Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Magic milestone: The Salt Slush Landspeed Amazon is shipped to US!

We're ready with step one! The race car is built and works well so far. After 3 years and several thousand hours of team work in the Salt Slush workshop, we were today able to load the Salt Slush Land Speed Amazon in to a container and ship it to US. Next step is to get pass through SCTA safety inspection and get our selves race license and of course test drive the Amazon on El Mirage in California. Kind of our version of Disney Land....It will for sure work well as a "rollercoaster"

We're soooo happy and sooo proud. Lasse Söderberg gave us the helping the helping hand that we needed. In addition he helped us to point out that we're actually following our time plan (!) 

Kalle, entwined in straps and worried. He should be worried because he's the sea dog in the Salt Slush race team and therefore the main responsible for sea freight...

The Amazon enjoying its last moment of cold Nordic grey light. Dust, salt, desserts, blistering sun and Speed awaits. Maybe some glory as well?

Last picture....we miss our Amazon already...
We started to talk about new creations and adventures at once, searching blocket (our craigslist). What shall we do besides working...and racing the Amazon in the USA ?.....Golf ? No .....lets find something out ? 3 -6 good ideas are already listed !

 The last drive in Sweden with the Salt Slush Amazon for "hopfully" a long time, 
Lasse keeps everything under full control.

 Anders hesitates and finally decides to not join the Salt Slush Amazon
in the box, he will fly together with the team instead. 
 The Salt Slush Amazon arrived like a champ 
and this time we managed to keep it in place !

Last action in the SSR workshop. Repack the parachute. Better not break too often...


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