Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year !

 The Team was unintentionally celebrating New Year Eve separately. 
Sad, but true. 
The reason: Cina (Carina) was as coughing constantly.
That said, there were moments of pure turbo happiness...
The rest of the SSR team were happy together ! 

Summary: From all of us to All of You
A Happy High Speed Heroic 2017! 

Friday, December 30, 2016

Gearheads & Gourmet. Words of Wisdom.

Perhaps the time is right to look inwards? To understand where you're heading with all your good ideas. New Year's Eve 2016 is getting closer and now is the time. 
Here are some Salt Slush advices; Think, Try to understand, Aim high, but be prepared to fail when your inner eye can see that the shit is approaching the fan with good speed.
Under the headline, think, feel and aim high here here's an example: The old garage stove broke down, once and for all, and it was time to find a new cooker. But no one could be found. It had to be special one that would match the ambition of the high speed El Mirage /Bonneville Amazon. We almost wore out internet, without success, when all of a sudden an old French Paul Bocuse Rosieres oven appeared on Blocket (a Swedish type of Craigslist). The nice seller (a chef) helped us to load it on Anders Dodge RAM pick up and now we're aiming for a mixture of redneck-haut cuisine garage cooking in 2017.   
The shit had sailed through the air for some time when we finally decided to change the somewhat stupid two turbos installation in to one athlete EFR 9180 turbo. Sad for a moment, but now we're almost done.  Let's start with this most important move forward...
A conversational piece? Modern Art? Next stop MOMA?
Nope. It's the design that you'll end up with when you have a two turbo (in parallell) installation with two turbine outlets, then change to one big turbocharger with only one turbin outlet AND, in addition, have made a rather cool looking, well working, exhaust outlet through the passenger door previously.
These pipes are made to bridge this issue! 
You see what we mean? We now have a lot of 1 to 2 and 2 to 1 connections.
This is one of the one in to two connections....
Ambition's high, the heat is on and the Kale is getting warm.
A Swedish-French-American food merge pictured. The Apple Pie is getting ready and it's soon to be consumed in our garage.
 Advanced cooking awaits close to the vise near you, while a six cylinder Stovebolt hides underneath the zink (sorry, workbench) of course.
But what is this? No worries. It's only Anders and Cina who are assembling a cleaner aimed to make old oily parts shine as new. Let's get back to the result later. Next year...

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Trailer, Thoughts.and Turbo!

Man, Woman and Machines. They're all good and yes, they can all coexist.  But there's obstacles...

They all need space. Let's get this straight. We're not taking about ego trips etc., we're talking about actual physical space. In simple words, geometry.

Let me use examples to explain...
In order to transport our Amazon Landspeed Racer and related stuff around to tracks and make it possible for you all you to see the result of all our workshop hours, Salt Slush Racing was in need of a covered trailer.

Hence we bought a serious  trailer with racing heritage. Kalle is here posing as a proud owner should. We were all mighty encouraged at this stage. No worries, just pure happiness.
Ok. We've now moved this small looking covered trailer to a place we call home and don't ask me what happened, but it seems to have grown significantly during the 20 minutes trip. Magic isn't it?
Magic is perhaps not the correct word, misjudgement is closer to the truth.
Yes, we know. We've heard it before. Nature hates void, a fact that humans in general and Salt Slush Racing in particular are very well familiar with. Therefore we tried to sort thing out with logic, geometry and paper.
The conclusion? Not even a white sheet of paper, good arguments and a need for more space made the room grow bigger. Ain´t life strange? And depressing.
Simultaneously, in another part of the workshop the EFR 9180 turbo installation continues to progress. Here's the 2 in to 1 compressor inlet hose...
...and here's the 1 in to 2 compressor outlet pipe.
But what's this? A horseshoe?
It's not the result of milling for fun, it's instead a homemade wastegate bracket needed when the only not possible wastegate position was selected as the only possible wastegate position.
We're getting there step by step. Almost all connections are now almost connected.  

Monday, December 26, 2016

CFD = Careless Fluid Dynamics !

As Christmas Day became Boxing Day, Gothenburg was still silent, peaceful and contemplative. Only the wind was howling softly. Everything was still. Well almost everything...
There was still a small group of gearheads that could not cope with being inactive. Why didn't they sleep on the couch? No one knows and all the shrinks had a day off.

Here we go, Anders has made a 1 in to 2 tube and he's mighty proud. But we needed to understand if the flow distribution was correct. Hence we applied CFD. Therefore, Anders carelessly applies flow and Magnus check the fluid dynamics in an analog manner. Seems flawless.
Only science today? No, at one point in time, Magnus arrived, like Messias, with his arms full of exhaust pipes making use of his carry-wood skill.  
What I did? I worked on this...What it is? I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas - Salt Slush Workshop: 0 - 1

The bottle of mulled wine is empty. The ham and the turkey has passed through the digestive system. Wrapping paper of Christmas gifts is blowing in the wind.
A restless feeling emerge and the Salt Slush team knows that there's only one cure and one cure only.
Go back to the workshop, socialize, do stuff and get things done!

After a short and efficient Christmas break, the SSR team with friends gathered today and the task was clear...well... reasonable clear. Continue with the EFR 9180 turbo installation!
EFR 9180 compressor outlet cut off.
Anders, you better get this right!
Deed almost done!
Cutting, Milling, Cleaning. Surgery successful!
Aluminum V- band connection on a surface of steel. Worn steel.
Two needs to merge in to one and one needs to spit in to two. It's complicated, but we're back in to package, design and discuss stage. And some welding of course.. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

From the bottom of our Salt Slush hearts and minds all Speed freaks out there...we wish you all a Merry Magnificent Motor Moment....

