Monday, June 26, 2017

Manic Monday Manufacturing!

Gothenburg June 26th 2017. Two weeks left to shipping. Sunday night becomes Monday. Monday evening is now soon over. We keep on working.
We need all need to attach to something, especially on a stormy sea. Therefore we disassembled the front and the fenders again welded in som fixing points. This is how it looks from the inside...
...and this is how it looks from the outside. We can use these for lifting the car as well, which is really nice.
Coming up; Install the fire extinguishers.

And that's all for today!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Every day is a working day!

Yes, we're working hard every day and every evening to finish our Landspeed racer, but it isn't painful, it's instead rewarding. Because the progress can be seen each day and that makes everyone cheery and in a good mood. And again, to relax a late evening, knowing that we've made several steps forward this day as well is nice. To reflect over a busy day with a cold beer a late summer evening is life when it's good. Especially if you in the background can hear street (turbo) machines, race bikes and muscle cars howling in the summer night.
 The Throne of Speed. Now with head restrictors. 
Doors should be possible to open. As well from the inside. Therefore, Anders made billet lever arm in aluminum.
Kalle, here in pistage green, ensure that our electrical system is transparant and free from dust.
Meanwhile in another part of the workshop, Cina is making elderflower lemonade (sv. fläderblomssaft) because it's season.
Anders has now completed the diffusor. Looks great.
I'm still working on connecting the wheel housings to the front belly pan and sealing of as much as possible. A couple of hours more, than I'm ready....hopefully... 
Magnus is milling his was way forward making bullet proof transport clamps to keep our green beast from moving around in the container. We already that it has a wild soul and tries to break free. Maybe because it's born free...

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Fat and Loud

Besides working on the SSR Amazon, I managed to do some work on the C10 and the Roadster.
Summer is here and the need for well working cool cars is obvious.
Loud Music ! 
When riding along in my automobile....and to avoid singing by my self which will scare away people, a music player was needed.
Needed parts laid out on the Camaro Z28 hood, a mix of stuff from different sources !

The Z28 is waiting for a fuel injection. More about that later on.

This is the Retrosound model 2 with radio, USB, Blue tooth, and aux including phone integration. Still looking old, it turned out to be rather good although a little vulnerable due to all adjustments to fit all dash boards.  Håkan has bought one for Carinas Pick-Up Truck called, Little Blue (it's a C20...).
Power is the thing and we need 12 volt. red for positive and 
don't forget a good earth connection.
Amplifier and sub woofer are waiting to find there place, the only missing on the picture are all the cables and those needs to be invisible....which ain´t as easy as it seems.
Nowadays all cables seems to be borrowed from a power station.
Dashboard had to be removed when two center speakers was assembled. Needed? Well,
it was at least a good way to get some good sound pressure.
TADA! The radio fits just fine and together with some more speakers, it'll support a summer feeling.

Does it all work? Does it sound good? Well, when you combine the player with an amplifier, a subwoofer and 6 speaker it's good. Really good. Especially with a 454 big block humming softly in the background.

Fat Meat !

Now over to something else. My roadster. The new tyres came a little too close to the body hence some spacers was needed
Close shave. Not good enough.
2 inch spacers makes a difference
Looks much better !

But I'll get some experience while drive the car. 
Could be that 1,5 inch spacers are a better than the 2 inch that I use right now
Nevertheless, it's time to focus on the Amazon now because the ship is soon sailing and we're not ready yet.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Gearhead Gardening.

If you're a gearhead, you're a gearhead. You're addicted to gasoline and there's no cure know to mankind. You just have to cope with the situation. But it means that you need cool machines around you continuously to stay calm.
Even stressful stuff like lawn mowing, which keeps good guys from their garage, can be nice if there's an Iron Horse like a Suffolk Lawn Mower to support and soothe the soul.
If you want to avoid cylinder abstinence on a sunny Sunday seek for Suffolk. Word of warning: You have to be cautious, these machines are invasive.
There are thing's that are easy to resist. Like Prius, Pilates and Pokemon.
But stuff in steel called Super Punch or...
...Demon DeLuxe just can't be ignored. Sounds like Dodge Demon, doesn't?
A two stroke Tecumseh that hovers makes a man feel fine.
A Suffolk Super Puch ain't for robot guys. Full throttle, gain speed and go ahead. Yes, they're a bit heavy. 
Carina, a garden gearhead girl here posing her collection of Suffolk's

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

We're trying to get our act together... that we're ready conquer dry lakes in the blistering sun, and we do make some progress right now. As it seems, a deadline is really a good thing. With less than a month to finish it all we'll only take a small break for midsummer eve before we continue to detail our Amazon.
WTF is midsummer? International readers with an inquiring mind might wonder. I'd say forget it, it's just a event during which Swedes eat various types of hearing and strawberry's in pouring rain and get drunk.
Nevertheless, here are today's contributions that brought us one step further on our journey to the El Mirage dry lake. 
So finally, left wheel housing is complete, reasonably sealed to the Belly pan and rigid.
We'd like to pass the security check and it's good to survive as well, so we build up some extra head protection.  
But how to get the head protection in the correct position? Anders is practicing the measure twice, drill once procedure. Will he be successful? To be continued... 
Magnus has now tuned and stiffened up the air ducting (we all thought he was already finished, but as it turned out he was not) Now it looks really good as well. The days when we relied on cardboard engineering is gone. We've moved on for now, but we'll be back....

Sunday, June 18, 2017

TO DO list is getting shorter.

The Salt Slush Team is focused because we have a Mission. The Mission to make sure that the Amazon is as ready as can be when we're loading it in to a container and wish for the best a couple of weeks from now. Right now we're working hard to make this happen.
Yes, we still use some time to shave and shower and, occasionally, we even sleep some hours.
This weekend we've connected the Belly Pan with the inner fenders, we've worked and with the safety equipment, sealing the wheel housing, tightening bolts and more.

But at some point, Sunday evening, we felt the urge to see the blue sky and hear the howling engine. Always rewarding. 
All good things have an end. The in-and-out procedure is not the only, but definitely one parameter that makes our Amazon a less good daily driver.  

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Coming up... The long haul !

We've talked about it for a while, but now we know when we're shipping our Landspeed Amazon to Los Angeles. We now have tickets for us as well as our mean green creation.
If we're ready? No, not yet. But soon. We're manufacturing our way forward piece by piece, evening by evening. The TODO list is getting shorter, but there's still a list and it ain't short yet. Luckily nights are short in Sweden right now, since we're approaching midsommar.
Here's a two examples of what we've done recently. We're into sealing and hence (hopefully) reducing dust in drivers compartment.

Magnus made wheel housings in the rear that match the diffusor. Yes, he has done both side, but you'll have to imagine the outer one.
Anders has found a way to seal the rear doors against the roll cage. Yes, it took some how-are-we-going-to-do-this discussion's. Same here, use your imagination for a picture of the driver's side design.