Monday, February 20, 2017

A Smooth Body needs Paper Work to Cool Down!

Our Amazon does not only need muscles to be fast and able to conquer desserts. It needs a Perfect Body to be fast and, when the time comes to perform, it needs to stay cool as well. On top of it all, it needs a good look.
Ain't life a bitch?
So we thought how can we help?  How can we make this happen?
Well, to start with I started up the MIG and closed all holes that once upon a time held mouldings in place. Meanwhile Kalle picked up Magnus work with the Window frames.
Anders went back to paperwork, or rather, revisited the Cardboard Aided Design approach. But after all, what the hell is he doing? 
Well, he's forming the paper mock-up of the Cooling air path that will transport the air from the nose up through the hood (or bonnet if you're from an Island) 
After a couple of hours, Anders reshaped the paper to a cooling channel. Next step is now... make the beauty surgery and open up the hood.
We better hurry up because there are evidence outside the workshop that indicates that spring time is coming closer.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Let's get the Body in shape, eat and drink!

No, we're not on our way to the gym. It's the Landspeed Amazon that needs some body fix. For a long period we've been focused on Turbos, Torque and Tuning. But now when the powertrain is running fine, we've reached our 750hp on gasoline (yes, we should run a tuning sweep with high octane race gasoline as well to confirm 850hp) there were no more excuses. It was time to perfect the sheet metal and work with safety.  
We lowered the body over the chassi and started to walk around the car like quality inspectors from past. (No, we didn't wear white coats)
After a while the To Do list was completed. Finish the window frames, close all holes, bigger wheel houses in the rear...
...and maybe the most difficult task, enable a cooling flow thorough hood with air guides underneath.
Maybe like this? Nobody knows yet, design work is ongoing...but we don't to ruin the basic (and beautiful) Amazon hood shape but we need to have the out let where the pressure is low.
What is this? Well, Saturday evening is perfect for a small garage party. Especially if the workshop is equipped with a Paul Bocuse Range Cooker. Cast iron pots on gas burner feels just fine. 
No effort was spared. The white cloth is a must for a proper garage dinner. Magnus and Kalle as decorators.
Beer on a surface of steel.
Then eventually, the dinner was served while dreams and visions almost became real.
After a while, all technical problems were a lot easier to solve.
The Amazon from a different angle in a different light

Friday, February 17, 2017

Read about Salt Slush Racing in Gasoline

For sure, we claim to be something special and some recognition is alwas nice !

We have been building and wrenching our way forward the last years and we're now closer then ever to enjoy our Salt fever and how harsh it may sound, we have reached to the understanding that there is no cure to be found, which means that we will, in steps, surrender and accept our life long disease, the salt fever.

Today we recived the latest issue of  Gasoline Magazine which to a large extent capture our general illness in a six page special article about our Amazon and our dreams. We're proud since Gasoline Magazine is well worth buying and reading, even without us in it...

They passed by our garage last summer on a lovely Sunday talking and taking a lot of pictures. We had some fika ready, but were not at all prepared for the mental recap and debrief it was to become.

At the end of the day it kind of landed in a feeling of a revitalised commitment crisp and clear !

All in all, it was a very good day and we all got the opportunity to tell and describe what we are aiming for. You know when you speak up up make your point you repeat it for yourself.  So it became a day when we revisited our plans and straightened up our act.

It becomes a strong commitment when it's written, printed and distributed and on top of all bought and payed for by others who buys the Magazine. Compared to a bold statement on Facebook 1 minute and press the button this is bigger 

And as we always say;
-You ain't seen nothing yet!

The Salt.....Gives you fever....dreams and .....  

