Saturday, January 23, 2021


Is it possible to work more than full time with global engine development, run a Speed Shop in Sweden while racing at Bonneville (in the US of A) and at the same time build and restore cool old cars, bikes and more (!) in limited space at reasonable pace?

After all, there's only 24 hours available and in addition, you've got to sleep, eat and do what you've got to do too!

The answer is Yes. It's possible and it spells PASSION! (Yes, capital letter is appropriate and not a typo)
Passion fuels creativity, boost knowledge and actually, reduce stress too.

Passion is not prestigious
Passion is not posh
Passion is power.

If you lack passion, we can't help. You're doomed and you're on your own. You've got to dig after the gold that makes your gloomy days spark. There's no use to provide a roadmap to where passion cannot be found.

But if you're passionate and full of dreams (we're here talking about those filled with cars, bikes and more) which you constantly neglect, here's our empirical evidence; 

- Bring passion back to life, fuel it with the desires and dreams and you'll find tedious topic's being more bearable and energy will flow like water or whisky through your veins pending on your likings.

And yes, it helps to have a tight team like Salt Slush Racing around, to sell quality products and to have energetic friends with similar passion. But there's always a first step to passion for everyone and our advice is to take it. Now.

Again, we don't have a roadmap...
...but we know that EFR Turbos and...
...Magnuson Superchargers... well as a first test drive of a desert wreck...
...or new hippie/race seat for your magnificent military vehicle...
...and perhaps a Wild Villiers Engine Start up...
...combined with amazing Ariel (all of a sudden) appearance...

...doesn't just happen by coincidence.

It happens because of how we live.

It happens because of Passion.


Saturday, January 9, 2021

Warning! This is an informercial from Salt Slush Racing!

Let's be clear about one thing. We hate commercials too. 

But still, as car guys we too want to get good news about precious speed parts. Especially when quality boosting is getting cheaper. So we thought that you guys might want these news too.

We're not talking about parts made in chinesium, instead it's about a gift from heaven. It's a story about a helpful Dollar to SEK exchange rate that all of a sudden provides pure power and speed happiness to all Swedish Racers. 

A sent from above to all Drifters at Gatebil, something that all Time Attacker want to have and wish come true to all StreetWeek Dragracer's. Not the least a message of joy to all common guy&girl Street Racers with thirst for red lights challenges. 

This message will follow in Swedish below...
We know a quite a lot of good artists. But few Renaissance Men like Mattias Jönsson, who's a painter, a racer, a builder, a speaker, a tattoo artist and not the least a reoccurring BorgWarner EFR Turbo customer with endless euphoric enthusiasm. 
To the commercial part of this post: If you're into turbos, take our advice and Go To
to check out our nice new prices.
If you're in to supercharging there's even more to be happy about.

Prices are really good and it's now time to strike a match and light up the sleeping potential in your Camaro, Corvette, Challenger, Charger etc. with a Magnuson Supercharger or why not make your Coyote equipped Mustang run faster than ever before now when the super serious speed for real VMP-Magnuson kit are getting affordable in Sweden to...

På svenska: Gå till och gläd dig åt dollarkursen...varesig du behöver en BorgWarner EFR Turbo, eller ett Magnuson kit så blir det billigare att bygga din racebil eller göra din muskelbil/ GT-vagn snabbare, coolare eller bara bättre... men allt kan ändras snabbt så passa på och låta dina drömmar bli verklighet. Ring oss, vi är (nästan) alltid anträffbara! 

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Make Love not War. The goverment approval

To cut it short, the "puppy" was approved with a clean paper. I was given some friendly advice to keep it in shape and make it ready for the Make Love and Not War transformation.

Good to know: The Swedish authorities allow all cars older than 50 years to be approved forever once they passed The Final Inspection. Rightfully assuming that the normal strive to stay alive will secure the standards on the vehicle. This works just fine since most +50 cars are owned by enthusiast. 

Sweet victory pictured. But still in doubt. Was this real or fantasy?
The beginning of the end: The "Puppy" is here waiting, ready to go to the test station.
Red $35 seats from Summit Racing were in place. No seat belts needed in old cars. Feels good. Provides an every day edge experience. A positive alternative to the usual choise of too much whiskey and too loud music.
Dashboard prepped with screwdrivers, ready to adjust lights and carb. Dukes of hazzard horn locked and inhibited. 
On its way to meet its destiny.
What could be checked was checked.
Let's put it like this; "The Puppy" is not a track racer. The handling and braking is somewhat sketchy, but again, this is a war machine of yesterday or even the day before yesterday.
Waiting Judgement Day which all know will come. Sooner. Or later.
Approved with a firm statement...Never do that again 😁!
Summing-up a sweet victory. Song were sang. Horns were hauling.
 The B18 engine was revved to its limit while thundering down the natural Ringö drag strip way over speed limit and various resonances. The dukes of hazard horns sang its cheerful song.  All in all, we created a way to amuse or irritate our surroundings. Which was good.

Lean back an imagine two 50 year old males roaring down Ringörakan (the commercial strip) in this Make Love Not War machine. All accompliced with the tunes of Dukes of Hazard wishing everyone a Merry X-Mas.  


But before this unlimited success some more work had been put in to the "puppy".  
Electrical work new sockets cables relays etc A lot of work to get rid of all electrical gremlins. 

Luckily we got Terräng Axel here in Gothenburg to help out with almost all parts needed to get the puppy going
The man the myth the concept, Terräng Axel ! He passed by the garage every now and then to check if we're still safe and sound and discuss his findings connected to global macro trade economic political theories. Still secret though.

Found the lid to the fuse box under the grouse WV seats, infected by rat poop, oil and all types of Guckelimuck. 


Seats in place, rather sturdy, fixed in position thanks to Anders who helped me with needed parts.

In addition the above, the engine got some TLC too. Most of all a complete carb overhaul and some ignition tuning. All in all, it was making the Puppy roar again.

Petter helped me a lot with the Puppy cure since he has the skills and the network and often the judgement to stop "laga sönder" meaning repair to fail.

Soon it's time to explore, test drive, and evaluate our new Peace Maker:

The Make Love Not War machine.