Like this!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Turbo Tuesday!

What comes, after a Supercharged Sunday? Maybe a Magnuson Monday?
We had at least a Turbo Tuesday today! 
The new exhaust manifold is now installed, which means that we could make a first test assembly of the EFR 9180 turbo today. Looks really sweet. Now we just have to buy some tubes as well to match the charge air pipes and oil drain and...

Monday, December 19, 2016

Candelabra Complete!

It's Monday evening and the weekend is just a memory by now. But the busy bee Saturday and Sunday has left us with a new exhaust manifold. We're not ready yet and the question is hanging in the air.
Will we have the new EFR turbosystem ready and running before New Year Eve? Nobody knows for sure, but we're tooling our way, tube by tube.
The new six to two tubular candelabra. Ready for some heat!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday morning coming down

As the fumes, dreams and castles from Saturday night disappears, the reality and actuals are back again as the steady rocks which our lifes are based upon.
Anders alone with the yesterdays' creation. Thoughts about next step is in the air.
Welding and Precision. Can they coexist? Can they live side by side? Or will it be like Hering and Vanilla Sauce? Both good, but hard to combine?
Well, looks like we have a combo. Brute force and precision in a heavenly mix. We're approaching the mechanical gods and from what I've heard, they are in close contact with Speed Gods...
But what is this? Is it a surf board? Or is it Workshop Endorsement pictured ? No, it's Ragnar that has used all sheet metal forming tools available to create firewall parts for his 2 stroke Saab.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Working Man Blues!

It's  hard for laid back people to admit, but working hard does not only improve the GDP and bring wealth to the society, it makes things move forward magically fast as well.
In addition, what might be painful for some people, might keep other people from going insane, while some other people might feel comfort. Ain't life strange? 
Introduction: Working  life described in a Grapes of Wrath kind of style.
Back to Salt Slush Racing: There's a before and after. This is after, after we understood that we had to redesign. A new boosting system to avoid surge is needed. Pictured: the old one is gone.
To catch up, to get on top of things again and to find The Power everybody is working hard. The 6 to 1 twin scroll manifold is being created as you read the post. Magnus and Anders (and myself) are focused....
...fully focused.
Which means that the angle grinders are howling there monotonous song day and night.
Precision, Precision and then...Magnus. A mind blowing combination. Opposite Attract!
But what is this? A disturbing element? No, it's only Ragnar who can't help himself from working hard. Why? His old two stroke Saab needs a fire wall without corrosion.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Monkey Hear, Monkey Do...The Surge Blues!

Some were raised in the 60's, when The Monkees tried to challenge The Beatles. Other were not. Which doesn't really matter now. Maybe that was an insight that was lurking inside Håkan as he exploded in to The Compressor Surge Dance, desperately trying to mimic the demons which emerged from our (former) Volvo Twin Turbo installation.
Compressor surge is a sound that emerge from turbocharges that spins up too fast as they try to go from low to high air flow.  Like monkeys we like big engines. What's better than a Gorilla?  If Håkan managed to create the same impact as a Gorilla we don't have to comment.

The 5500 rpm surge pushed Håkan over the border, breaking up in a Gorilla Dance a kind of stress relief to make a complete shake down and ter rid of all stress and tension...
The shake down releases the tension and does free up the forces that enable a progress of making of new miracles. All spiced up by a true joyful laughter, Free and finally released, saved by the Gorilla dance.

Work Zone below: We're removing the two specially prepared K24 2480 6.81 turbochargers, the exhaust manifold and all the oil and water pipes (that we spend a lot of time to create...) to make room for the new star: BorgWarner EFR 9180!   
So let's do, let's take away everything that looks like double trouble ! 
Decision taken. Soon the bi-turbo system is history.
What do I see is a big and a small turbo and the big is the magic super premium duper BWTS EFR 9180  supplied by our self, Salt Slush Racing . Extremely good and nice service by Salt Slush to Salt Slush.

Big is better ! Hoo Hoo any one there ?

Big in this angle too! And Beautiful ! 
The small K24 2480 6.81 although capable BWTS turbochargers versus it's bigger more well trained and quicker Big Brother. The BWTS EFR9180. 
But what to do with the smaller turbos? Every turbo sacred, every turbo's great and therefor it should not be wasted. Maybe suitable for a 350-400hp 5 cylinder? Hhmm...
Soon everything is gone in to a storage box.
Anders putting the last part's in the double trouble drama to rest. At least until we've found a suitable new project.

Soon there will be only one big and final solution !  

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How to squeeze the tube-.....

Håkan and Carinas Daily driver the Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 have suffered from a leaking exhaust system which had to be fixed. Håkan managed to make mental space for some TLC. 
It failed in the yearly car inspection and Håkan was under pressure since the Cherokee is Carinas daily driver and their weekend transportation. So a lot at stake.

Usually all families have a dark part they try to keep under control.
In some families the one who squeezes the wrong end of a tube is The Issue.

Håkan for sure not wan't to end up there so he put up the exhaust paste tube in the Vise located on the Sajo 50 milling machine, Usually you try use force and tools proportional to the task ....Håkan didn't.

Here you see the magic, Exhaust paste! 

With precision Håkan applies paste to secure a completely leak free assembly.

The magic exhaust clamp

Ending the successful assembly.

The Grand Cherokee was approved yesterday and Håkan & Carina could focus on Christmas preparation and the change to a single EFR turbo installation on the SSR Amazon.