Sunday, October 25, 2020

Garage Party Blues...

A garage-get-together makes people feel fine. No use to dress up in Sunday best, because a dark workshop illuminated with candle lights only, is not the right place and space. Instead garage casual. No matter whom you are and what you do to live, you can always grab a cold beer and enjoy good stories in a cool atmosphere. 

There's no need to look for conversational pieces either, since you’re imbedded and totally surrounded by amazing stuff full of downloaded dreams and sophisticated schemes.

Since Salt Slush like to host parties, where you can talk load, eat good food and drink cold beer, smoke inside and get exhaust fumes to the dessert, we're now in disperse. 

Because Corona killed it all. 

But when a vaccine is ready, we'll be ready too. We'll start up an Ardun Engine for dessert. We'll have the fridge full of Pabst and we'll fire up the range cooker and we"ll have a ball again. Until this is possible from a pandemic point of view, we're looking at some of the few existing pictures from past Salt Slush Garage Parties and hope to get back to 2019 and before soon...

Let's recap and think about how it was before The Pandemic...

 At one of the wilder parties we started a 27L Merlin as avec. 
What a show, what a blast!
 In 2018, there were no social distance.
Magnus and his band were playing load back on Ringön back in 2014.

It's important to not have all parties in same shop. Therefore we spent new year eve 2016-2017 in Kalle's garage. 
Confirmed: The hat makes the man (and woman).
Long before the pandemic, back in 2014. To a period in time when we just started to build our Land Speed Racer and knew very little about what was coming. 3 year later we actually ran our first race at El Mirage.
Spring 2020, small dinner outside our Speed Shop. Social distance and no party. 
Well, no real party.
But one of these days, the pandemic will be over and we'll arrrange a garage party to remember. We'll party as if it way 2019 again and we'll book ticket to US the day after and we'll race as if there were no tomorrow!

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Report out from end of the rainbow...

The end of the rainbow. Atlantis. 
We all know that these places and spaces can be wet but nice. But at the same time we've learned that there's no use looking for these spots. Because in some peoples narrow mind these places are magical, irrational and doesn't even exist.  

But one day there was a sign. A sign saying;
-Go to Hjo (in Sweden). 
-Go there in the autumn. 
-Go there and you'll find what you've been seeking.

All good thing are 3 so off we went.

At this point, we didn't want to act rational because we were on a magic journey and at occations like this, Excel sheets doesn't help out and could eventually be couterproductive.

Hence we revved up two Square Body pick-up trucks and headed straight towards the eye of the storm. In essence, when looking for magic, you've got to do what you've got to do.
Rain was pooring down heavily. Noak came to mind. Suddenly there was a sign. A rainbow but no parade.
When we arriving others have already gathered. 
We felt that we were in the right spot. 
Where magic happens.
End of Rainbow reached. Forgotten treasure found. A Gasser from the sixties that over time lost its heart and power but now has got a transplant and were revitalized...

...with a 489 Big Block Chevy and a 10-71 (!) GMC Supercharger. All the right Gasser Stuff plus a new front end and a new front frame. 


This beast got some serious power (1200hp) and was shaking the ground literary. For real. Old racers moved fingers to their ears. 
Gravel and autumn leaves found the way to the soup served. 
A soft beg for mercy was heard. 
Nobody complained about engine response. Nobody.
For those with a 10-71 equipped big block race car, this is a reasonable daily drive. We're here talking about a GMC 4-71 Supercharger and a small block chevy and modest 550hp. 
Again reasonable ride at the spot where we were.
There were other cars too. Like this Roadster with a body made by Erik Hansson.


As well a really old (one of the first?) Magnuson Superchagers installation was on display .  Works just fine according to the owner, but obviously Magnuson has made a giant leap forward in technology since those days.  

 After looking at all these treasures we had to go back to Gothenburg. The skies were still gloomy, but after a while, when we looked in the mirror we could see the rainbow again. Still indicating where to look for amazing stuff.

Thanks to Lennart with friends at Bobbin Garage!

Sunday, October 4, 2020

How an Amazon and a Cowboy came to a too tight spot.

Some say they come in pairs. Some say they're loners. Some state that it's faith or a coincidence. I'm talking about the contagious car search that eventually connects cars and people while changing roomy places in to tight spaces.

