Saturday, September 29, 2018

Cold and rainy now but next season is coming up. Soon!

If you're still in the sun but start to feel somewhat cold during late evening dinners on the terrass, then you're not on our latitude. You're not on latitud 57 in Gothenburg, Sweden where it's getting colder and gloomier and darker day by day.  

If you would be here, totally without palm trees, there's only two ways to survive. Either travel south or go to the workshop or garage of your likings, roll up the sleeves and start to make dreams come true.
The later is possible to combine with daytime work and the associated income, which in best cases support dreams. Besides, there's a new season coming up! It will take some time before it arrives, but eventually it will come with new race events, new car and bike meets and dry open roads! There will be fresh gasoline, diesel and ethanol as well!
However, while Salt Slush Racing team is planning for next landspeed race season in US and trying to make the 449 Amazon reach next speed level, we're in Sweden working hard with various private project and trying our best to provide advices, superchargers and turbochargers to the race and car enthusiastic community whenever needed. We're there to comfort speed craving souls. That's our mission.
We deliver AirWerks S369 turbo urgently (same day as the order arrives) with our Supercharged Corvette C6. 
Other than that…
...we're talking to the US Drifting community and we've learned that there's a growing demand for Superchargers in Drifting. Technically we can understand this and we're looking forward to support this new movement when it reaches Sweden. We're objective because we can offer both superchargers and turbos and know-how about both types.
Car meets are over at latitude 57, but we've been inspired…by other car builders.

Inspired as we are, Carina and I are building an Ardun engine as the autumn leaves are falling on Ringön.

Petter, the Professor, is building up a stock of old Volvo engines. One after the other. Makes him happy. Who are we to criticize?
Anders is Supercharging LS engines. Yes, It's Magnuson Supercharger.
The Chevy 1936 is not ready, but finally reliable after a lot of struggle.
The solution: Fuel tank cleaned with citric acid.
Kalle has taken his Vespa apart and Magnus is working with all his 10 parallell projects, Carina is building up a Show Suffolk lawnmower and so it continues…
Take our advice: Get going now.


Sunday, September 23, 2018

Products & Passion & Power

Sales guys. Peddlers. We'll know them, seen them and not the least heard them. Salt Slush sell stuff too. But we sell stuff we like, understand and use ourselves. Big Turbos, Superchargers and T-Shirts. Stuff for people with urge to move on, who seek performance and adventure. For car guys and girls that crave big power and high speed and adventure beyond travel sites. For the brave ones.

We love our products and we're thrilled about getting things right. To help our customers  reach thier performance goals. No matter if it's a race car, a hot rod, a tuned sports car, muscle car...we like to help out with boosting system. Both with advices and products.
How we use our products?
Our materialized team dream. The Race car. Our 449 Amazon, 6 cylinder, 3.0L, 750hp and 1000Nm and equipped with a BorgWarner EFR 9180 turbo. A low lag turbo that helps us to get the nice driving behaviour on the Salt.
We all need a Daily Driver. A car that can take us over the hills and far away. Something reliable and fun to drive. Here's my choice. A Corvette C6 with a Magnuson Supercharger  Handles Swiss mountain roads just fine.
Race Cars ar cool and Daily drivers needed. But many of us need something in between as well. Anders in salt Slush racing is one of them. He needs a summer ride with potential. It's not ready yet, but it's a baby being born. A Magnuson Supercharged El Camino.
Salt Slush Racing, a team that walk the talk.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Big Love and Hassel: Salt Slush & The Old Suburban - A complicated love story

Hauler, Tow Truck, SUV, Carryall, Limousine. We're talking Suburban, Chevy Suburban.  No use to argue about facts. If' you're an active car guy or girl, you need one. Because of capacity and volume. 6 person on tour with a V8 in the trunk and a car on a trailer? No problem. Still luggage space!
Besides, you'll get a comfy ride too. Drive around with the 454 big block inside a car park with window down and just enjoy. The sound. From that 7,4L engine.
So we bought ourselves a rust free 2500 Suburban from 1995 to as a tow truck for our 449 Amazon land speed racer. Felt good. Even great.
Doesn't look too bad on Salt.
Work's well in all kinds of deserts and Cina likes them too. 
Buying an old Burb introduce you to new people. Which is good. Always.

