Saturday, March 17, 2018

Big or small...

There are guys and girls who're only looking for a comfortable life. While others are trying hard to do what's never been done and win what's never been won. 
Ignore the quotes and let's focus instead. How about us? How about Salt Slush Racing? Are we doing deeds?  You'll be the judge...but keep in's The Year of the Engine.
Great or small doesn't matter as long as you got good things going. After some adjustments, the Suffolk Base engine and the Honda head got a new home made valve system. Felt better than good, almost great.
Anders soon-to-howl-out-loud 6 liter V8 iron LS engine got a new start up test bench today. 
You see what I mean? Big or small, we're trying to enjoy ourselves while we're waiting for spring, summer and eventually dried out lakebeds. 
We're keeping ourselves busy while waiting for Speed. Bonneville Speed Week is only some months away....

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Spring is coming! There's Gasoline in the air...

We all dream about some kind of transformation. Always.
We don't know what kind of transformation, but deep in our heart we seek change.
This time of year most of us are waiting for the change from winter to spring, from idle and to full power if you know what I mean...
On our latitude, at this point in time, we're all suffering from the absence of sunlight and hence we're eating vitamins, drinking Bourbon and working hard in our workshop to keep fit. But still, we're looking forward to a change.
But there needs to be a spark to set the spring on fire. Like a big car show, like the Bilsport Performance and Custom Show this Eastern! And we'll be there to help out with the 2018 Performance Kick-Off.
We'll be showing Performance Cars, Boosted Engines, Superchargers, EFR & AirWerks and we like to meet you all out there! 
Anders is transforming a iron LS engine from mild to wild and he will be happy to tell you all about it at the show. 
Are you ready for the 10 hours in 2 min? Here's how to add another 120-250hp...makes a difference and be happy.
How does this part connect to spring and transformation? What is it? It's Carina's attempt to hot rod lawn mowing and she's got big plans... when snow is gone and the sun is shining there will be a loud and shiny Suffolks in the blistering sun tearing up the mosses.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

For the love of Superchargers!

It's easy to promote things you like yourself and it's fair to say that the Salt Slush team really love Magnuson Supercharger. Not only does it transform your ride to something completely new...the supercharger looks fantastic as well. Just looking at this stuff make me feel fine. 
Maybe this short clip it lightens up your Friday as well....


Sunday, March 4, 2018

Oscars? Salt Slush is making Movie

I'm not saying the we're heading for the red carpet. But stay tuned for the 30 min Salt
Slush documentary coming up soon on a screen near you!

Kalle has neglected his privat projects for a while and instead turned himself in to a movie maker.
Today, Sunday, it was time to use our best swenglish to describe the first 1500 hours in the workshop and the our El Mirage land speed experience.
Look, Listen, Talk. Topics of today.
Again, stay tuned.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Advanced Relaxing vs. Full Speed ahead before Bilsport Performanace Show....and Bonneville Salt Flats

The Salt Slush team frequently meet up to plan for the next step in our Landspeed Race dream. Right now we've all realized that we're getting closer and closer, day by day, to the next step. Which is real speed at The Salt. We'll be back in California beginning of May to do some wrenching and tuning in front of the real challenge. The Bonneville Speed Week in August 2018.
But right now we're proud to annonce that we'll be showing cool stuff at Bilsport Performance Show this Eastern and we're looking forward to see you all there!
But what's happing in our workshop? How do we relax? Here's how. We don't sleep. We don't do Yoga. We do stuff. We make things happen. That's how. Follow and you'll find yourself at ease.
Magnus soothe his soul with advance mechanic/mathematic moves.
Cina (and I ) are creating a monster. A previously non existing OHV Suffolk is coming alive(from the 60-ties) Why? Again, contemplation.
Today's focus: Ensure compression ratio north of 7. How? Nobody knows. Again, nobody. but we're working on it... 
Meanwhile, Anders is working hard with the engine management system that will control his new strong friend to be. The Magnuson equipped LS engine from hell, sorry, from Cadillac Escalade.
There's no substitute for...analysis (in order to later on get boost pressure and sense of freedom)
Think, Do, Act and keep dreaming.
Luckily there's a digital tool to support...
...and there's an engine waiting to be connected to new throttle.

Then there's Magnus and his packages with cool stuff. We love it. I bet he will build something based on what's in the box.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Preparing for more Smiles per Gallon.

When I woke up this morning I understood that it'll be Soft Sunday in the Sun today. Shortly after it became clear that it was one of these days when outdoor is best from inside. Cold (-7degC/19degF) and windy. The only thing that the sun could bring was some charm and bright light.
Inside the warm Salt Slush workshop all kinds of activities were ongoing. Anders is working hard to make his LS engine take-out + Magnuson Supercharger project come true. Hopefully we'll be able to show this engine at Bilsport Performance Show this Eastern. It will never the less provide a really good Smiles per Gallon ratio (yes, we've stole that...) when it hits the road!  
Colored pasta? Nope., it's the engine wire harness. Eventually, this will work...
Bomba de Gasolina. Carina and I added a 6 volt fuel pump to the Chevy -36.  And yes, I did connect the positive cable later on and no, it's not kosher to add these kind of modern devices to a 82 year old car like this... 
...but is sure as hell helped a lot to solve problems with fuel supply.  
There was however a few drawbacks with a fuel pump shake down today. One was of them was obviously the cold wind.
When back inside again in the cosy workshop with a warm cup of coffee, Carina challenged Anders and Ragnar. Who could help her with some sheet metal work? Who could make the Suffolk hubcaps look like new again?
The Judge. The sheet metal fabricator Judge. Not happy yet. No verdict.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

First time ever? A postmodern Lawnmower

What's good? What's bad? What's right and what's wrong? Who can do what's never been done? Who can win what's never been won?
Well we don't know, but we know that many things has already been done and it's hard do what has never ever been done before. But this time I'm almost sure that I'm about to create a first-ever contraption. A device that if/when it starts will not produce huge amount of horsepower and not be turbocharged, but will have a 300% power increase.
The adapter that enables a Honda GX120 OHV cylinder head on a Suffolk side valve engine seems to do the job. The pushrods  (still needs to be fabricated) will find space where the side valves once were and the valves does fit the cylinder bore. Next step is to adjust the thickness of the adapter and the cylinder head to a suitable compression ratio.
The in-between job: The Postmodern Lawnmower engine. One of its kind?