What happened lately in the Salt Slush workshop is likely to happen over and over again. We're there are car guys there will always be dreams related to new projects.

Suddenly all tabs exposed on the workshop laptop were full of desires and I'm not talking about obvious desires related to breeding and lust. Nope. The wishes exposed were more profound and gave a hint about what was about to happen. Sooner or later. Or rather, sooner than later...
Suddenly, a Blueberry from the US of A arrives to a cloudy Ringön after years in the Californian sun.
I guess there's no use arguing about low mileage with these badges in the front?
Petter, The Professor, got going at once. Brakes, idle quality and electrical system needs attention before approaching Swedish registration and approval.
Wouldn't a S200SX-E turbo cheer this baby up?

Meanwhile, Magnus had investigated the global F100 market thoroughly...and he know them all. From Campers in Colorado to Californian Crew Cabs and he had found a favorite. In Sunne, Sweden. 

So off we went. On a road trip with a purpose. 
Final destination: Sunne. 

What did we find out there in the wilderness?  
A bad side of a tough looking Ford.
Rust, charm and potential. Great potential.  
In less than an hour's time, Magnus signed the line....and he got a Ford, that will eat up road. So that's what Magnus did and flipped up the cash that sealed the deal and made two people happy that Sunday in Sunne.
We tooled our way home in great comfort.
Former owner were worried about the tires. We were not...we were too busy being worried about all other stuff therefore got a bit surprised when rear right went flat in Kungälv. 
Pictured: Magnus and Anders thunderstucked.   
The tight spot. Our roomy workshop is now crowded. But that's how it goes. Nature hate emptiness and cars that has been left out for some time needs attention.


Saturday, September 26, 2020

A Social Distance Get-together.

To show off, to get inspired and meet friends. Deep in our hearts that's what we want to do when the sun is shining and the grass is green. We want to get acknowledged while celebrating others and having fun simultaneously.That's all. Races, shows and meets normally offer a way out of the workshop and a sun tan moment for garage rats. But during the pandemic occasions are few and a need is building up.

In addition, the car and bike community are as divided as the rest of the society. Rich and Poor. Original and Modified. Old and young. Street Racers and Law abiding citizens. Tail fins and tailor made. Normally these communities does not meet. But Corona changed things. Enemies becomes friends. Sub groups that never would meet are getting closer and a deeper understanding is reached.

And nope. This is not a useless statement from UN. This is the positive consequence of social starvation. This is what happens when nothing is arranged. When all kinds of car and bike guys and gals in Gothenburg decide to go to the same place every Wednesday evening without Flyers and Facebook.

Volvo 242 with N3T engine (6 Cyl Volvo all aluminum engine) and a lot of Power.
Bentley Racer
Bagged. Spoke Wheels. Eldorado. Cadillac Eldorado.
American Graffiti. Chicken coop in flames.
Aston Martin DB4
C5, C6 and C7. Corvette's. All in need of Magnuson Superchargers.

Yeah, Carina and I took our Rocket for a ride too. It felt like a good idea to shake down the old Olds before daylight disappears and we move on to next step.
Keep on keeping on!

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Let's get back on track and talk about turbos

We tend to talk about our private projects and there's a lot of them. We do it because we're enthusiastic about these and hopefully we can inspire others to get going and have fun in garages and workshops out there. 

But we do have a business to take care about as well and on top of that we want to inform you that our shelves are full of BorgWarner EFR and AirWerks. It has been our ambition to build up a stock of as many variants as possible to be able to deliver what our customers want when they want it. 

As the rain is pouring down, it's anyhow time to go back to the garages and doo deeds.

So, comes some turbo inspiration and information.


AirWerks S300SX-E is a reliable series of turbochargers from BorgWarner that stretches from S361 to S372. (the 61 and 71 stands for inducer diameter in mm) This series is suitable from 500hp to 1100hp depending on application. We have seen a lot of really nice performance over the years and a lot of positive customer response from these turbos. Toyota Supras, Volvo's, Chevy LS and more. 

And yes, we have all S361,S362, S364, S366, S369 and S372 variants and all turbine housings too in stock.

