Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Power of Animated Cartoons- A Celebration!

There were no chance in hell. Ever. Except on Christmas Eve. We were begging for it, dreaming about it and if we just saw a glimpse of it we got influenced.

I'm talking about animated cartoons and the opposite effect of political positions. There were times when young Swedes were feed from the TV with grey still pictures of labor. There were times when we learned that capitalism and freedom was a bad thing.

But the State made one big mistake. They allowed Donald Duck on Christmas Eve. The sense of colorful freedom that was coming thorough the screen one time per year, this smell of another world, gave kids hope and eventually changed the society to something better. Forever.

More regulations gave birth to an opposition, which eventually opened up TV, the market and not the least made sport cars and hot rods and choppers and race bike legal. (Göran Ambell and Sture Torngren = Our heros) The thick air was getting easier to breath.

So, let's forget about the dark period and go back even further and enjoy some animations connected to cars.

Here are the topic's:
Thrust and communication
Death is not the end

That's all Folk's

Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Flash in the Pan.

I have to admit. I couldn't see the problem coming. Tell me I'm naive, but it all seemed so harmless. So easy to solve. But apparently I should have been on my toes. Because dealing with any French-American cooperation that stretches through decades is a towering task.
I'm not talking about transatlantic deals, Lodi or Languedoc, Lille or Los Angeles. Nope. It's when Henry F. meets French Army girls in a post war dance that things starts to get complicated. Let me tell you... it goes. 
Take one. The 1st main bearing in the French block couldn't find room inside the strict Ford oil pan from the 1930ies. It had to break loose after years surrounded by aluminum walls.
Take two. The French army oil pan does not fit on-road vehicles, hence the surge (-pipe) comes from US of A (Vanpelt) in common global fashion.
Take three: New (main bearing) boundaries were shaped in white paper...
…but eventually, hard walls were formed. 
Take four, I grabbed the welder to make the preliminary, permanent
All in all, what first seemed like a done deal was in fact a tough task in need of
action and attention.
Good start, but I'm not ready yet, cause the deal's not yet sealed.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Watching paint dry while feeling blue.

It's February. According to Swedish goverment statistic, the second flu peak is coming up. Simultaniously the same source show that the winter womit bug is heading towards its peak in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile wet snow and cold nights serves as changing guards. In short, it's gloomy.

Did I mention that all money is spent too? 

So what to do?

1. Go inside.
2. Wash your hands.
3. Use your germ free hand to do something creative in the garage. 
4. Practice contemplation.

I'll try to illustrate all except no.2 above with a couple of pictures. In the wrong order, just to keep you awake.
1. It's February. Go inside. It's depressing outside. 
4. Watch paint dry can be really exiting. Here's the Ardun V8 oil sump (Thank's Lars!) in wet paint…
...and here's the same sump when dry. No, it's not the camera. It really shifts color. This means that something has happended while we were in trancendence.
Dry upon wet. Shades of blue.
3. Men with germ free hands pointing finger. Since there's more than one solution to this superchager pulley dilemma a creative garage debate is needed. 
3. Carina's lawn mower corner is germ free too. Because their ain't no bacteria in hell that survives a her constant mist of Bräkleen.

That's all for now.

Be careful out there!

Our Webshop...The Webshop!

We're professionals! ...right ...we're dedicated to deliver speed and happiness with professionell precision car guys out're correct…we're ambitious. 

This is our vision.!
And this does not mean that we are stupid... but how to put it...hmm...we sometimes fail to focus on boring administration like updating the Salt Slush Webshop.

But now finally...we've made it!
Here's what we're talking about:

We have studied and practiced Machiavelli and other leaders. We know some tricks that we have used during day time work. But that not easy to apply on yourself and the Salt Slush team. Nope.

So, how do we do it ? Here's our recipy; We try to make fun out of it! (maybe not Machiavelli style, but anyhow...) While working, we look forward to good food, even better beer and the best wines and in addition some Makers Mark on ice as the final reward. We are talking about the rewards that comes after hours of good administrative work.
Step by step we've managed to produce miracles, as we have turned empty spots in our web shop in to an almost full list of speed dreams in color with compelling data.

Now you will find most of our products in the Salt Slush webshop, ready to ease, tease and please you and your dreams in to action.

