Saturday, December 15, 2018

Why Hot Rodding and Hot Rods are forever.

It's about freedom, passion and punk attitude. 

No matter if you're a boxed in office clerk with career ambitions and urge to please or a blue collar with awkward attitude and limited some point we all need to break free from our claustrophobic white walls or dirty dungeon and burst. Flat out.

If you want go fast without control for no particular reason there's no substitute.  

If you, on top of the above, happen to be the curious type, creative and somewhat artistic then you're probably a hot rodder of some kind. 

If you're wild at heart, you know what I mean. Hot rodding, Tuning. Many namnes for things we like.

New generations are growing up and they'll find their cars and bikes suitable for tuning and go fast adventures and companies like Salt Slush will be there to support with good stuff. Forever.
Old school hardcore two wheel example. 
Important part of contemporary Hot Rod life.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

All play and no work makes Salt Slush a happy Team!

Work hard. Drive fast. Deliver. Essential as breathing. But sometime you need something else. I'm talking about Relaxing, Reflecting and Dreaming. After a busy summer and though autumn we were in need of the latter. Consequently, small group meet up at the Salt Slush garage to cook food, drink beer and just relax. No big deal, no major party, just a calm evening with friends surrounded by stuff we like. Team & Turbos,  Dreams & Drinks, Food & Flatheads. All Supercharged.
Magnus the Man.  
Candle holder with heritage. For the Nobel banquet to envy.
Kalle and Catrine.
Humans need oil too. We've enjoyed the last drops now Roger.
Ellen Percival.
The Percivals in our workshop.
Salt Slush Salmon. Homegrown dried chili, muscovado sugar, lime and more… 
Ardun short block in the limelight, longing for heads.
Karin caught in a CNC milling machine talk.
Not only Jameson and Walker joined our party. Magnuson was there too.
Supercharged as always.
Slighty out of focus. Männer, Frauen und Motoren.
Annika and Ragnar was there. Joined by Chevy. Chevy the Dog. 
Carina, Cina. The one and only.
Yes, it's me. Feeling fine.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

We're at Essen Motor Show!

Killepitch, Glüwein, Altbier, Kölsch and Mölsch. All good stuff. But there are other things as well in Ruhr, Germany. We're talking about cars. Fast cars, Cool cars, Immaculate Cars, Priceless cars and fun stuff too.
Since we were familiar with all of the above and in need of some inspiration before the Christmas halabaloo begins, we took some time off and drove down to Mülheim and der Ruhr, in Germany. 10 hours after leaving Gothenburg, Sweden we could enjoy a German beer where German beers are best enjoyed.
We started to relax at Classic Remise in Düsseldorf. A welcoming place with character where amazing cars can be enjoyed while sipping the beverage of your likings. Some cars you can buy too...if you wallet is not too thin.. Love this Panamericana racer with Swedish background.
Are you in to cars from the Art Deco period? Does louvers get you exited? Enjoy this mind blowing  Horsch with a hood that goes on forever, while sipping an Espresso. 
Here's what it's all about. An old Locomotive workshop transformed to an peaceful place to worship cars and bikes and acknowledge motor history.
Essen motor Show. We've now moved from Mild to Wild. Young and old entusiast with a lot of hot rod spirit. From old Demolition racers... a young German take on lowriders. Mercedes W123 can be cool too. 
And as usual, there's a before and after. Especially for some VW products in German. Seem like old VW don't die, they just go faster.
There's something special with Tractor pulling. It's a nice sport that make all other motorsport reasonable. Add another turbocharged Allison V12 to you contraption and be prepared for an epic engine failure while smiling. 
Last, but not least.
How about this modern Art Deco Delahaye, based on a Mercedes R107 (Mercedes SL).
If you lack decoration in your workshop/ garage there are solutions. We are not so keen on stuffed Zebras, but a polished turbine wheel of reasonable size could be suitable for our business.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Wish I reached paperback writing skills

You who have access to Swedish media can very soon go out and buy your latest issue of Gasoline.
Why ? Well, beside of that the Magazine is a very cool Magazine, run by some even cooler Guys and Girls, the SSR Bonneville 2018 adventure is told in a 5 page article.
For us it's great to be remembered in the gloomy end of November, to dream back and plan for upcoming race at Bonneville next year. You know, plans are already made and hotels are booked.
The Article is written by Håkan a team member who's nursing (treating) a brooken dream of writing classic books, not simple paperbacks. Here we talk about true hardback books with it's origin in the hardboiled heritage of writers like Jack Kerouac and James Elroy. For us who as individuals, are closer to Executive Cowboys than hardcore dropped out beatniks, it's enough to keep the dream on distance and have our edge experience in the to be fast lane at Bonneville.
So meanwhile we're struggling with writing and story telling skills, take some minutes and check our blog and, occasionally, enjoy great writing although not yet even on paperback level. So far we operate on monthly printed on glossy papper.
Go out and buy your copy November 30th 
In the article you also see som pictures from Erik, Ruth and Rick's racing as well. And let me tell you,  these guys are suffering of some really severe SALT  FEVER. Beyond what is possible to cure.
So enjoy the article and have a good one !

