Sunday, February 16, 2020

Let's get down to business...Who? What?Why?

Who are they? What are they doing? Why?

Last question first. Don't ever ask that question again! If you feel the urge to express that specific question once more, here's my advice; checkout and move on to a certain Death by Boredom that will come soon.

The second question above is as well useless to elaborate on, because there's not enough time available. Que? Here's why; The time needed to describe Magnus private projects in a structured way, would define eternity. Obviously that would consume all time needed to talk about all other Dreams and Themes. See what I mean? 

However, besides private projects and our land speed racing activity in US of A, we're doing our very best to provide customers with a Turbo or/and Supercharger that will fulfill their speed dreams.

Then first question at last....
Carina Björnsson our CFO and book keeper and... the lawn mover collector/hoarder. Our safety specialist keeping Ralph Nader on distance.
Håkan Björnsson, the TurboNator and Tech Sales person at Salt Slush. 20 years experience of turbos, superchargers and matching. A talkative personality.
Magnus Börjesson, a super creative engine builder, hot rodder, and an expert in car diagnostic (!). Collection, dreams and ambitions beyond magi-nation.
Karl Johan Ekman, the tactical strategist, long time hot rodder with soon 40 years in automotive business ! The networker and monkey business wizard.
Anders Karlsson, combining science with applied engineering. Someone who makes the impossible come through ! Don't start by telling him that it's not possible.

Together, we make Salts Slush Racing. We offer access to our skills and ideas all with the intention to provide you with the boost pressure that You need.

We have the luxury to play around with cars, technology and business almost 24/7, meeting car and bike community. We can guide on how to set up engines with turbos and superchargers.

All of us a has long long time ago got our automotive dream and decease from Hot Rod Magazine and we know the drill, we share the same song of unsung heroes. Combine that with creative impatient that push us forward.

Ok again. The last question Why? Because we really, really like to do what we do! 

We like to see You successful !

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Track, Turbo and Smoking Tires.

Those of you who have read about it knows. Those who have tested it know even more.

I'm talking about turbo matchning and the difficulty to get it all right. To get imidiate respons, no lag and endless power. 

Obviously there will always be compromises, but we think that the BorgWarner EFR series can take you to some kind of optimum,  to Performance Paradise where super fast torque respons, a hearty torque curve and a lot of power all comes together.

 Spend a few minuites on the film clip below and you'll see what I mean.   
The EFR 9174 deliver a really nice torque curve and reasonalble amount of power too.


Sunday, January 26, 2020

Take her on a Rocket Launch!

We're all different. Some need milestones, continuous feedback and deadlines, while others work slowly for decades to make their ride reach the asphalt. 

After years of self-reflection, I've learned what I need to move forward with a project (beside time and money...). What I need is to get to know the beast. To feel the vibrations, smell the fumes and hear the how it sounds. I'm talking about  some quality time with the object. After that I can comfortably start the surgery.

As I had these thoughts, the grey skies opened up and the seldom seen sun started to shine. A sign for a new start. To get going. To fill up some fuel and move on to make it or breake it.
12 Volt, 10 liters of RON 95, new fuel filters and a proper countdown. No Rocket Science needed.... go for a Rocket Ride. The Hydramatic shoftly shifted gears while we slowly started to understand why this vehicle won Carrera Panamericana 1950 and NASCAR 1949.
Even somewhat worn, it feels perky and way ahead of its time. 

First some new sheet metal (we're taking about solid floor) then some interior and perhaps some paint. 
Over to the topic of torque and power:
-How well can the Rocket 303 V8 handle a low boost AirWerks/EFR turbo? The conrods and crank are forged, the pistons are oil cooled and the compression ratio is low...just thinking. 

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Persistence is king. Or should we say Queen?

Let's start with a warning and a general advice. 

Warning first: There's not a trace of turbos nor superchargers in this post. That's not good since boost pressure is what makes most of us happy in our search for a safe, secure way to satisfy our crave for speed.

Moving on to the general advice; Don't do this at home! Especially not if you're the restless type in constant search for fast feedback.

Instead, this article is all about persistence and the ability to change state of mind. To get a new perspective. To move tedious to time-to-think-treasure.

Here's what we're talking about... 
The original plan: Sandblasting. Instead: Car archaeology. 
Carina grabbed cheapest possible paint remover and discovered layer after layer of car fashion. All the way back to the Cadillac Lucerne Green. 
A really nice Cadillac color from 1949.Google it and you'll find out.
After endless hours and continuous contemplation; 
Bare bone sheet metal celebration.
Primer applied.
From another angle in a different light.
 Paint it black. In a two component kind of way.
Dry paint and worn hubcap.It's all coming together....
...and  step by step, new tires are finding thier way to the old Cadillac wheels.
 While, eventually, these wheels reach their elegant, art deco appearance.
Meanwhile,in another part of our speed shop, Carina creates momentum and take the opportunity make Jeep driveshafts great again. 

