Sunday, August 12, 2018

We're at Bonneville Speed Week! The Race is on!

We're racing. The short dark nights are cool, but the long days are hotter than hell. We're at the end of the rainbow. We're at Bonneville Speed Week with our Salt Slush Amazon! Here's a short status report before I need to sleep dreamlessly for some hours.
The Amazon is now approved at both El Mirage and Bonneville!  
Morning in at The Salt Flats. Approved. Ready. 
Catrine & Carina are ready too. 
Race cars must be towed when sailing on the salt. We're heading to the start line 4. Temperature is raising.
Karl-Johan is not freezing at this point. It's 38deg C outside. Luckily he has his 5 layer race suit and helmet on... 
Tensions released! Kalle is happy as can be after a successful Rookie race. Next step awaits. 
No glory without pain. While the race car works fine, the starter motor in our Suburban gave up today. On the Salt when the Burb was working as push car. But, with support from the amazing Carrillo Brother Auto Service in East Wendover I managed to get the Burb towed and repaired in 4 hours. On a Sunday. Won't happen in Sweden. Ever. Thanks!!
Summary: We managed to complete 3 successful Rookie runs today at Bonneville and fix a broken Chevy Suburban.
We'd better call it a day and get going with some more racing tomorrow!

Monday, August 6, 2018

United in the palm shadow. The team and The Amazon. Day 5 in US

We haven't seen our race car since May when we test drove it at El Mirage after Erik and ourselves had tuned the weight, chassi and engine calibration. Therefore it's nice to meet again in the hot shadow outside Erik's workshop in L.A.
Now, when the whole team has gathered in L.A, we need a couple of days to make tick in all the box on our to do list. We need to get our race gear, preparing the race car with the last details and fill our Suburban with equipment needed for Bonneville. Then drive for a couple of days. Vacation is definitely over. The fun begins.
Anders has already learned to work in 35 degC /95 degF 
A big tachometer is now installed. 
The Borg Warner EFR 9180 turbo has got a cover in order to keep engine bay cooler and the paint on the hood ok... 

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Dry, cool and marked for life. Things are getting better. Day 3 in the US of A.

After trouble comes peace. At least temporary. Our Suburban has got a new Thermostat, a new Coolant pump and new hoses and is now it's sealed and dry. Moves majestic.
We're touring around in So Cal, while waiting for the rest of the team to arrive in US. Step by step we're heading towards the Amazon and Bonneville.
The Burb runs fine, but something was still missing…
From good to great.
Other than that? Carina finally had a Martini at Musso & Franks.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Dreaming is over, we're in the brutal reality. Day 1 in US...

Before we left Sweden, Carina stated; 
-We'll be spending the first two days working on the old big block Burb.
I ignorde her negativism and gave our the team Cassandra a realistic answer;
- Don't you worry, it ran perfectly when we parked it. In April...         
So here we are outside Magnuson Superchargers in California. Anders and I are investigating...a minor water leakage...  
One hour later. Anders and I are changing a water hose.  Yes, Carina took the picture.
1.5 hour later. We managed go change the hose, just to realize that it was the coolant pump that was leaking and not the hose. We left the Burb at Pep Boy Service station in Ventura and went to our hotel. We'll pick it up on Thursday. Hopefully sealed and dry. Yes, Carina took the picture.