Sunday, November 19, 2017

Activity based workshop!

As the summer turns in to autumn the activity in the Salt Slush workshop is good. But when as the Nordic darkness comes over us with full power in late October early November not even Salt Slush team has the energy to stand strong. 
When this happens we're just sipping coffee and try to stay sane as we're tumbling around between dream and reality. We're waiting for energy, exitment and execution.
And yes, yesterday was the day. We were bursting in to furious activity! One successful  moment were followed by yet another victory. Triumph after Triumph. 
Magnus managed to celebrate a rolling chassi. 
Hillborn and Nailhead makes a man feel fine 
No, he's not ready yet. But he sure as hell know what he wants. And it'll be fun and fast.
Currently, he need some assistance though. 
The "Spokesperson" Petter the Professor is learning how to spoke a wheel. Initially, he stated something like; -If' you can count to 4 you can spoke a wheel. He has revised that statment. But still, the wheel is now round. 
While Carina and I has taken our flathead-soon-to-be-an Ardun-V8 apart... 
...Magnus borrowed an old oil container from me, poured in some gasoline in it, sealed a couple of leakes and then...  
...he fired up his old flathead, that has been sitting in junkyards for a long period of time. He didn't even change spark plugs! Yes, it's running! 
And how about this? Kalle managed to put his model A (also called Särimner from the Nordic Mythology) together and take it for a spin around the block. Runs like a Cadillac...almost.
Summary: Salt Slush team has accepted the darkness. We've found energy and we're prepared for the winter. Full speed ahead!

Friday, November 17, 2017

EXTRA EXTRA !! Read all about it !! GASOLINE

It is some time since we played at El Mirage and if you want to read about our adventure  in a printed magazine, you can buy the latest issue of
Gasoline Magazine (11 2017) and get some nice pictures and a good story.

Gasoline is a cool and rely good magazine (in Swedish) that
capturing what we in Salt Slush Racing like and focus.
Green reminds us of the summer, which we need in dark November. You who know the drill knows that darkness give us a lot of garage quality time.  Although in combination with some busy and fun work at our daytime work by Volvo Cars and Boeing. 
Tech inspection. Phuuu it worked out... but yes, we still have a list.
We should also say Thank You to Tech Spec Team who guided us through the different important steps and gave us the opportunity to fix the most urgent issues and conducted another inspection later the same evening.
The long way to El Mirage. Special thanks tp Magnuson Superchargers.
Your trailer and Truck (Yes, with a Magnuson blower) made transportation a pleasure.
Rookie orientation. 
We spent time with learning lesson no 1 in the land speed racing school. 
We all strongly remember the first rule.  Don't be that guy !
Firts run...Dusty...but what a feeling. we had to pinch our arms to check 
if it was for real.
We all understood very fast that we had alot lot to learn 
regarding land speed racing.
It is not at al like speeding on the highway, 
if some one think how hard can it be.
It is different and will keep us busy many years.

Go out and buy ! And get some inspiration.


The 449 SSR Amazon is resting in Erik H's garage. Meanwhile we're planing for next steps.

So far the plan is go to LA and work with Erik (He will do some work ahead) to clean up the remaining tech spec issues to be allowed to pass 150 mph combined this with some race improvements like engine calibration, increased weight, new tyres.....
Go to El Mirage  when there's no racing going on to train and get a good feel for the car.

Go back to US for the speed week at Bonneville.

But plans are plans.  

Saturday, November 11, 2017

To weld or not to weld? That's the question...

A good thing that comes with being a car guy is that you learn about all kinds of stuff all the time. A new problem (something is broken or not broken but needs to be fixed, or at least, it feels good to fix it) or a real opportunity (fantastic new ideas that need attention) emerge and hence you need to think and act in order to move forward. A positive learning process that does clear up a worried mind too.

The down side is that you constantly need to figure out how to solve rather complicated technical issues.

To cut it short, here's the situation; Carina want an Ardun V8 Engine and yes, a man's gotta  do what a man's gotta do. But in the process of transforming an old flathead to a OHV Hemi Ardun I'm currently facing a hot topic. 

I'm talking about welding and not just any welding, it's cast iron block welding that's the problem or rather the question.
When an Ardun head should be applied to a flathead the so called relieving between the valves has to be removed. But how? Is it possible to mill the deck 2mm and make the surface flat? It would be easy, but will the deck be thick enough?  
Or is it possible to apply a weld seem in the relieved area and the mill the top deck and of course bore the cylinders? Is it really possible to weld in an old combustion area? ''
Isn't that like welding the surface of an old cast iron frying pan? With coked oil  deep in the metal structure?

At least there are people out there that are (reasonably) comfortable with welding cast iron without pre heating. To pre heat a flathead V8 engine block would be a bit awkward.

Or should I try to find another block without relieving?  I need to talk to Magnus...

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Couple Therapy and ambiguity.

