Friday, April 28, 2017

Who can stop The Fire? Should we?

Not only a coin has two sides, there're as well at least two types of fires as well. It's complicated, since one of the above should be extinguished and the other encouraged.

To be more precise we're talking about Safety and keeping thing cool and on the contrary keep the Internal fire burning. Right now we're fighting against the two of them. Confused?

Let me explain.
Safety: We're not intending to go up in smoke. Yet. So we bought a couple of these and we're ready to install them now in our Land Speed Racer (The Amazon)
Then there's the internal fire. This should be strong and kept alive. Because this can keep us all safe and sound and blessed from Golf and similar stuff. Below are two examples showing how we ourselves are looking for cures and we're taking our medicin each day.

A fast supercharged car that howls
Speed, Dream, Concentration and sunshine.

Monday, April 24, 2017

For those who want to take a Nissan GT-R further! We can help!

There are those who makes small steps and then there are those who makes miracles and make dreams come true. Like our Turbo partner SL Turbo. Let us explain.
What this is? A standard Nissan GTR turbo with integrated turbine-manifold? Yes, but now machined to make a BorgWarner EFR 6758 fit. Not easy to accomplish, but very easy to apply to the GT-R. Everything fits like a standard turbo system and looks like standard but now with at least additional 200-250hp! To 800hp-850hp!
Looks stock, fit like a glove, will be super responsive and really powerful. We're impressed!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Customer satisfaction. We celebrate EFR 6758 and Mattias because we can!

Feedback is nice. Especially when it comes from customers, who're enjoying power, torque and fast turbo boost. It makes us feel like a provider of pure happiness and that is what we wanna be. Because that's what we are. 
Mattias Svensson came by the Salt Slush workshop today. He presented his super fast Opel Speedster which is using BorgWarner EFR 6758 turbo to breath properly and be cobra fast.
Knocking on heaven's door on Spotify? Nope. Mattias is a young no nonsense man who's tuned in on the beat of the turbo engine. This selfmade knocking detection device makes the full load calibration feels safe. Or... reasonably safe...
Nice and tidy engine compartment. But for those who like to see the turbo...good luck. It's well hidden.
Black cars of cool kind lined up in the cold hard light. Epic.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

We're not dead. We're just resting....

To be exhibitor at a Show like Bilsport Performance and Custom Show (74270 visitors) is rewarding and somewhat exhausting. When we left our Amazon Landspeed Racer in the Workshop late Monday evening, we were all in need of some sleep and Garage Therapy. Filled with team dreams about turbocharged Big Blocks etc. and happy, but still...tired.

Garage Therapy was a couple of days away, so sleep was the priority. When that's done it's time for some reflection. 
Magnus and Anders talking to potential customers. It's nice, because shared dreams about speed is a good thing and inspire us as well.
It's as well nice to talk with colleges and drivers like MotorNord (our helpful neighbor at the show), SL Turbo, Robin Antonsson, just to mention a few.
To meet other Volvo Amazon fans, like this Volvo Amazon family, who has a very good taste for t-shirts...
During our short lunch breaks we took us some time to look at other stuff like this tubular frame chassi for Corvette driveline. Looks like it's missing a Magnuson Heartbeat Supercharger to be complete... 
On the Let's keep things simple side, there were a racer like this presented by the Flying Saucers, from Småland Sweden. 
Not only Billy Gibbons were at the show his 3 window Ford -34 was there as well.  
Magnus has a soft spot for Baja Bugs. And we have to admit, this one was cool and we got inspired. Maybe a Baya Suburban with AirWerks and Big Block...? or just stop daydreaming...?
How about this Beemer? Not bad. Looks good. Looks fast. 
Then there were all these Ice Princesses...looking for turbos?
Eventually the show closed. It was time to go home.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Turbo thinking & Sweet supercharger dreams. That's our Easter!

A show can be tiring, loud and....absolutely....wonderful! There's still two more days to go, so the time to come to our booth to talk about speed dreams, boosted engines and dream projects. Because we're there to support you and inspire you and in addition, we get inspired as well when we hear about your stories and your project!
19355 visitors came the first day and the second day was more crowded. Let's see how the show develops....but it feels good to be surrounded with so many nice entusiasts.
Before the door opens, we look around, install ourselves and sipp some coffee. Borg Warner EFR and AirWerk turbos on display. 
The Magnuson Supercharger kit gets a lot of attention. 
Our Land Speed racer is waiting for the crowd as well at this point.
Here we go. The doors are opened and we're ready to talk big boost with good guy who's into speed and power and storytelling! Kalle and Anders listen to customers wants.
Young people wants massive power. And we really understand them...because we're still looking the same thing! And we have a source...

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Lust for Life ? Need Power? Come to Elmia!

Go for it. Do it for once. Follow your wants, your cravings and come to the Salt Slush booth at the Bilsport Performance and Custom Show in Jönköping. Come to us and talk about Power & Boost and your Lust for Life. We're there to support you and your dream to go fast and smoke tires.
Ready, Steady, Go. We'll boost your dreams about power& speed. We have EFR and AirWerks turbos and Magnuson Supercharger to show you on site!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Scallops makes the difference!

Tonight was the night when we got scallops. Here's what happened. Frank, the painter, arrived to our workshop. He said hello, smiled then complained slightly over our masking. Frank looked for compressed air, attached his spray gun and shortly after our Amazon got  super sharp scallops.
Looks Good, Looks Fast. 
To be honest, we just stood there dreaming after removing the masking.
Soon ready to meet the masses.
We're not ready, but we've reached a milestone.
Looking forward to see you all att Bilsport Performance and Custom Show in Jönköping this weekend!