Let's continue with AirWerks S200SX-E. A bullit proof, high efficient turbo from BorgWarner. There are bacically two variants S252 and S257. The smaller (S252) can delivery up to 500hp and the bigger (S257) up to 650hp. Very popular turbos. Our top seller. Normally used as single turbos for 4, 5 and 6 cylinder inline engines and as bi-turbo (parallel) for V6's and V8's up to 1200hp. 

And yes, we have them on stock including all 6 turbine housing alternatives.

Talking about turbine housings, here's something you should know about AirWerks. 
All AirWerks turbine housings (from BorgWarner) are equipped with a so called Marmon turbine outlet flange which is a good technical solution but somewhat complicated to work with...
...if you don't happen to have an adapter like the one pictured. Luckily we have these adapters on stock too including or not including or not including V-clamp. Nowadays we can deliver turbine inlet flanges as well (T25, T3 and T4 and even tailor made once if you provide a drawing)

Then we have the the EFR series from BorgWarner. The masterpiece of turbos with ceramic ball bearings, Ti-Al turbine wheels, water cooled, with or without integrated wastegate. Response, Spool-up and high power combined. There are a lot of combinations available from EFR 6258 to EFR 9280. Stretching from 350hp to 1100hp. We use an EFR 9180 ourselves in our Amazon landspeed racer. We can proudly announce that we have almost all combinations on our shelves (except the 7064) ready for fast delivery.

Perhaps two EFR 7163 with v-clamp turbine inlet flanges for a high level V8? Or a EFR 7163 with TwinScroll for a super sophisticated BMW inline 6? 
 Why not a EFR 9280 for the +1000hp Supra drift car? 
There are many alternatives...think, dream and act!
And again, we're ready when you're ready!

Saturday, September 12, 2020

There comes a time...

At some point in time we all have to face the moment of truth. It could be a short but painful period necessary to move on. Imagine root filling of an old tooth or a hellish surgery with uncertain outcome. It could eventually be the awkward feeling in the waiting room prior to the pearly gate. 
Nevertheless, I'm talking about when there's a before and after. When there's anxiety, occasion and aftermath.

The more that is at stake, the sweeter the victory. Which means that high risk projects and significant sacrifices tends reward the soul after completion. 

 Need an example? Here's one.

Carina and Olds Bertha evening before registration and final inspection. Several square meters of new sheet metal and +500 hours of welding, wiring and whining invested.

She was not alone. Friend were there to comfort and tease.
First fueling needed to reach the inspection station. At this point the engine was running lean. Too lean.
Pearly gate pictured.
Success is Sweet even to thoose who succeed.
 When approval is confirmed the air is easier to breath and celebration comes to mind. 
Summary, hard work that pays off brings a special kind of reward that I wish everyone could enjoy!

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Mad Professor, Gold Digging, Rocket Launch and Fine Dining. That's all for now.

The summer is coming to an end. At least at latitude 57. It's getting darker day by day and the temperature is going down. The summer that's fading away is not the kind anybody would like to repeat. No real race events, no travels, no car shows and no (few) parties. 

Instead we've all been isolated or at least semi isolated from all of the above. We've been working like galley slaves with ourselves as drummer and slave. The consequence has been project completion and achievements but how about our psyche? 

Think about it.
Petter, our personal professor has changed camshaft in his Volvo Duett from a wilder to a milder.
Magnus, the old school hot rod maniac is creating a cool Colorado Baya Truck with golden wheel
Supercool, but is it an augury?
Carina, has stopped thinking about antique lawnmowers, because she has transformed to Oldsmobile Girl. Since...
...Olds Bertha, the Olds Rocket 88 that we found when racing at Bonneville will stand before the Swedish old car gate of heaven on Friday next week. 
Champagne to celebrate och Martini to mourn?
When working hard, hunger comes sneaking slowly making brain and body slow. Therefore our garage style Osso Bucco was cooking slowly while lonesome angle grinders were grinding and hammers were pounding sheets of metal.

Overall, a really good week at Salt Slush Garage. 
Friends, Fun and forward looking projects.

But still, I dream about 2019 like it was a decade ago. 
Racing, Travels, Parties and Hugs. 
I miss that. 
A lot.

But let's endure and build something while waiting. 
It soothes the soul.