Monday, December 31, 2018

Salt Slush Speed Chronicle 2018

We built it, We shipped it and We raced it...
...already in 2017 we were so proud.
In 2018 we took the Salt Slush Racing theme, scheme and dream one huge step further. To the core of our ambition. 
To Bonneville Speed Week at The Salt Flats. 
Mind blowing, Unforgettable and Addictive.
We're really looking forward to race on Bonneville 2019!
A small step for Landspeed Racing...but a giant leap for Salt Slush Racing. The team in the middle of a dream. Exhausted and totally relived.  But let's focus on some Salt Slush events that took place 2018. 
Early 2018 Kalle, the Salt Slush Bergman directed The Salt Slush Movie no. 1 based on our very first landspeed racing experience back in 2017.
There was a première too. More than hundred people showed up at the Première Evening at the Volvo Museum in Gothenburg. We're now waiting for Movie no. 2...
In May 2018 we flew over to Los Angeles to prepare for the Speed Week in August.
We bought a 454 Suburban. A solid car with appetite for ancillaries parts...
At Erik's place, we worked hard to fix the SCTA safety remarks and make the 449 Amazon a better race car.
 To understand if our wrenching had effect, we took the car to the El Mirage Desert. No race just a calm, reasonable analytic test drive. And yes! The car felt a lot better. 
Then back to Erik and prepare to wash for a couple of hours.
May-to August: We flew home to Sweden in May and started to make the detailed our planning for Speed Week. The summer in Sweden was nice this year, not too cold and rainy.
It's August 2018. We're at Speed Week. Bonneville Speed Week!
Here, we've just arrived. We're SaltStruck…
Then our qualifications races started. All 4 team members managed to get qualifications up to 175mph and Magnus, pictures managed to reach +175mph (+280km/h) and qualify the B licens i.e. up to 200mph (320km/h) 
After 15 races and problems with misfire we felt that is was time to go back to L.A and book calibration time at Westtech Performance. And so we did..Yes, I'm was proud.
-Hey guys, let's take that final epic picture! The problem: A Salt Storm blew up. A new experience to most of us. We're here trying as if there was no Salt Storm. Moment later the shitter blew over...according to Rick The Carfixer.
Obviously we could not live with a misfiring engine. So we asked Erik and Nisse to take our 449 Amazon to Westech Performance outside L.A in November. Problem solved! It now runs without misfire! However, we're now eager to test our race car at El Mirage Spring 2019!  
Was that all?
No! We had booth at Bilsport Performance Show, Elmia in Jönköping during Easter 2018, and we'll be there again 2019, ready to provide Boost and Horsepower to anyone in search for speed.
In addition, we've worked on our private projects…(Supercharged LS engine equipped EL Camino, Ardun Engine build, Supercharged Diesel Suburban, Old School Vespas, Antique Lawn Mowers) and we've bought some new rides too.. 

What we regret: We failed to represent Salt Slush at the Time Attack final in Sweden. Because we've gone racing. But still, we're always available for turbo or supercharger discussion. 7 days a week and ready to provide turbos and superchargers to those in need!
We wish you all
A Happy and Fast 2019!!


Thursday, December 27, 2018

When catastrophe strikes. Not all are affected.

We'll have our bad days. Days when things goes south and circumstances are fighting against your good spirit. I'm talking about situations when the real stuff cannot be done. When your race car, hot rod, sports car, custom, off road or bike project is temporary stopped because of issues with your Winter Ride.
We know what we're talking about, because it happened to some of us today. Let me tell you…
It was time. Time for Carina's winter ride, A Jeep Grand Cherokee 5,9L 1998 to pass through The Eye of the Needle, Mordor, The Dark Side.  All went well until the meticulous, young guy moved toward the driver side rocker panel...Consequence: A short depression, crank up the welding machine and accept that our Ardun engine project will be delayed for a couple of days. Life's a bitch. 
Simultaneously, a mediocre driver flipped over Anders winter bike, A BMW RT, when reversing his car (and may I guess...a Toyota Prius or perhaps a Skoda Octavia...or similar). Consequence: Anders Magnuson Supercharged El Camino project will suffer delays and Anders needs to be cheered up...
But not all suffered these Strokes of Destiny. Magnus had a night good sleep, no problem with his Chevy Colorado and hence he was happy and active as can be...with one of his zillion projects. Pictured; Fabrication of a Supercharger manifold for a square body diesel (Chevy) Suburban. All good.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Salt Slush T-Shirts. All you need to know.

T-Shirts history. All these years and all these t-shirts. Picture this; Young soldiers in white cotton underwear 1913. After that came nothing. The world was waiting. Then suddenly; White salt and engines with uneven idle and a song to sing at full load. It was 1969 and Ed Iskenderian has found a new way to bring good stuff to market. In case you're deaf, dumb and blind and grown up on the wrong side of town, here's a lead; it's all about camshafts. Speed parts. 

T-shirts and youth. Always associated with the Young and Rebellious in popular culture. A streetcar named desire & Marlon Brandon, Rebel without a cause & James Dean. 8 Mile & Eminem.

