Monday, January 21, 2019

Don't ask why!

Let's start with qoute to comfort racers, builders and dreamers out there.
"Every man's conscience is vile and depraved
 You cannot depend on it to be your guide
when it’s you who must keep it satisfied"

There are moments in life when you're inspired and full of energy. When there's no obstacles and you're in a creative flow. This doesn't normally happen when you're working with reasonable stuff. Flow is more likely take place when you're working with fun things that makes you happy, excited and put your soul at ease.
Here's some of the projects that trigger some of the Salt Slush team members right now.  They are all sort of -Why the hell are you doing this? projects...
No 1: The Ardun V8 Engine. There are people out there that would state that you could get twice as much power for less than 50% money spent.
Correct, but still irrelevant.
Status: Pistons designed, delivered and assembled. New Ardun cam and new bearings for the 4 inch crank in place. All adjusted, mounted and lubricated in the French flathead engine block.
The aluminum oil sump used by the French army military vehicle to the left and an original Ford Flathead pass car oil sump to the right. I need to use the right one to make it fit in a Ford -46.

Ardun engine block again. All relieves are mills off and exhaust ports blocked with Belzona chemical metal in order to stop oil from going down in the old flathead exhaust channels.
No 2. Carina and her old lawn mowers. Beautiful small machines if you ask her. The blue Suffolk Demon, her trailer queen, is now ready to show, while the green two stroke Qualcast Commando needs an overhaul. Yes, lawn mowers had bad ass names in the 50ties and 60ties....
No3. Magnus and a really cool idea. He's building his own supercharging kit for an old square body Suburban...V8 DIESEL. When this is ready, there will be torque without lag and no smoke.
Salt Slush advice: Follow your Dream, ignore the why question and work with the project (-s) of your liking. It will make your life better. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Garage storage Justice. It's complcated.

They might be your best friends. You might share hobby, hope and habits. You can travel around the world, build race cars, run a Speed Shop, race at Bonneville, have a zillion Fika, enjoy nice dinners, drink beer -even Makers Mark- and have parties together. All in harmony with no strict rules.
Everything's cool?  Nope. You still must be aware!  I'm talking about situations when strict rules are needed. When laser sharp measurement tools are prefered. When volume and space need to be calculated. 

We're talking about Garage Storage Justice! When every millimeter count.

Here's why. Gearheads tend to be invasive. They have an apatite for space. Because they like to store stuff. Old parts, new parts, nice-to-have parts, speed parts, race parts, cool parts, bikes, cars, boats, radios, guitars, old lawn name it!  And I'm not in a position to throw the first stone.  

Today it was about time. Time for a let's-set-up-some-rules moment, because not only nature have a fear of empty space....[horror vacui]. The Salt Slush team with friend has the same fear, so we went to one of our common spaces today to measure, argue and agree.
Here's Petter exited and in full speed. He's got a a new storage space, a laser measurement device and he's happy.  
But don't fooled by his friendly look. He's the invasive type.
Walk, talk and draw lines. How the hell did Magnus get this body to this spot? Willpower!
Females can take space too. Example: Annika parked a rally car in the common space temporarily half a year ago.

Summary: Measurement done. Storage volume split and agreed.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Christmas is over... Next Stop: Spring, Easter and Speed parts!

Santa has left the building. A new year called 2019 is up and running. Outside the Salt Slush Racing headquarter it's gloomy. The temperature is bouncing around freezing point, the cold rain is pouring down while city trucks are throwing salt over the black asphalt in the everlasting darkness.

But hold on...Spring is coming up. Good thing will happen soon. Asphalt tracks, gravel roads and salt flats will be ready for race! And you better be ready too!

Are you a late starter? Someone who work better under pressure? In need inspiration before you start wrenching?

Take our advice and go to Bilsport Performance Performance and Custom Motor Show in Sweden this Easter to get energize. The whole Salt Slush Racing team will be there too. Just before we're going back to the dry lakes in US for a test driving and racing.

We will talk about our own racing until your ears bleeds, but we will as well present good stuff for YOU! Meaning BorgWarner EFR turbos that will exceed 1000hp. Here we're talking about the all new EFR 9280! 
What we all been waiting for. EFR quality, transient performance from hell and heavenly POWER.
Did I mention smoking tires?
Not only EFR stuff...we will finally present the NEW BorgWarner AirWerks S300SX-E, S372 for thoose of you in need of +1100hp.

