Friday, December 27, 2019

Let the good times roll - Ford Mustang Coyote Supercharged!

Ford Coyote 5.0 Ever since I first read about this engine I knew that it would represent a new era in Muscle Car community. With 4 valves per cylinder overhead cams and very well working combustion & gas exchange system (high specific power per liter as natrural aspirated) I understood that only one thing was missing. A Supercharger.
Why not turbo? Well, the disadvantage of the dual overhead cam engine is its size, not necessarily the engine weight, but its size. It will always be geometrically bigger than the comparable LS/LT engine and in addition the engine compartment of the Modern Mustang is busy to say the least.
The obvious conclusion for me was and is; add a high efficiency supercharger to a high efficient engine of reasonable displacement and you'll get a very nice engine with a lot of torque and power. Did I mention Speed?The only problem we've had is that we've (i.e Salt Slush Racing) have not been able to offer Supercharger kits for Ford Mustang with Coyote 5.0 V8 engine.                   
Until now...Because now we've established contact with VMP Performance in US and will be able to offer their Eaton TVS based supercharger kits is Sweden and other European countries.
That feels really good, because we can't live with the tragedy of not bringing joy to Mustang guys and girls car life!
12 min, two guys and a VMP (TVS 2650) 2017 Mustang. 
Coming up soon! 
The VMP Odin TVS 2650 Supercharger kit for Ford Mustang 5,0 for those looking for a discreet super efficient kit with amazing charge air cooling and even more power...
When you've got the power...opportunities are endless. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas, Snow and Boost pressure.

Christmas. A sane, social and somewhat soggy event. But let's accept facts and acknowledge that it's booooring too. On top of the above, Santa's death by boredom take place when it's dark as a nightmare outside. Constantly. At the northern hemisphere.

Here's how to survive
Alternative 1: Rice up from the sofa, make a proper excuse and go to the workshop/garage...weld, mill or bend tubes and feel at ease.
Alternative 2: Rice up from the sofa, make a proper excuse and walk to the workshop/garage.  Fire up the Turbo-Snowmobile and get your motor running.
Alternative two only applies if you happen to live in the very North of Sweden or in any similar cold, snowy godforsaken den where the 2-stroke, boost pressure and snow combo make sense and fun.
Let us introduce you all to a man that knows how to squeeze out 230hp out of a 0,85L (51cu in) 2 stroke DI machine. A boost pressure of 0,45bar (6.52 psi) makes it all happen.
Andreas Marklund's Ski Doo with AirWerks Turbo kit...
...makes sense for those with a crave for speed, power and fun in the snow.
Merry Christmas and Boosted New Year!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Pomona in rain

Early December morning in San Dimas. The California drought seems far away. It pours outside the hotel door. The bed feels warm and the dawn is grey. But none of these matters. Because we were about to look for what cannot be found. For the treasure at end of the rainbow. For the Find, The Steal or anything on our list that can please our restless searching for parts and inspiration.
Pomona. This Amazing Swap meet is relaxed in December. The heat and stress from August are all gone. The California Winter is a like a Nordic Summer. Rain and Sun alternates while the temperature hovers around15-20degC.So we felt at ease, rose to the occation and drove down to the open space of ethernal oppertunaties.

And we got Lucky. Let me try to tell you how.
Bare sheet metal Buick -38 custom. I rain. I piece of art. Not a weld seem to much.
Carina on her restless move to something amazing.
What it is? No use asking me, neither the owner because he had the same question.
What I Think? I love it.
The mysterious object front
Nice rear end, same mystery.
Pick you piece. An Oldsmobile 1938 beyond repair. 
Hard to resist. An old 2 cylinder boxer lawn mower. Luckely Carina was out of cash.
Not there yet, but a first sign. We were closing up. The end of the Rainbow was near.
If you haven't been looking for a -49 Oldsmobile bench seat you might not know what I mean, but imagen that you've been searching eBay for half a year continuosly with limited success. Then you'll know…
Nirvana. The (current) ultimate goal. A 1949 Oldsmobile Rocket 88 bench seat.
Yes, the rain stopped. 
Leaving the gates of heaven with a smile and a light burden. 
It was time to go home. It was time to face cold hard Nordic rain again.
 To endure darkness, survive Christmas and look forward to next race season at
Bonneville Speed Week 2020 and pray for a hard dry surface of salt.