Sunday, November 9, 2014

Blowi'n in the wind…...

How many Turbos must a man repair before he get the motor going ?
The answer my friend will be known this spring.

How many notches must a man notch before you can call him a race car builder ?
The answer my friend will be known at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

I hope all Dylan fanatist's will excuse for above extremely poor travesty.

Meanwhile Håkan, Carina and Anders went to Stockholm for a weekend trip, to enjoy Per Gillbrants  Berwaldhall event ( I assume Håkan will write a post around this), Magnus and I stayed in the SSR Garage.

The Main focus was to continue on the roll cage. We got two more pipes notched and spot welded to the frame and since Magnus is young (both in body and heart), fit and agile he was climbing in and out of the car measuring measuring measuring testing cutting testing etc.

Magnus before the in and out of the car making himself ready

We are getting there ! two more pipes spot welded ! On top of this we discussed how to continue.
Since Anders has the design lead in this area we were slightly nervous especially since we made a minor change compared with his stipulated guidelines. We hope that we get OK from Anders when he evaluates it.  We have a prepared list of facts to support and a very well planned argumentation.

Spot welded pipes going to the rear from main roll bar.

On top of this Mario helped me to get my Turbo in to condition almost as good as new.

Exhaust house of the turbo.

The issue, something hard has bothered the turbine wheel, new one is needed. Should allthough say that the damage was so small so it can not really be the reason for the Engine not giving power.
Work with troubleshooting will continue due to this.

Wheel off

The damages something hard had made its way through the turbo


Voila new turbine wheel in place


Mario demonstrating.

Myself celebrating 

Hope to get it back in the boat in a week or two and continue to look at the fuel system etc.
Will order gaskets nuts etc by Volvo Penta this week.


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