Saturday, May 23, 2020

If your're dead, stop reading.

We're in a tight spot and no matter what you're told by those in charge in your country, death seems to be the end. No witnesses around and no reliable scientific reports available to prove the opposite.

What it all comes down to.
 We just want you all to know that we're not dead yet. We're intending to survive the virus and so far garage quarantine has been a bullet proof shelter. We're working on supplying superchargers and turbos for victory every day.
When you're ready for thrill, we have the turbos and superchargers that you need. Here's some inspiration from an older Stockholm Open.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Stand by your Ride

Many years ago, a man arrived a bit too early to an appointment in his busted Ferrari Dino. The late afternoon sunrays made his worn yellow car look good. I was waiting too for god knows what when he arrived. 

The Old Ferrari had remains from rich combustion in the back, but the engine was running  fine.Even great. Its song resonated in the narrow French street and broke up the afternoon silence. I watched the car as it found the last roadside parking. As the ignition was switched off the sound echo out and the last fumes curled out from exhaust pipe

A man in his late 60s step out out from the Ferrari. He looked straight into the sundown while he searched and found a Cigar in his white coat. The Dino man walked five meters across the street to a bar, sat down, lit the cigar and ordered a Pastis.

Five minutes later a handsome cool woman, dressed in red arrived. They kissed. In comfort.

From that moment on I knew that ageing is not too bad and that I needed a fast yellow car. A car to wear, to tune and to get old in. Believe me, I'm working on it.

What follow is a 12 year super short story about vacation,  grand tourismo, supercharging.
The car was new. Our dreams were old. Pictured: Italian mountain roads under a cloudy sky.

Autobahn. Going fast while feeling safe. 273km/h (170mph) without even a Supercharger back in 2007. 
 Gotthard pass. 
Carina 40 years old...
...and me at being 41. Advice; If you're in need of a fast ride, blame it on a mid life crise or something similar. It works.
Next chapter in our Epic story. Buying LS3 cylinder heads while turing 50 in...
...Texas! Love it!
Why buy LS3 heads to our LS2 engine? Because of Magnuson, Magnuson Supercharger. The Heartbeat. That makes your heart beat.
Team work = Dream work. 
Carina at 48 stongly supporting Supercharged Speed
Installed...and ready for street performance, autobahn and gran tourismo travel.

Two days after install complete we hit the road. Going south fast. Feeling free while working on wearing down our yellow ride to a level that is appropriate for sundown in south 20 years from now.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Those who never give up! Time Attack Sweden, Robin Antonsson & EFR turbo...

We have written about garage quarantine; we have been whining about cancelled racing events and car meets. To balance all of that we now want to point out that TimeAttack, Sweden, managed to arrange a race event, in the middle of the Corona crisis.  And yes, it that follows epidemic directives (at least Swedish once...i.e. less than 50 people).
Obviously, only true hard-core race guys would attend, and our friend Robin Antonsson is one of them.  
 Not only has he managed to get the car ready to race, it’s better that ever before. I don't have all the technical details right now, but we'll get back with as much details that Robin want to reveal later on, but how about this for a teaser:
Robin and his team managed to squeeze out 1045rwhp from his EFR9180 equipped Supra. Look at the Power & Torque graph below.
Yes, it's the same EFR turbo that has supported his victories last couple of years...
We'll let the pictures below speak for themselves and wish Robin best of luck today, when it's RACE DAY!


Last but not least, I want to give a eulogy to Mikael Jarosisnski for his persistence that allow small scale safe racing in the middle of a pandemic! Impressive!


The Race Is On!


Monday, April 20, 2020

God bless old school guys...Like Hasse at Roger's Custom

We praised him before. But he's worth to be acknowledged. Here's why. During a normal Friday afternoon car part shopping spree, Hasse at Rogers Custom in Gothenburg Sweden informed me, between the lines, about his ability to tailor make exhaust system.

Here's the conversation that followed.

- Yes, I'll make the piping based on a good drawing or just try to replicate the old system if you bring it in one piece. I can make it based on car model too.
- Is that so? How about making one for my 1949 Oldsmobile 88 fastback.

Hasse bent his back 30 degree and picked up a very old and worn catalog. Flipped down his reading glasses and browsed until he found Oldsmobile. No luck. Nothing older than 1960 could be found in said publication. 

But there was determination in Hasses face. It was obvious that there was a plan B. 
- I think we need to look in the old catalogs, he said with a grin.

