Saturday, April 30, 2016

New on the block!

As Saturday morning emerged, the Salt Slush team got together to drink oceans of coffee while conducting parallell work, which means to continue with the Corvette C6 Magunuson Supercharger installation while moving forward with the Amazon racer. All these activities were ongoing...
...when all of a sudden,  Kalle showed up with his old Model A Ford which today served a pace car for his new born Big Block Chevy Silverado C10 pick up truck, which was in safe hands of his daughter Linnea.

How will this continue? What will be the consequence of all these happenings? The Modell A might not be the perfect match for EFR turbo's or Magnuson Superchargers, but on the other hand these old cars are well known for their ability to transform in know what I mean.  

Follow us and you'll find out.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Headache, Cylinder head-ache!

To assemble a Magnuson Supercharger Kit seems like reasonable effort, changing the LS2 to LS3 heads is as well rather straight forward...but it adds up.
But here's my advice, when you're in the middle of the disassembly of the driver side cylinder head and reached the steering pump, take a deep breath, think about all the nice things that will happen when you will press the pedal to the metal in the future.  
During this steering pump concentration exercise close your eye and let your inner eye imagen a full load acceleration on Autobahn, a winding road...or...engage your virtual smell and let memories of fresh summer time tire smoke come to you. Then, all of a sudden, by pure magic, all four steering pump bolt are removed, without touching the ABS unit.

Passenger side cylinder LS3 head assembled. Driver side still suffer the LS2 head. Yes, a lot of torque (or angle) is required. A nice alternative to a boring Gym.
Carina is here working with the passenger side cylinder head.
Here we go. LS 3 heads on both banks. We're finally getting somewhere...
We're back on track. Carina is starting to read aloud from the Magunson Installation book again.  
LS3 head assembled. Relief. Clean. Nice.
No, we're not ready to assemble the Supercharger unit yet. But we were in need of a small reward...
While the Supercharger is in place, we use Magnus precision laser eyes to see if everything lines up correctly.
...and if Magnus happy, we're all happy!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Heavy Metal and Maguson! Sunny Supercharged Saturday!

A good Saturday should be social, but not lazy. This was for sure the case in the Salt Slush workshop this weekend. Gear heads visiting, coffee consumed, stories exchanged, but as well a Supercharged atmosphere. This was what was going on:
Salt Slush Speed Division: Installation of the Magnuson Heartbeat on a LS2 C6!
Salt Slush Brake department: Apply Brakes on the Amazon Land Speed Racer!
Salt Slush Film Team: Make a film about 600hp Supercharger installation!  
Salt Slush Fork lift crew: Lift the steel table to new heights!

The Kit
The Corvette

Women at Work
The lift

Stuff that we might need...right side brake Amazon Racer

And the left stopper. Sweet as can be.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Law obedient and tax paying

Early morning april the 21 it was time for inspection and to hopefully be approved and thereby able to enjoy a law obedient and tax paying life. The truck had been modified to meet Swedish standards and law. Lights,  Km/h, towing system, brake system, combined with some service and TLC.

Morning and waiting for the engine to get warm.

A nice and a little nervous drive to the inspection

Work in progress, 
Yes Sir everything is OK, Yes  according to all standards, Yes with margin, Yes it's in very good condition, only driven to church by an old lady, Yes only 89 000 miles not 189 000.
Sir look even the jack is still in the engine bay and the original emission system is still untouched on the big block, Yes it's an eco cruiser,  
Yes Flowmaster is GM original Eco Cruiser parts, No it's not loud it's original.
All jokes a side they are very good and helpful to make it work without short cutting safety.

Done just pay and enjoy the luxury to be legal and tax paying !

Home sweet home !All in all a very good start of the day.
Now i just have to wait for the new license plates. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ready... Steady...

It's soon weekend and time to prepare for some quality time in the workshop!
Here's a Salt Slush Racing 600hp recipe you might want to try: 
1. Take one LS2 engine and one Magnificent Magnuson Heartbeat Supercharger Kit.
2. Add of pair of LS3 cylinder heads and spice it up with 8 offset inlet rockers and a couple head gaskets
3. Let the good times roll!
Remark1: If you don't have all the ingredients at home.... have to go a well stocked shopping mall near you to get what your looking for. 
Then bring it home in vehicle of choice (best is to bring it home in the target vehicle...)  
Put all stuff together take a deep breath and just take in the speed parts aura. 
(Avoid Lotus position) 

Remark 2: If you, like many men, get stressed when shopping, start with an LS3 engine instead and go directly to the Magnuson Heartbeat Supercharger.

To be continued...

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Meaning of Life.

People all over the world are continuously thinking about this topic...generally, in vain. Here are some basic parameters that makes your time on planet Earth endurable.