With the Amazon at Erik Hanson, in CA, we're on our own. We're alone with our dreams, our inner conflicts and our schemes. Hence conflicts evolves. The Salt Slush team is tight, but our minds are thorn apart by our individual need for speed, crave for craze and magic mechanic machines. 
Carina and I are no exception. We need therapy. Because we're in conflict. At least, we need advices. We already consumed a vineyard and all candles has evaporated and still the question remains unsolved. So it ain't easy... Here's what we argue about: 
Carina (Cina) loves the Ardun Engine. She think's it a magic machine. Here she's home at Erik H looking at one of his ongoing projects. With an Ardun Engine.
From another angle and another view. The Ardun Engine from Ferguson....and I admit it's super cool. When building an Ardun Engine you basically create a modern fast burning hemi engine without cooling issues based on a legendary engine from the 1930-ties. And yes, it's a piece of art. And yes, it has heritage.
But...I love boosting and boosted engines. No matter if it's a modern downsized 6 or 8 cylinder DI turbo engine, an LS V8 engine with Supercharger or Turbo or a Flathead with Supercharger.
So what should we do? Ardun or Supercharged flathead? Our Ford -46 need long term a new faster beating heart. We need therapy. Engine therapy.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Mutilple Project Syndrom

There are people that doesn't have a project and there are those that doesn't even want one. How they survive is nothing but a mystery.
Then there are others. People who need a car/bike project as much as they need air to breath. Who needs to the positive creative distraction from all daily activates that a project brings.

Then there are those with Multi Project Syndrome, people who have a million ideas and more on going project than they can count. Some of these projects are strictly virtual while some are ongoing. Ongoing means that parts are being bought and wrenching has begin.
We spent a couple of thousand hours on our mean green machine and we're thinking about and planning for the next steps with our Amazon Land speed racer. We'll be back in US of A 2018, but right now our hand are tight sine our Amazon is in US and we're in Sweden. 
This doesn't mean that we're lying softly on the sofa. Nope. Instead we've started to work on other projects that are on our lists. Projects that was in previously in minds only was initiated one cold dark evening this week when Magnus, Anders, Carina and I took Carina's C20 pick truck (which by the way could do with a 4LE80 transmission) and drove out to Tomas Terräng to pick a few flathead V8's.

Dark and cold outside, but with one V8 under the hood and two V8's on the truck bed, dreams about old school supercharging, Ardun heads comes naturally. A warm feeling.
The Franco-American Flatheads V8's resting in our workshop. And no, these engines are not aimed for Anders El Camino...that's another project that needs a transplant to a more modern heart.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Accelerating motor madness while pretending being solid and sane

We all need a well tuned relief valve to make our soul stay safe, solid and sound.  To keep high pressure at bay before our minds explode.

 Salt Slush is thinking of autumn storms as a source of energy and a way to gain speed and make wishes come true rather than a reason to take shelter from the storm, rain and darkness.
So when the sun occasionally was shining over Gothenburg we got together to...yes. you've heard it deeds. To get it right, Big Block and Flatheads was woken up and taken out from the darkness.
We found engines from the past that could serve as vehicles of hope and future glory.
When you're really prepared for a poetic motor moment. Go to Terräng Axel Temple in Gothenburg.  
Yes, there were things to worship there too. Fantastic French Flatheads. And yes, we bought them all.
Mechanic Mastercard from the past is silently sending a piece to mind message to the creator of internet of things.   
Magnus in decision mode. How many war tank seats will be needed short term? 
Anders, hungry as a hog captured when digging in on garage cooked chili chicken 
Shining new chrome on The El Camino. 
Petter, The Professor, in let's-get-the-shit-together-mode. 
Cina and Marcus in Rototiller mode. Which means good mode.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Inside the dream factory real stuff happens!

In the weekend flow wild ideas comes easy. Here are a few good enough to survive to Monday and even Tuesday...

1. An El Camino, a Chevy El Camino with an old useless 305 engine, a 700 transmission and a AirWerk S300SX-E(S369)turbo, a Holley carb and 550hp on the crank. Yes, a perfect roadkill type of El Camino sits in the close proximity to our workshop (No, no, no we're not talking about Anders Camino)
2. To build an Ardun Engine, a piece of art based on a French Ford side valve V8 engine. Old, but super cool. I'll try to get hold of a donor engine tomorrow...
3. Equip an old Mercedes 190 with new big injectors and a AirWerk S200SX-E turbo and make donuts. Yes, we've got a barn find type of Benz that's a candidate. Rear wheel drive and low weight. Add power and the this German dish is ready to be served.
But no, where not just dreaming, we're working with various projects as well. Here's a snapshot of what the Salt Slush team is working with right now.
Anders needed stronger springs to keep his cool Induction Cowl open, so he made a tool. Yes, we took shelter when performed his test trail. I felt like a war photographer, could have been shoot any minute.  

Carina made a Raspberry Pie and good literature was there to read. Still life.

Finally! Magnus got his roller follower to one of his Ford side valve V8's.
Relieved as he was he made great progress with his dragster that sooner (or later...) will make

It started with a broken ignition coil....but Carina needed to know...

...if the her Briggs were worth some effort. So she took it apart. Inquiring mind always wants to know.
The Conclusion: Buy the coil. 

Meanwhile I was manufacturing rocker panels for the Chevy -36.
Yes, they do fit and yes, from now on it will be possible to drop the mobile on the floor without loosing it. Which is good. Feels safe.  
Incredibly enough, the doors are possible close as well.