T-shirts, community and association. Clothing that support and express how you feel and what you belong to. 

T-shirts, age, class and level of Sophistication. At some point in time folks stop wearing Tees. Normally because they lost their youthful spirit.  

The Offer. If you're brave, strong and have the urge to express your inner need for speed we have an all new, 2019 Salt Slush Racing T-shirt for sale. NOW! Limited to 150pcs in green, black and blue. Yes, it's Salt Slush design by Magnus brother and Anders. email me ( if you need one (150SEK/each+shipping)
 Salt Slush T-Shirt history: Back in 2014 Magnus Brother, inspired by Landspeed Racing, Amazon and Salmiak, created this Tee. Yes it's sold out.
2018 limited edition. Only 50 copies made. Sold out.
2016 The Salt Slush logo on black tee. A few sizes still available.
The Salt Slush logo: Carina and Anders created our logo in 2015 on a napkin in a Los Angeles bar. 
2013 edition: The before it all began t-shirt. Sold out since many years. 
Designer: Anders (Salt Slush Team) 
For reference only; the Isky 1969 T-shirt.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Why Hot Rodding and Hot Rods are forever.

It's about freedom, passion and punk attitude. 

No matter if you're a boxed in office clerk with career ambitions and urge to please or a blue collar with awkward attitude and limited some point we all need to break free from our claustrophobic white walls or dirty dungeon and burst. Flat out.

If you want go fast without control for no particular reason there's no substitute.  

If you, on top of the above, happen to be the curious type, creative and somewhat artistic then you're probably a hot rodder of some kind. 

If you're wild at heart, you know what I mean. Hot rodding, Tuning. Many namnes for things we like.

New generations are growing up and they'll find their cars and bikes suitable for tuning and go fast adventures and companies like Salt Slush will be there to support with good stuff. Forever.
Old school hardcore two wheel example. 
Important part of contemporary Hot Rod life.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

All play and no work makes Salt Slush a happy Team!

Work hard. Drive fast. Deliver. Essential as breathing. But sometime you need something else. I'm talking about Relaxing, Reflecting and Dreaming. After a busy summer and though autumn we were in need of the latter. Consequently, small group meet up at the Salt Slush garage to cook food, drink beer and just relax. No big deal, no major party, just a calm evening with friends surrounded by stuff we like. Team & Turbos,  Dreams & Drinks, Food & Flatheads. All Supercharged.
Magnus the Man.  
Candle holder with heritage. For the Nobel banquet to envy.
Kalle and Catrine.
Humans need oil too. We've enjoyed the last drops now Roger.
Ellen Percival.
The Percivals in our workshop.
Salt Slush Salmon. Homegrown dried chili, muscovado sugar, lime and more… 
Ardun short block in the limelight, longing for heads.
Karin caught in a CNC milling machine talk.
Not only Jameson and Walker joined our party. Magnuson was there too.
Supercharged as always.
Slighty out of focus. Männer, Frauen und Motoren.
Annika and Ragnar was there. Joined by Chevy. Chevy the Dog. 
Carina, Cina. The one and only.
Yes, it's me. Feeling fine.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

We're at Essen Motor Show!

Killepitch, Glüwein, Altbier, Kölsch and Mölsch. All good stuff. But there are other things as well in Ruhr, Germany. We're talking about cars. Fast cars, Cool cars, Immaculate Cars, Priceless cars and fun stuff too.
Since we were familiar with all of the above and in need of some inspiration before the Christmas halabaloo begins, we took some time off and drove down to Mülheim and der Ruhr, in Germany. 10 hours after leaving Gothenburg, Sweden we could enjoy a German beer where German beers are best enjoyed.
We started to relax at Classic Remise in Düsseldorf. A welcoming place with character where amazing cars can be enjoyed while sipping the beverage of your likings. Some cars you can buy too...if you wallet is not too thin.. Love this Panamericana racer with Swedish background.
Are you in to cars from the Art Deco period? Does louvers get you exited? Enjoy this mind blowing  Horsch with a hood that goes on forever, while sipping an Espresso. 
Here's what it's all about. An old Locomotive workshop transformed to an peaceful place to worship cars and bikes and acknowledge motor history.
Essen motor Show. We've now moved from Mild to Wild. Young and old entusiast with a lot of hot rod spirit. From old Demolition racers... a young German take on lowriders. Mercedes W123 can be cool too. 
And as usual, there's a before and after. Especially for some VW products in German. Seem like old VW don't die, they just go faster.
There's something special with Tractor pulling. It's a nice sport that make all other motorsport reasonable. Add another turbocharged Allison V12 to you contraption and be prepared for an epic engine failure while smiling. 
Last, but not least.
How about this modern Art Deco Delahaye, based on a Mercedes R107 (Mercedes SL).
If you lack decoration in your workshop/ garage there are solutions. We are not so keen on stuffed Zebras, but a polished turbine wheel of reasonable size could be suitable for our business.