Are there any obstacles??? 
Well, actually we had a few. Nothing major, but still, a few.
Before we even signed the line, the fuel pump had to be changed. At the dealers expense. A new fuel pump is relaxing to have. Really. Because fuel supply is a good thing.  
Later we've learned that a sealed and perky coolant pump with some fresh new hoses also were needed to make our long term marriage a success story. So we changed that.
 As a morning gift our green lady got new tires and a full service as well.
Some cars are hard to please. Obviously a tow ride over the salt flats was needed to keep up the good hauling mode.
And you can't blame a 23 year old to ask for a new starter motor either. She got it on a Sunday in Wendover, NV.
In fact the old Burb was so exited over this place so it burned the alternator outside the garage doors in pure joy.
Ain't she sweet?
But still, when it's eating up endless road in Nevada, cool as can be with refilled refrigerant, perfect oil pressure and steady coolant meter.
Then it still feels really good.


Friday, September 14, 2018

Gloomy as Swedish Litterature.

The village is empty. There's no one to be seen. Outside the rain is pouring down since days. The warm once-every-decade-summer is over. The depressing Nordic climate is back. In full power. We're all living in the grey and gloomy nightmare that we're doing our best to deny.

Was that all?

No. A few of us still have a hideout when the sun don't shine. A place where race cars are built, rear ends are changed and stories are told.

If you don't have a place and space like this…. get one. It's good for you!  
Old squarish Swedes gets new rear end. 
 Stories are told for young and old.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

It ain't easy to stop dreaming

Travel. Sometime we all travel. We go away for a period of time. For a while we feel at ease when we come back home. We've rested and we're good. We tell stories about food and drinks and place we've visited and people we've meet. We describe how cool various place of interest was and wasn't.
But let's assume that you've gone beyond all of the above. Experienced something which is hard to reproduce. Something that might have changed you forever.
How to communicate that?
You can tell stories about fantastic roaring engines, cool cars and bikes. How to explain that you've made a irreversible inner journey that is associated with a team, a dream and a scheme?
After the first race a Bonneville Speed Week.
Something happened, but you don't know what it is. 
We're absorbing our first time. Our first Bonneville Speed Week.  
Erik, Don and Rick. Focused as can be. Nitro ain't milk even if it's in your vains.  
Before the first run. At this point you don't know that you'll be somewhat different in a couple of minutes.
 As Erik said with a grin: It's only first time at Bonneville Speed Week once...
 Now we know. But we cannot explain.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Cross Creative

Gentrification. A phenomena that can make any creative soul wake up in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat.

So far it's just a bad dream. Cause right now we're in the middle of a creative flow. Or rather a creative highway. Small businesses, Car guys & girls, Bikers and Artists are all coming together at Ringön and start to interact. A-fucking-mazing. 

A place and space for people who think, do and create. People who're building amazing cars bikes or creating art of various kind. A place to meet, get new ideas and learn how to do new stuff. A place where land speed dreams are being born and realized....
Annika and a beast. The beast of an Artist...and as it seems, a deep thinking, wise beast.

Our old Chevy Van got a pin striping treatment by our own artist today. Annika.
Ringö ChopShop. Award winning Bikes formed with an artistic focus and crave for workshop machines,
Garage Dinner and good stories from all around the world.

Dinners is done. We're digesting. Bar will open soon.
At midnight it was time to celebrate our 15 runs at Bonneville Speed Week.
So, Anders opened up his humidor.
And there was smoke.
Tobacco smoke. 
And joy.