Spend some quality time at this site. Scout around, enjoy. When you are ready, we are ready.  Call us to talk speed and get guidance in your dreams. We will help you to reach your final performance target.

“The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him.” 

― Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

Sunday, January 27, 2019

The eternal need for speed parts.

We all know that we shouldn't do it. Because it's not mature. It's childish and it could be both dangerous and illegal. But still, a red light race or an autobahn battle will wake you up and as well cheer you up. It could provide a good reason to update your ride too.

But how to judge if the car or bike in the other lane is gentlemen street racer, a too tough task or not worthy the extra fuel?

Here's a guidence:
1. Does the car in the other lane has a welded roll cage? Consider listening to public radio  and calm down.

2. Do you have reason to believe that you have +400hp more than your fellow racer? Ignore it all and save the fuel.

3. Are there cops around? Don't even think about it...

4. Do you have a sleeper? Are you sure about the peak power in your car? Is the car next to you likely to be an all original sports car with less power than your vehicle and driven by someone who don't understand aftermarker tuning and home built stuff. =>GO! 
Here's a short video with a moral. About David and Goliat, Safety and Speed parts. Enjoy.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Don't ask why!

Let's start with qoute to comfort racers, builders and dreamers out there.
"Every man's conscience is vile and depraved
 You cannot depend on it to be your guide
when it’s you who must keep it satisfied"

There are moments in life when you're inspired and full of energy. When there's no obstacles and you're in a creative flow. This doesn't normally happen when you're working with reasonable stuff. Flow is more likely take place when you're working with fun things that makes you happy, excited and put your soul at ease.
Here's some of the projects that trigger some of the Salt Slush team members right now.  They are all sort of -Why the hell are you doing this? projects...
No 1: The Ardun V8 Engine. There are people out there that would state that you could get twice as much power for less than 50% money spent.
Correct, but still irrelevant.
Status: Pistons designed, delivered and assembled. New Ardun cam and new bearings for the 4 inch crank in place. All adjusted, mounted and lubricated in the French flathead engine block.
The aluminum oil sump used by the French army military vehicle to the left and an original Ford Flathead pass car oil sump to the right. I need to use the right one to make it fit in a Ford -46.

Ardun engine block again. All relieves are mills off and exhaust ports blocked with Belzona chemical metal in order to stop oil from going down in the old flathead exhaust channels.
No 2. Carina and her old lawn mowers. Beautiful small machines if you ask her. The blue Suffolk Demon, her trailer queen, is now ready to show, while the green two stroke Qualcast Commando needs an overhaul. Yes, lawn mowers had bad ass names in the 50ties and 60ties....
No3. Magnus and a really cool idea. He's building his own supercharging kit for an old square body Suburban...V8 DIESEL. When this is ready, there will be torque without lag and no smoke.
Salt Slush advice: Follow your Dream, ignore the why question and work with the project (-s) of your liking. It will make your life better. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Garage storage Justice. It's complcated.

They might be your best friends. You might share hobby, hope and habits. You can travel around the world, build race cars, run a Speed Shop, race at Bonneville, have a zillion Fika, enjoy nice dinners, drink beer -even Makers Mark- and have parties together. All in harmony with no strict rules.
Everything's cool?  Nope. You still must be aware!  I'm talking about situations when strict rules are needed. When laser sharp measurement tools are prefered. When volume and space need to be calculated. 

We're talking about Garage Storage Justice! When every millimeter count.

Here's why. Gearheads tend to be invasive. They have an apatite for space. Because they like to store stuff. Old parts, new parts, nice-to-have parts, speed parts, race parts, cool parts, bikes, cars, boats, radios, guitars, old lawn name it!  And I'm not in a position to throw the first stone.  

Today it was about time. Time for a let's-set-up-some-rules moment, because not only nature have a fear of empty space....[horror vacui]. The Salt Slush team with friend has the same fear, so we went to one of our common spaces today to measure, argue and agree.
Here's Petter exited and in full speed. He's got a a new storage space, a laser measurement device and he's happy.  
But don't fooled by his friendly look. He's the invasive type.
Walk, talk and draw lines. How the hell did Magnus get this body to this spot? Willpower!
Females can take space too. Example: Annika parked a rally car in the common space temporarily half a year ago.

Summary: Measurement done. Storage volume split and agreed.