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Forming Metal Makes Magnus a Sad, Sad Boy

Life's not it always good. It can be gloomy, painful and sad too. You know, sometimes it happens, often in the middle of the core process of The Hobby, when the round pieces of metal gets square, or when a square pieces gets circular, that accident strikes. 
When parts of the car guy body goes through the machining process as well.  
The example: Here's Magnus, a Salt Slush team member and a happy hot rodder, well...normally, a happy hot rodder, but now he's sad. Sad, because he let one of his best fingers go through a machine gear as he was turning flat sheet metal in to circular shape. The consequence: Pieces of sheet metal had wait hours to get circular, doctors got busy and Magnus couldn´t play the bass.
And the rest of the team is sad too, because Magnus can't move his ring finger and will therefore be less productive when working with the Amazon.
But he claims that he can still drink coffee and have opinions about everything we do. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

How Lathe Envy can change Infrastructure!

Life's not only about cars, bikes, speed and power. It's about machines as well. Along with machines comes the Machine Envy. Because everybody knows that he who owns The Machines rules. This might cause a crises until everybody has accepted the new status position of the machine owner. Nobody talks about this, that's not necessary, you can feel it in the air.
As Anders bought himself a Storebro GK 195 lathe, the rest of the Salt Slush team with friends understood that Anders was now the top dog in the workshop
Anders and The Lathe.
Anders performs a demonstration for Kalle, Magnus and me. Lathe envy pictured.
Anders even took it to the highest speed...Magnus, the owner of numerous lathes and machine connoisseur, is impressed .
But where to host the machine in an already full workshop/garage? Infrastructural changes are needed. Anders had to find a way quickly. While I and Kalle was away, Magnus, Anders and Janne built a new home for the workshop compressor. Recipe: If you don't have floor space, use volume. The sky is the limit.
Anders has obviously been looking to much at Wallace and Gromit contraptions on Youtube. But yes, the toilet door is still possible to open and....
...then he tested his ladder elevator on Cina, presumably the least strong person in the workshop (true? nobody will every know, it's better that way.)
Mattias, Anders, Jannne and I pushed Anders new beauty (I don't really like the color...) around. Yes, we used Anders home made Egyptian type of Pyramide block mover. You don't understand? I might explain later.
A man's got to do what a man's got to do...
Anders now owns a nice milling machine, a lathe and...a power balance is needed. Maybe I should buy a really big Grinder or a Wire cutter...

Saturday, February 4, 2017

750hp & 1000Nm! We celebrate POWER!

Today was The Day. The day we've been aiming for and thinking about for a long time. We know that there's a lot of gearheads out there with an enquiring mind who want to know what we're up to. We use a headline type of storytelling this time. 

Therefore, facts first.

We reached 700 rear wheel horse power, but since we understand crankshaft output better and needs to be encouraged with high, but reasonable, numbers we made following estimation: 700hp  (on RON 98 tap fuel) x 1,08 (estimated 8% efficiency loss from a robust Currie 9' rear end) = 756hp and around 1000 Nm! We reached this with a conservative ignition timing (14 deg BTDC) and a temperature before turbine of 950degC (A/F= 11.5). With race fuel (RON 116) or ethanol there's a lot more potential!

Just to keep you all on track, the displacement of this Volvo all aluminum 6 cylinder engine is 3 liter (183in^3) which means 250hp/l  (or 4 hp per cubic inch)

EFR 9180 turbo provides good boost at low rpm. Life's good!
But how did it all start this moring?

It was a small step for mankind but a huge step for Salt Slush Racing since we were heading to unknown territory which could work just fine or end up in one year delay from us reaching high Speed Racing in the US of A.

Here's our Saturday...hang on...

Anders drove out the Beast 

Kalle helped Anders to get shelter from the storm.

We finally reached the PRD test rig in Gothenburg. We felt at home under their calm and super professional wings.

No people? They're just getting coffee. Good coffee. 

Next step: Håkan is praying to the Salt God and to not miss out on any opportunity, we engaged the God of Speed as well. 
-Be with us and provide Power and Torque, Håkan preached.
-Make us happy and strong and able to do good deeds to other people in search for Power, he continued. 
We worked us through high load & speed calibration step by step by and used the Holley self learning mode while enjoying the solid support from PRD Motorsport. They really became our true guides in to the world of speed and high torque.

