Saturday, March 25, 2017

Inside Alien. Report from a monster.

We had to do it. It was in the air. What? The unexpressed call for a test drive of the green monster followed by refreshing burnout in the spring sun.
Ringön Cruising
Before doing deeds, a tribute to the waffle day felt appropriate. We're outside Tore's garage feeling just fine in the sun. 
Here we go, the dream team pictured.  
If you read this blog and follow us on Instagram you'll understand that a Makers Mark is needed from time to time to calm down.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Have a nice evening!

You've all heard the phrase over and over again, but how to have a nice evening? An evening that revitalize you soul and make you sleep well at night. Look at TV? Facebook? Go to the Gym? To us that sound like having an evening, but not necessarily a nice one.
Well, at least we've found our way to relax. Go to the garage of your choice and create, innovate and socialize.
Socialize, there's always some nice people coming by.
Do as Magnus, buy an really old machine and create new spare parts in other old machines. Refreshing and rewarding. When it works. Eventually.
Or do as Anders, check how well the Moon hubcaps keeps the Amazon Landspeed racer together.
If nothing else, wake up an old (German) Triumph motorbike from its sleeping beauty slumber. Exiting and as well a good exercise too.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday morning progress.

Friday, with its need for stress relief is long gone. The socially busy Saturday has served its purpose. Today its Sunday and there's no stress no more, the alcohol has evaporate and the mind is focused again. We're sipping coffee dreaming about speed and as usually, tooling our way forward towards our goal and this makes us all feel fine.
Here's the evil poisonous Amazon nose as of today.
Yes, we'll make a holes for the air. Don't worry.
Anders production approach to manufacturing of windows pays off. We're productive. 
Here's the close-up.
But what the fuck is this? No worries, it's only Tapio who's using Anders new lathe to produce a gigantic wood hammer. Wood in a metal lathe? Unorthodox? Yes! But it works perfectly and nobody died, which was a good thing.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Windows of opportunity.

When something is accomplished there's a moment for celebration. It's always short and limited and it should stay that way. Because most of us want to move on to new challenges that makes our soul and mind stronger, while it satisfies our needs. Besides, here the situation. Our painter, Frank, has gone fishing in Florida. Meanwhile, we're working with creating the transparant surface that will protect us from wind and salt, through which we'll see heaven, salt and sun. We call it windows.
Two out of of seven ain't bad.
The backdoor window soon to appear on a high speed tailgate
After a social visit to Annika Wangnick's garage, we're back in the Salt Slush Speed Shop and we're working as if there was no tomorrow. Kalle as he's removing the material that prevents a sheet of transparant plastic to become a window for the Salt Speed Amazon.
When I was ready with the basic form I tuned this 2D shape in to a window.
Meanwhile, Magnus silently was doing good deed ordering stuff like fire extinguisher, parachutes and similar stuff that could make us stay alive.
But what's this? No worries, it's only Carina just after she got a delivery confirmation from an old lawnmower shop in UK. Message: Parts for the old Suffolk lawn mower engine is on its way from England.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We celebrate PAINT!

So I called Frank.
Because Frank is that man to call when you feel that you need your race car back from the paint shop. 
With my most gentle voice I asked Frank, if the car was already painted.
He said no.
I stayed calm, because at this point I realized that my call was one day too early.
I asked;
- Any idea when the body will be painted?
Frank replayed;
- Within a couple of hours, you can pick it up tonight.
And pick it up we did!
Our Amazon with paint. No, it's not ready yet, but we've reached a milestone! From one angle with one camera....
...and from another angle with the telephone as a camera.. 
7 pm tonight at Frank's paint shop
9 pm in the Salt Slush Racing Speed Shop. Yes, we're a bit proud.
  Our racer from above...
and the nice tail gate

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Contradiction in terms? Green, cool and smart.

It can all be combined. This is how. As we're tooling our way forward we've come to notice that the golden green doors makes us feel cool which means that we're on the right track. Because feeling are important too...
Green surface and low Cd door opener. Smart.
Petter and Cina making lunch for all. Petter's Pad Thai makes us all feel fine.
Expert to expert exchange. It's all about safety. And safety can be good for us.
It's true. We're green. Sparkling green. Poison green. Mean green. Well, you know what I mean.
But how green is green? We need a reference point. 
Cina, here in her garden clothes serve as a reference.