If you need a howling Supercharger instead of turbos to get wide a wake we will present our own private vehicles equipped with Magnuson Supercharger to you. 
At the show, Salt Slush will present Magnuson Supercharger in Swedish and English in same sensible way as in this Youtube video.
Meanwhile, your are allowed to have foggy dreams about POWER. 

Our task is to make dreams come true!

And have fun..did I mention fun?

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Gym vs. Welding. Pro's and Con's

Let's start with the similarities. You'll be sweating. It'll be exhausting. The day after the day after you'll learn about muscles, previously not known to mankind. It feels good when it's over and throughout the whole process, you'll frequently ask yourself...
And afterwards you'll be inclined to have a shower and at least one beer.

But there are differences too.  

Welding means dirt, weld fumes and a deeper understanding of the classic biblical hell. 

In a gym, you'll have to withstand grown men drinking orange juice after breakfast, Yoga and health nerds exceptionally afraid of dying.

Let's expand on a the later, I'm taking about welding cars, replacing sheet metal, removing rust. If you happen to live in southern Europe, Arizona or southern California you might not know anything about corrosion and rust, but trust me not all experiences are good ones.
As we all know, necessity is the mother of all inventions. Hence Anders invented this performance box that combines bad ass components (we're here primarily taking about A fan, a Dodge RAM air filter and a Borg Warner EFR turbo box) to clear out hellish weld fumes. 
Before all welding begun. Rocker panels gone. Structure too. If it wasn't for the hood louvers, the 5,9 L (360) V8, the 46RE transmission and the full leather interior and the...this vehicle would have gone to the place where old Mopar goes. Eventually.
But we couldn't do that... Not to a ride with such a charm.
Instead our new clean-the-air-box was fired up and a 3 day welding Gym begun.
Rocker panel were changed. Cross beams fabricated both close to the rear wheel arch and... the front ditto... 
...until it all came together and only details and an another day of work was missing.
But now, when New Year's vacation is over, the Jeep is good to go. Solid as can be.
After 30 hours of welding Carina and I managed to get the Jeep through the annual car inspection. Even if it ruined our Christmas garage plans, we appreciated our common accomplishment and celebrated afterwards!

Our super short epilogue is that sweating while repairing something means creating something and work towards a clear target. That will always beat gym activities since it boost your self confidence in a deeper sense. Because you've learned that you can fabricate what is needed, solve a problem and as well achieve a goal. 
Over and over again.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Salt Slush Speed Chronicle 2018

We built it, We shipped it and We raced it...
...already in 2017 we were so proud.
In 2018 we took the Salt Slush Racing theme, scheme and dream one huge step further. To the core of our ambition. 
To Bonneville Speed Week at The Salt Flats. 
Mind blowing, Unforgettable and Addictive.
We're really looking forward to race on Bonneville 2019!
A small step for Landspeed Racing...but a giant leap for Salt Slush Racing. The team in the middle of a dream. Exhausted and totally relived.  But let's focus on some Salt Slush events that took place 2018. 
Early 2018 Kalle, the Salt Slush Bergman directed The Salt Slush Movie no. 1 based on our very first landspeed racing experience back in 2017.
There was a première too. More than hundred people showed up at the Première Evening at the Volvo Museum in Gothenburg. We're now waiting for Movie no. 2...
In May 2018 we flew over to Los Angeles to prepare for the Speed Week in August.
We bought a 454 Suburban. A solid car with appetite for ancillaries parts...
At Erik's place, we worked hard to fix the SCTA safety remarks and make the 449 Amazon a better race car.
 To understand if our wrenching had effect, we took the car to the El Mirage Desert. No race just a calm, reasonable analytic test drive. And yes! The car felt a lot better. 
Then back to Erik and prepare to wash for a couple of hours.
May-to August: We flew home to Sweden in May and started to make the detailed our planning for Speed Week. The summer in Sweden was nice this year, not too cold and rainy.
It's August 2018. We're at Speed Week. Bonneville Speed Week!
Here, we've just arrived. We're SaltStruck…
Then our qualifications races started. All 4 team members managed to get qualifications up to 175mph and Magnus, pictures managed to reach +175mph (+280km/h) and qualify the B licens i.e. up to 200mph (320km/h) 
After 15 races and problems with misfire we felt that is was time to go back to L.A and book calibration time at Westtech Performance. And so we did..Yes, I'm was proud.
-Hey guys, let's take that final epic picture! The problem: A Salt Storm blew up. A new experience to most of us. We're here trying as if there was no Salt Storm. Moment later the shitter blew over...according to Rick The Carfixer.
Obviously we could not live with a misfiring engine. So we asked Erik and Nisse to take our 449 Amazon to Westech Performance outside L.A in November. Problem solved! It now runs without misfire! However, we're now eager to test our race car at El Mirage Spring 2019!  
Was that all?
No! We had booth at Bilsport Performance Show, Elmia in Jönköping during Easter 2018, and we'll be there again 2019, ready to provide Boost and Horsepower to anyone in search for speed.
In addition, we've worked on our private projects…(Supercharged LS engine equipped EL Camino, Ardun Engine build, Supercharged Diesel Suburban, Old School Vespas, Antique Lawn Mowers) and we've bought some new rides too.. 