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Supercharge a Sloppy Suburban. Diesel. Part 1

Diesel. Supercharger. Two positive words. Add deplacement and you're good. Oh, I forgot, low cost and do it yourself attitude should be added to the picture as well.

Here's what it's all about; The Salt Slush Team is seriously thinking about making one of Magnus, mad but magic projects come true. We're talking about revitalizing an old, sloppy, somewhat sad Suburban. With a Supercharger from the salvage yard. We' don't want to waste a Magnuson or VMP Supercharger when making prototypes, but we need an Eaton TVS supercharger to make efficient boost pressure. So, Magnus got one from a  Audi V6 3.0 TDI (gasoline).

But why? Ok. Here's why;
1. Confession: We've been inspired by Roadkill (Hot Rod Magazine)
2. A supercharged Diesel vehicle is amazing to drive [only a few of us have done that]. No lag. Just torque.
3. Because we can... 
It will take some time to accomplish this task. But we'll be successful...eventually….for sure...
All professionell chef's prepare an mise en place (it's french and if you don't know what it is google it and try to figure out what it means). Here's Magnus while making those small, but subtile adjustments that will make an Audi V6 TVS Supercharger mount effortlessly on an old Chevy Suburban V8 Diesel.
Yes you're all correct. An adapter is needed. Luckily there was a Lathe available and a weekend to spare. Life's good.
Magnus and two pulleys. Yes, he's about to make a show off
Remark1: Is this the first poly-v and v belt combination ever?
Remark2: The Jeep Grand Cherokee 5,9 in the background has nothing to do with this. 
Left: a modern poly-v type of pulley from god knows what.
Right: a more conservative V-belt crank pulley from the old Chevy V8 Diesel
The amazing adapter that Magnus milled. Drawing is available, in Magnus mind. 
Purpose: Pull pulleys together and make magic.
Here's how; Take the amazing adapter, in shiny steel and put it on top of the Chevy crank pulley, apply the screws and add…
...the fancy new poly-v pulley on top and Voila! You've got yourself the first building block of a the first ever (?) Chevy Suburban V8 Diesel & Audi V6 TVS Supercharger combo.

Next step? Magnus will move the monster to the Salt Slush workshop when he's motivated.
How it will end? Nobody knows. But we'll tell you all about it.
Or at least most of it.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Let the good times roll - Ford Mustang Coyote Supercharged!

Ford Coyote 5.0 Ever since I first read about this engine I knew that it would represent a new era in Muscle Car community. With 4 valves per cylinder overhead cams and very well working combustion & gas exchange system (high specific power per liter as natrural aspirated) I understood that only one thing was missing. A Supercharger.
Why not turbo? Well, the disadvantage of the dual overhead cam engine is its size, not necessarily the engine weight, but its size. It will always be geometrically bigger than the comparable LS/LT engine and in addition the engine compartment of the Modern Mustang is busy to say the least.
The obvious conclusion for me was and is; add a high efficiency supercharger to a high efficient engine of reasonable displacement and you'll get a very nice engine with a lot of torque and power. Did I mention Speed?The only problem we've had is that we've (i.e Salt Slush Racing) have not been able to offer Supercharger kits for Ford Mustang with Coyote 5.0 V8 engine.                   
Until now...Because now we've established contact with VMP Performance in US and will be able to offer their Eaton TVS based supercharger kits is Sweden and other European countries.
That feels really good, because we can't live with the tragedy of not bringing joy to Mustang guys and girls car life!
12 min, two guys and a VMP (TVS 2650) 2017 Mustang. 
Coming up soon! 
The VMP Odin TVS 2650 Supercharger kit for Ford Mustang 5,0 for those looking for a discreet super efficient kit with amazing charge air cooling and even more power...
When you've got the power...opportunities are endless. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas, Snow and Boost pressure.

Christmas. A sane, social and somewhat soggy event. But let's accept facts and acknowledge that it's booooring too. On top of the above, Santa's death by boredom take place when it's dark as a nightmare outside. Constantly. At the northern hemisphere.

Here's how to survive
Alternative 1: Rice up from the sofa, make a proper excuse and go to the workshop/garage...weld, mill or bend tubes and feel at ease.
Alternative 2: Rice up from the sofa, make a proper excuse and walk to the workshop/garage.  Fire up the Turbo-Snowmobile and get your motor running.
Alternative two only applies if you happen to live in the very North of Sweden or in any similar cold, snowy godforsaken den where the 2-stroke, boost pressure and snow combo make sense and fun.
Let us introduce you all to a man that knows how to squeeze out 230hp out of a 0,85L (51cu in) 2 stroke DI machine. A boost pressure of 0,45bar (6.52 psi) makes it all happen.
Andreas Marklund's Ski Doo with AirWerks Turbo kit...
...makes sense for those with a crave for speed, power and fun in the snow.
Merry Christmas and Boosted New Year!