the bird was still singing in the rain. And even though I hate early mornings, I love to meet people who have dreams and schemes.  
Besides, we're always proud to present the progress of land speed racer and all cool stuff that Salt Slush Racing can offer. Which means high level stuff like; Magnuson Superchargers & Borg Warner EFR and AirWerks turbochargers.
Our land speed racer at the Bilsport Perofmance Show!
The proud crew before it all started together with some cool stuff which makes hearts and engines beat harder.
We discussed a million dreams today and proposed enablers! We're already looking forward to tomorrow and the next show day! Well, not to tomorrow morning...any how..

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Proud, Prepared and Powered up for a Speedy Eastern!

At this time of year, people relax in the spring sun, sleep, eat egg and lamb and enjoy life...which means...being bored. 
But, luckily there's at least one alternative way to spend Eastern in Sweden. Go to Bilsport Motor Show in Sweden and talk about engines, Turbos and Superchargers with Salt Slush Racing. Energizing and exiting and relaxing at the same time in some strange way. 
Yes, we will bring our Land Speed racer and yes, we have moved forward since you saw it last time. We're  literally tooling our way bolt by bolt to the Bonneville Salt Flats and soon we'll be there.  Fore sure.
Salt Slush team with favorite pet in dark garage.
OK it's assembled, but how did we get it all together?
We had a short Fika in the blistering sun...
...before the creative assembly continued. And now it done. Is it? Well.., almost. 
By the way, I wonder if we can close the hood ? Never mind, charge air pipes are important stuff.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Big Game Hunting !

We have lately noticed new hang around in the garage that we don't wan't to become a team member.

The Garage Mouse !

He (She) was noticed yesterday under the old milling machine running for protection.

Immediately different tactics where discussed, …. all ending up with that we choose a conventional mouse trap spiced up with Kladdkaka (Creamy Chocolate Cake).  The collected experience summed up in that Cheese does not work, Smoked sausage is rather Ok, but nothing beats Chocolate cake.

There isn't a single mouse that can't be fooled with that.  

Chocolate cake is not the most healthy alternative.

No longer with us.

Just checking any rats in the Piano ? No everything OK !

In the Pick Up ? Yes but this is a good Rat ! A 454 !!!! 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Curiosity killed the cat! But not Salt Slush. We fell in love!

It was a sunny, but cold, spring day in Gothenburg today, less than one week before the Bilsport Performance and Custom Show. The get-to-together event in Sweden for creative people with taste for style and speed.

Under the sun, Salt Slush shivered seriously. How come? Well, today was the day when the team was supposed to take a critical look at Magnuson Supercharger kit, delivered fresh from Magnuson workshop in California. Outcome was not clear...and there's only a few days left until we're about to meet the masses...
Our motto; Good stuff need to travel in style. I'm here talkin about the Magnuson Supercharger, nothing else. So, we pick up our Ford -46 Coupe since I thought that old softly humming side valve V8 should soothe our slightly stirred up souls....  
...but instead Kalle and Anders got some exercise. Nerver mind why.
To the point. Inspection, Inspection, Inspection. The Magnuson Supercharger Kit for Corvette LS3 is on display. A coffee table decor made in heaven. Anders and Magnus are looking at details.
Magnus convinced.
How about Kalle? What does he think? Never mind. He's in love.  
Enchantment broken. Back to the race Amazon, The show must go on. Anders & Angle grinder in Service. Why? A packaging conflict needed to be resolved.
Kalle + Tiger Saw +  Determination  = Result! We're good!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

An inspiration, the Rudezon.

Soon our T6 will have a strong and responsive grunt. As an inspiration, you can enjoy the Rudezon. The two stroke from an Evinrude V8 outborder is a responsive monster. They are doing a great job, fantastic build !  

Above youtube clip became the most viewed at 2015, kind of confirms how cool it is !

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ignition, Sequence...START!!!! Engine is running!

A small step for mankind, but a gigantic leap for Salt Slush Racing was taken today 4pm when our race engine fired up ad sang its first song.  When we past this milestone Salt Slush and Friends were more than happy!!
The Salt Slush N3T based race engine first real start.

But as always, there's a before and after.Before the engine started we double-checked everything twice, called in friends, and googled our way forward, but we just went deeper and deeper in to the well known Garage Depression.
Mattias came with good tuning ideas. Still, no start...
Magnus, Anders and Mattias did their best to create combustion...which mostly happened outside this combustion chamber...
As a consequence, we started to protect our ears more carefully.
Then Per showed up with his expensive (now justified!) digital oscilloscope. Tada! We doublechecked the crank sensor tree times and Yes, we found the problem! 
For those who don't know...this is how it feels when the Garage Depression, suddenly goes away. It coincidently happened when the combustion moved back in to the engine.
Anders, Ragnar, Magnus and Leif, all happy as kids on Christmas Eve.
Cina, here dressed in her Sunday best, also cheered up significantly! 
Computer Geek Equipment Disguise revealed.  The oscilloscope's home; A bag from Marimekko...By the way, this picture of P.A was taken after the engine started.