What we regret: We failed to represent Salt Slush at the Time Attack final in Sweden. Because we've gone racing. But still, we're always available for turbo or supercharger discussion. 7 days a week and ready to provide turbos and superchargers to those in need!
We wish you all
A Happy and Fast 2019!!


Thursday, December 27, 2018

When catastrophe strikes. Not all are affected.

We'll have our bad days. Days when things goes south and circumstances are fighting against your good spirit. I'm talking about situations when the real stuff cannot be done. When your race car, hot rod, sports car, custom, off road or bike project is temporary stopped because of issues with your Winter Ride.
We know what we're talking about, because it happened to some of us today. Let me tell you…
It was time. Time for Carina's winter ride, A Jeep Grand Cherokee 5,9L 1998 to pass through The Eye of the Needle, Mordor, The Dark Side.  All went well until the meticulous, young guy moved toward the driver side rocker panel...Consequence: A short depression, crank up the welding machine and accept that our Ardun engine project will be delayed for a couple of days. Life's a bitch. 
Simultaneously, a mediocre driver flipped over Anders winter bike, A BMW RT, when reversing his car (and may I guess...a Toyota Prius or perhaps a Skoda Octavia...or similar). Consequence: Anders Magnuson Supercharged El Camino project will suffer delays and Anders needs to be cheered up...
But not all suffered these Strokes of Destiny. Magnus had a night good sleep, no problem with his Chevy Colorado and hence he was happy and active as can be...with one of his zillion projects. Pictured; Fabrication of a Supercharger manifold for a square body diesel (Chevy) Suburban. All good.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Salt Slush T-Shirts. All you need to know.

T-Shirts history. All these years and all these t-shirts. Picture this; Young soldiers in white cotton underwear 1913. After that came nothing. The world was waiting. Then suddenly; White salt and engines with uneven idle and a song to sing at full load. It was 1969 and Ed Iskenderian has found a new way to bring good stuff to market. In case you're deaf, dumb and blind and grown up on the wrong side of town, here's a lead; it's all about camshafts. Speed parts. 

T-shirts and youth. Always associated with the Young and Rebellious in popular culture. A streetcar named desire & Marlon Brandon, Rebel without a cause & James Dean. 8 Mile & Eminem.

T-shirts, community and association. Clothing that support and express how you feel and what you belong to. 

T-shirts, age, class and level of Sophistication. At some point in time folks stop wearing Tees. Normally because they lost their youthful spirit.  

The Offer. If you're brave, strong and have the urge to express your inner need for speed we have an all new, 2019 Salt Slush Racing T-shirt for sale. NOW! Limited to 150pcs in green, black and blue. Yes, it's Salt Slush design by Magnus brother and Anders. email me ( if you need one (150SEK/each+shipping)
 Salt Slush T-Shirt history: Back in 2014 Magnus Brother, inspired by Landspeed Racing, Amazon and Salmiak, created this Tee. Yes it's sold out.
2018 limited edition. Only 50 copies made. Sold out.
2016 The Salt Slush logo on black tee. A few sizes still available.
The Salt Slush logo: Carina and Anders created our logo in 2015 on a napkin in a Los Angeles bar. 
2013 edition: The before it all began t-shirt. Sold out since many years. 
Designer: Anders (Salt Slush Team) 
For reference only; the Isky 1969 T-shirt.