 1. You've got to have toys of your liking. More is more. Example: Cina was keen of getting hold of a Suffolk Punch and this Saturday she found one. Pure happiness, like finding gold.
 2. Social connections. The crave for toys get makes you get in contact with other people. Example; Cina is sealing the deal. 
 3. Pickup trucks. You got to have a toy to get hold of a new smaller toy. The C20 pick-up truck make you and your fellow road users happy. Forget about self development books; Happy small block = Happy life.
 4.  Do something. Work hard and enjoy the feeling of success (or failure...) afterward. 
 5. Again, transportation & fun: Karl-Johan's latest toy, a big block C10 is alive and kicking. Ready for government inspection and burnout's (and of course, useful work)
 6. Be Creative. Think, measure and build something. Example: The homemade inner fenders were not tailored for the Amazon before this weekend.
  Ref. point 4 above. After some hours in the workshop this Sunday, the two low drag-inner fenders is measured, brackets has been made and the gap to the Amazon other fenders are tight.
 Inner fenders and Amazon fenders assembled.
Front complete.
Bonus picture. Because we like it a lot.
Meaning of life according to Salt Slush Racing: Follow you motor dreams, work hard and enjoy the feeling of getting something done! 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Meanwhile in Salt Slush Workshop.

Team work....a complicated matter. If you're not working on the project you get bad conscience. But the idea with a team is that some should be able to take a couple of days off, while others are working. Which in the best of world means constant progress through small achievement every day. Order something, build something or design something, but keep things going.

This is actually what has happen, because...
...while some of us has been busy burning cheap Texas fuel and finding LS3 cylinder heads... 
 ...Anders and Magnus have been taking step by step forward and now.. Voila! tailor made low drag inner fender is in place and assembled.  
No chain is stronger than its weakest link. Finally, the drivetrain is complete. We can now sleep better at night. Torque can now flow nice and freely, from the Volvo N3T super duper turbo beast via the Tilton 3 disc clutch to the Tremec T56 magnum transmission which distribute the power to a Strange propeller shaft and the Moroso caps and finally the Currie 9'' rear end.
Feels so.. Good!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

To be on top of things...and open the gates to heaven! Or at least to air flow...

We said it before, but it's still true. A man gotta do...well, you know the rest. So, as we were heading towards Texas for a week of effortless vacation and a farmers tan, I thought it would be perfect timing to buy LS3 head for my LS2 C6 Corvette.

But how to get hold of these standard GM LS3 heads? eBay gave me the way forward; Freedom Chevrolet, an encouraging name totally inline with my wishes.  

I called these guys in Dallas...and let me try to summarize; I never experienced this type of service mindedness in Europe, anywhere, in any business at anytime. Why? You tell me. I don't know.

Nevertheless, cylinder heads, inlet rockets and raisers, all checked & delivered (Matt helped me to figure out which parts I needed for the LS2 to LS3 heads. All parts was delivered within 12 hours. 
The magical Mattias at Freedom Chevrolet in Dallas, the LS3 cylinder head provider. Service at absolute top level!
Like knowledge, a light burden to carry.
Heads in the trunk sometimes ok.
The size of these ports are so comforting. 
Obviously, not too big, since the reference can is only 12 fl oz.(355ml).

Friday, April 8, 2016

Cool Go Fast

Take some minutes and check this out ! Land speed racing with a Swedish twist.

You can go fast on Ice (which we knew since long ago), What we also know since long ago is that it takes a lot of time and space to stop. Learned by experience, sometimes its to late and sometimes with the help of something hard. One or two Volvo Amazons has changed shape due to this hard way learning.

Enjoy !

Hot Rod Mag COOL Go Fast ink

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Lazy days and the escape from duties

Ok I have to admit, while Anders, Magnus, Håkan & Carina with the support of Ragnar worked hard at Elmia Bilsport and Customshow during Easter I had some lazy days in Florida. Made me feel being at the right and at the wrong place at the same time.

The need for sun, ocean and some Americana was strong so I and Catrine went to Florida to visit some friends in the Naples area.

I shall admit that we focused on healthy life style bike riding in the morning and eating salad, but life is more than that so we were out for some tyre kicking as well, visiting Car dealers (of Course including Volvo) and cool car events.

For a Swede it is how to say, different, to see more than hundreds of new Chevy Pick-up's and around 75 new Corvettes parked outside the dealership, all waiting for the Customer that wan't the car now or at least tomorrow.

Regarding Volvo, the faces where for sure much happier now than a couple years back, sales are picking up, the amount of Volvo cars on the street are higher. Good progress!

Nowadays the new XC90 are lined up outside the dealer together with XC60 S60 … and very soon the new S90 and V90 will arrive to the dealers.

A noticeable difference versus a winter day in Gothenburg is the number of Bentleys (cabrio) and Maseratis in the traffic...there are plenty of them.

Passed by a Ford dealer who arranged a Ford Mustang exhibition new and old combined.

Above you see a very nice restored six cylinder version.

Six cyl engine bay with room for more 

Besides of cars, beach life is a part of Florida and at the beach you meet Turtles...

Mr Turtle, and they are king of the road and seen as a National treasure

Beach life… you time to digest you thougths and to create new ideas, new projects….   

Water temp, Air temp, all in all on a nicer level in combination with blue sky and turquoise water.

Coming back from dinner, Catrin got lift by Larry in his SSR, top down … 

Some more tyre kicking at Gulf Coast Motors, there specialty is to restore Deloreans, sell Superperformance and other second hand high end cars. With todays strong dollar the cars become rather pricy….

McLaren, Lambrghini, Aston Martin, Ferrari etc


Meanwhile I'm writing this, Håkan and Carina picks up there dosage of Americana in Teaxs, the Lone Star State. To in some way compensate for our escape to Florida instead of going to Bilsport and Custom Show I bought some small gifts to my friends, more about that in a future blogg.