The problem?

And, if you wonder, what was the issue? And, what was the solution?

The symptoms we have had the whole week was that it started nicely while in "crank mode". It reved up and ran sporadically for at most a few seconds. 

We double checked everything twice! We tried all sorts of lean/rich mixtures and strategies - Speed density, Alpha N (which had the record running time of 8 seconds) We tried with an without cam sensor, new battery (which helped a lot).  We exercised all our collective engine knowledge for the whole week and weekend.  Everything seemed in order, but still no cigar

Until... when we hooked up an oscilloscope to the cam, crank, injector and spark signal.
Then the problem appeared in daylight.  With the scope we could see that ignition timing was good until the engined got some rev. Then the ECU lost its concept, and started to fire seemingly at random. 

This picture is after the cure and is what it should look like.

We have crank signal, 60-2, in yellow on top. Cam signal on bottom in blue, spark in purple and injector as light blue. All in harmony.

When it failed spark got out of sync with cam, and crank. 

The source of the problem and the solution?

The crank sensor!

We switched it to a hall sensor. And on the very first try it just fired op and ran perfectly on lambda 1. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Power to the People! Increase the boost....and your mind will follow!


Is it a Swedish family name?

Is it a furniture from IKEA?

No,'s a Supercharger Kit from the US of A .

Something that will make your Camaro, Corvette or C63 Mercedes engine pound like hammer, your senses go wide awake and the hair on your arm stand up.

To cut it short. A device sent from heaven...
The Magnuson Heartbeat.
Exploded view of The Piece of art.

The good news is....that...Salt Slush Racing will be able to display the latest and greatest  Magnuson Supercharger kits in addition to the Borg Warner EFR and AirWerks turbochargers at the Bilsport Performance and Custom motor show 2016 this Easter in Sweden. Come over and have a look at the stuff that makes you feel the pressure.

Weekend Word of Wisdom: 400hp is ok. But additional 200 to 400hp makes a difference. 600 to 800hp is better than 400hp.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Oops we did it again…..

As a natural step in the debugging process, leakages has to be found and handled.

So what do you do ? Full speed ahead! Fill up the tanks, water and gas!

Background: The big buffer tank for  engine cooling still sits outside the car, but connected with nice swimming pool hoses. Fuel system is connected but not yet tested.

So again, here we go...what could possibly go wrong.
Gas system fully set up and ready to run, just fill up the tank and be happy.
Or not...
What do you do ?  Stop the flow in a very simple but proven way, with a finger.
Here's Anders when stopping the gas from ending up at the floor! 
 Water tank all filled up and ready!  What happens ?
Yes, You guessed it! Has to happen..
Leakage ! 
Luckily, there's more fingers available.
Here's Ragnar when stopping the water from ending up at the floor.
Both Anders and Ragnar are very experienced, sophisticated and well educated, but still prepared to come to use in such a down to earth situation (dirt) in a very pragmatic way.
Håkan appreciating the all good help which stops the garage flooding.
Once Anders was relieved from the leakage situations by a permanent solution 
he and Cina went of to the city dump to relax.
Back in the warm and cosy garage in to the set up of the Holley EFI system.
An inscrutable universe.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Furious Fueling on Sparkling Saturday!

The sun is not shining. There's no blue sky. Clouds are thick as mud. But we're on the move. Because we have a task, a mission. We're on the highway...well you know what I mean...

It's time for the amazing Gasoline, the ultimate Energy Drink, to arrive on the scene. Ready to burn in a furious flames.

All hands are brazing on.

Thunder and lightning lined up.

First cool with coffee...

...then, 10 minutes later...actively engaged. Why? Speed and Power get's you going.
Can we stand the heat and the pressure? Don't know, but we will measure. The old milling machine did what it was supposed to do and now the MAP sensor is integrated.

Do we have the spark? That's what we needed to find out. And yes, we've got it.
But how cool are we? Good question. At least we have one hell of a cooling tank.

Johan is trying to grasp the size. It's coming to him. He will understand.
Meanwhile, in another part of the workshop, Tapio, the blacksmith to be, is forming steel leaf from chunks of metal. All good and now it's Sunday.