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Salt Slush Racing's Winter Retreat

Sunshine, Salt flats and Speed Week pops up in our mind and we're preparing for the 2019 race season on dry lakes in the US of A. But we've faced the brutal reality and accepted that there we're in the middle of the coal dark autumn in the north of the northern hemisphere far away from our Landspeed race Amazon in California. 

We've to cope with the absence of light and get ready to take responsibility for our own mental health. So, here's a status report from the Salt Slush racing winter retreat.
Modern life has modern problems. We're here talking about limp home mode on a El Camino 1970. When it runs, it runs like a dream but more adjustment are needed. Anders will fix it, be sure of that. The LS engine, equipped with Magnuson Supercharger, will make it all worthwhile.
Pictured: One cylinder bank of our soon to be Ardun V8.
Last conrod connected. Hour is getting late.  
Eight out of eight ain't bad. It feels really good to finished this part of base engine assembly.
I managed to borrow an oil pan for the Ford Flathead from Lars Davisson today. Remark: The oil pan was not for sale. I need to find a new one for Lars. Anyone got a Ford 1946 oil pan for sale?
Winter is coming up and Carina tryin to make the flea market snow blower come alive. Yes, the Tecumseh engine has now got the spark back!
We all strive for comfort. Magnus is here practicing steering column packing while trying to find a good position for the seat. Yes, he's focused.
Kalle will make his belly-up Vespa shine like psychedelic northern light. But will he convert from rocker to mod? Nobody knows yet. We'll soon find out.
Outside our workshop, the last standing hollyhock is trying hard to ignore the fact that the sun has left the sky.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Workshop Weekend Highlight! Film time!

What you have learned in you workshop today? How has your project proceeded today? Did you use your finger to make a sign in the dust that grows thicker on the hood, or did make a real breakthrough?
In all projects there's ups and downs, there's miserable moment when whatever you touch breaks, when orange peel paint is all you can produce. But there're as well these happy moment when you've learned something or made a breakthrough. We had such a weekend.
Here's what happened.
Yes, it's only 2 out of 8, but still, everything seams to work, the Ardun Engine build took a step forward when I could confirm that all custom made parts fits. Besides, I've learned how to assemble Spirolocks without a tool. First one took an hour, second one 15 seconds.
Meanwhile,  Anders managed to crank up his LS engine with Magnuson Supercharger successfully. Not tuned yet, but still, it runs!
After a little shake down, changing some parameters, it was even time for a first test drive. Out under the grey Gothenburg sky!
The speed god was obviously on our side because the Gothenburg november rain stopped for a couple of minutes during test drive. That ain't bad...

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Continuous Learing.

Knowledge comes if you study hard and get experience. You've heard it over and over again since you were a small kid. So have I. But there's another factor to add to the learning process as well. Cheapness.

Let me try to explain. When I was a young car guy I once bought a really cheap aftermarket distributor to an old Benz (a W114 230/6 if I remember correctly). When I took it out the ignition device out from the non branded white box, I noticed that the weight difference compared with the original stuff from Stuttgart was significant. My young, innocent and unsuspicious mind thought; Lighter is better!

Until I slowly and carefully pushed the distributor holder/spring in to its position...only to notice that the little spring made a hole in the paper thin distributor cap. Curtain down. 

By some reason, this was a turning point for me. I went into next period in my motor life that I can describe as;  The quality period. Always bought quality from that moment. OEM parts or trusted aftermarket parts or high quality tuning parts. No more wasted hours in the garage! I've learned something! This lasted for several years. 

Until cheapness took control of me and rewired my brain. Suddenly I've bought a radiator for my wife's Jeep at for a very low price. It was obviously time to relearn the basic again.
Buy cheap and enjoy the pleasure of redoing stuff.
From left: the good, the bad and the old worn. We're talking about radiators, not else.

The bad.  Yes, the traces of coolant fluid is a leakage. A hole was included in the low price.  Yes, the fins bent out of the box. Yes, the box was cheap too.

The good. VTC Åberg provided good quality stuff. Yes the box were good too.

The good one assembled. Only the electric fan is missing at this moment.
Guess what? It doesn't leak....
The change was faster the second time...besides, a sealed Jeep makes Cina a happy car girl.

I've know learned what I already knew before. Go for quality and do the job once.

Same goes for turbo's and superchargers...