Hasse dispersed. Minutes felt like hours. But suddenly, around the corner he came. Holding what I would define as a ancient car part catalog. And it was. It had exhaust system references to mid -40 ties.

There it was, on a yellowed page stained by time was the 1949 Oldsmobile exhaust system part number formula. And yes, Hasse had the exhaust system description needed.
Hasse, a tube bend description and a tube bender. All you need to get the exhaust system you need.
...oh I forgot. A bend-graph from Huth is needed as well.
Hasse made the tube and it was ready for pick up one day later. Carina demonstrate the importance of driving a car with a reasonable sized trunk, like an Olds -38 Business Coupe. Magnus is showing that he has time to spend on tube transport.   

 Summary: To be able to buy tailor made part for a -49 and have it delivered the next day, is simply amazing.

Friday, April 17, 2020

We're taking shelter but we're not dead yet!

Make no mistakes. We had plans. We were heading for Bilsport Performance & Custom Show in Sweden. Ready to talk to gearheads about turbos and superchargers while having a good time. But the virus pulled the plug and cancelled the event.   
We booked flights to the City of Angles in US of A. Our ambition was to wake up the 449 Amazon softly under the California sun and make it great again. To make our mean green machine ready for Bonneville 2020. But again, the virus stepped up and stood in our way.
Preparation at times when all were good, Before hell broke loose
(Spring 2019, at Eric's Place)

But we’ll not give up. We'll fight our pandemic enemy and help ourselves while helping others.'s the deal;  
We'll work in garage isolation with our private projects, feeling good and making progress but at the same time being somewhat loney. 

Our message to all of you racers out there...
Contact us if you have turbo or/supercharger questions. You'll get the answers and advices, while we'll get in contact with the speed/racing community that can provide solace to our souls.
We're ready when you're ready.
Keep up your boost pressure!
Times will get better.
That's all.


Sunday, April 5, 2020

We practise what we preach.Live from Salt Slush Funday

Salt Slush are not sloppy Swedes. We're in quarantine. Our garage quarantine is somewhat solid. We're either test drive around the block, work inside with safe social distance or having a fika outside in the sun. With the few but usual suspects.

Our strategy; avoid germs but keep the mental health of your gearhead solid too. Take a trip to your workshop/garage and build whatever you need to build. Or just start up your ride and take it for a spin. It will build up your immune system too.   

Here's our take on all of the above.
Magnus, has spent a time in garage quarantine.
The result: Engine & Transmission swap complete.
The grinding noise in the backgorund Anders CNC machine, while producing sheet metal tools for Ragnar need...that noise has noting to do with Magnus Engine swap. Yet.
On his way to perfection, he has faced difficulites. Which he solved.
Anders supercharged (Magnuson) El Camino and mine Olds -38 Coupe... well as Ragnars supercharged Lotus...
...and our supercharged (Magnuson) Corvette C6. They are all out there, in the sun to boost happiness and health.

Follow our advice. Get focused. Have fun. Stay healthy.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Do it while you can!

Obstacles. Stoppers. Law, tax and death. And other assorted intriguing issues. Bad things that makes you slow. Thing that makes you loose your track. You know them all since before. Since years. Painful but familiar. When adding a Pandemic and a new global financial situation to all of the above, suddenly the sun isn't warm anymore. 

But how to handle an upcoming storm?  Should we all build a shelter and passively pray for better days? 

Advice will follow. But first a disclaimer. If you don't have any projects that awaits your attention and no wild dreams, this guidance is not for you. If time is valuable to you, stop reading.

Coming back to the headline. When I grow up, as a small kid in Sweden, there was this bumper sticker saying; 
- Do it today, it could be forbidden tomorrow.
That sentence was engraved in my mind forever. It initiated thinking and directed me to a certain way of living. Which has been good. So far.

The Salt Slush advice: Don't wait for Corona to defeat you. Keep to yourself, your closest friends and loved ones but take the opportunity to build up the race car from the parts that's been piling up for a period of time. Prepare your custom, hot rod or classic for the shining sun that eventually will be there. For most of us...

Besides, it's better to walk upright with head held high to whatever destiny rather than to loose dreams, themes and schemes in a downward spiral. 
Living as preaching. Magnus makes an engine swap in isolation.
Same thing. From another angle and another light.
The old Olds had to wake up one month too early.
In addition, we had to make an quarantine exception for Carina's surprisingly fast square body C20. Reason; Delivery capacity is needed since some customers follow the guidance of this headline.

Questions? Well, if they're about turbos and superchargers, the need for speed or living life while life can be lived, we might be there to support and advice.