Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Volvo Amazon -A Swedish Hot Rod / Custom basis?

As I'm sitting in the garage looking at our Amazon Racer soon to be, I'm asking myself the old question...

Does any old car deserve to raise up from the junkyard, be revitalized and tuned to its limit?  We all know about Willys Coupe, Ford 32's and Chevy Tri-Five's...and their like, but appart from those, which cars has the potential to not only fulfill collectors needs? And why?

The truth is of course that there is no truth. To predict which car that will be iconic is hard, many good looking old cars has been forgotten...but one parameter, besides a good design, is how many hot rod / custom cars that has actually been build. The amount of hot rod Amazon is huge.

Another important parameter is how successful it was in racing when it was new and how easy it was for enthusiastic car guys to get hold of and mimic the race cars.

The boundaries above are fulfilled with the small and cool looking Volvo Amazon. The Amazon is a light, rear wheel driven car that looks like it's iconic big brother, the Mercury -49 and when it was 10-20 years old the availability of speed parts in Sweden was good to say the least.

Generations of car guys in Sweden has started their search for Speed in a Volvo Amazon. At times it felt like you could buy B20 camshaft in every grocery store in Sweden.

Today, we can move beyond the small iron 4 cylinder and with some minor chassi modifications and a chop top, we could hit the Salt...

1951 Mercury Custom 1951 1 2 Minimerc Volvo 122 S Am


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