Yes, we have a lot of knowhow about engine boosting, but PRD Motorsport have the cool attitude, the nice approach and the experience that gave us the confidence to make wonders and big figures. Without too big risks of melted pistons and engines going belly up. Which was good...
Grand finale (on RON 98 gasoline). We're making the + 700 hp and + 900 Nm on normal gasoline and even if we're focused, we were happy, almost euphoric inside.
With race gasoline (RON 116) and a more advanced ignition we'll push the engine up to the +900hp needed. Probably we'll have to do this final stage in L.A, since it's hard to get hold of the correct land speed racing gasoline over in Sweden.
Nothing becomes great without thoughts and discussion. Mattias from PRD, Anders and Magnus at the laptop and Håkan at the pedal, which is soon to be close to the metal.
Modern digital science, or at least measurement guided us in to the mystery land of power and torque. Not evil big data instead nice, sweet and important science. Powerful science. 
Anders, in control of all the settings without any big mishaps. Today's hero.
Håkan our technical leader and advisor said no or yes to ignition and lambda and told us the fairy tales about the poor race teams, who ended up out in the forest with melted pistons and dead engines.
 Thinking, discussing and listen to opinions, search for facts is the way forward. This is what we all need to find the flow. 
We all enjoyed the flow when and all things worked out fine, when expertise from PRD Motorsport and Salt Slush merged.
Here Magnus from the Salt Slush discussing the big picture and specifically if there is a risk for too high exhaust back pressure before turbine. Anders managed to keep the focus on the horsepower and torque in making. 
Big mouth and talk is not the same as measurement and verified data. Salt Slush likes verified data.

We made some extra pulls to smooth out the torque curve. Why? We do want to avoid wheel spin as we nervously are shifting gears on the white slippery salt in +200mph (320km/h)  


At Bonneville and El Mirage, we need more than the 750hp but with race fuel, earlier ignition ,we will improve, and go beyond 900hp. 
And after all, we'll be in the US, which should be land of opportunities and, nowadays, the land of surprises as well.

Once again don't hesitate to use the help from PRD Motorsport in Gothenburg since they seem to be  the guide to the land of big figures. Important figures.

/Håkan and Kalle

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Stress Management: Tool up and Turn around!

The Salt Slush Racing team is waiting and on the surface everything is still and calm. Just like before the storm.  To avoid thinking about what can happen this weekend, when we for the third time, will try to tune the Amazon Landspeed racer, we all work hard. But there are other ways to distract a worried mind. Here's some examples. 
1. Go to Ringön. Ringön is therapy, because there's no Therapist or Yoga teachers around. Instead it's a place to find your inner car guy or express your creativity. When you enter Ringön you feel at ease. 
2. Grab a beer or a cup of coffee and just look at naked Amazon as it's hanging in the air waiting for the chassi. The chopped top, Anders out-of-the-door exhaust hole and Magnus fantastic streamlined door openers, all makes you feel fine.
3. Make another technical inspection and conclude that the thermostat is now gone, the coolant tank and the electrical and mechanical coolant pump is now working correctly and nothing is leaking. Study for a while, the exhaust pipes that we've made for the chassi dyno, close your eyes breathe calmly and imagen the 2500-3000kg/h exhaust that hopefully will flow through these pipes soon.
4. Then there's always a last resort for stress relief. Consume. If you buy the right stuff it makes you happy for a long time. Look at these guys. What do you see? Yes, you're right it's Lathe Happiness in its purest form. How this happened? Well, Anders bought a Storebror GK 195 which does spreads a magic light over the workshop even before it arrives.
Even if The Lathe has not arrived yet, we're sure it will come. There are clear signs.
Hardware that we can look at, talk about and imagen the usefulness of.

With all these countermeasures in place we're all relaxed and ready for the next step...the mapping with the EFR 9180 turbo on the Volvo N3T 3.0L 6 cylinder.
Result coming up soon...