Sunday, February 28, 2016

Under Pressure and Connected! -The Movie!

It's time. Time for the Cable Men & The Computer Geeks to arrive on the scene.  
The Salt Slush Racing team is now in a dynamic phase, a can't-stop-working kind of phase, an exiting and a nervous phase. In a period when it's time to get serious and get that motor running and head on the raceway.
We're now waking up function by function before we unleash the Beast. 
First we raised the pressure. Blood is now circulating. No wounds. 

We need connection. To feel the pressure and get in control. Magnus and Anders in an electric moment.
P.A, the Cable Man, is the man with the plan.
We have computers & oscilloscope and as well a defined crank sensor signal. What that means?
Life's good!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Crazy Crave for Cables

While waiting for Cable Man to appear, we ticked off tedious topics from today's To Do list.
Let me explain...
To move on we were in need of a list.  Therefore we've created one. Reflection: The list is getting shorter each time. What's the root cause? Are we getting ready for speed or have we forgotten things? You'll be the judge!
While waiting for cable connection, we filled up fluids. Consequence: The rear end and transmission are now ready to run.
The Holley EFI is now ready and installed We're happy as planned.
Soon to be connected...


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spare part from the Jaguar help us out.

Early on, the team scrapped an old rugged XJS Jag without engine in the search parts for our Amazon race car. We were in an euphoric phase. Looking forward

Step 2. The analytic phase. The sober phase.
First we looked at the Front end. Then we shelved it.
Secondly, the steering rack was under the loupe. Usable? Result: Dismissed.
But how about the oil cooler...? Nope, no chance.
How about the propeller shaft? Please... No. Negatory.

Then! Finally! We found a useful part! An oil hose bend, that fits perfectly on our modified oil trap. Again, happiness.
The reward for a weekends work. The hose.

In need for a Jaguar XJS front end? Let us know...

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Friends, Gastronomy and Speed. A recipe for progress.

All of a sudden, the Friday night fog lifts off and Saturday morning, with its clear sobriety and the underlying need for action, is there. Luckily we were prepared when Salt Slush with friends arrived in the workshop the first snowy day of the weekend.
Ragnar was there, painting a homemade, but improved, Lotus part.
Tapio sharpening a bush sword for the coming weed season. Does it look frightening to you? Don't worry it's possessed by nice man.
P.A appeared this weekend twice. The Salt Slush Team welcome him and bows. Because, he's the wizard of electrical systems. Hence, we obey him. We will bring him pork, wine and rubber smoke. If required.
Old, new, borrowed and, no, we're not superstitious, but we needed something with racing heritage in our race vehicle. This oil catch tank as been bouncing around Nürnburgring in a 24 hours race according to Ragnar. Feels good to have it on board.
How about this? Not cobbled. For real.
Ignition coil assembly close up.
Meanwhile, in another part of the workshop...Carina changed the electrical cables in the Ford -46 heater. 
If you're trying to prove that US, after the second world war were on top of productivity and hence designed stuff in a way that it could be easily assembled, take my advice and do not use the heater unit aimed for a Ford -46 as an example.

For many years, Carina and I has been into cooking and cars. Pork, Power and Pushrod in a poetic mixture. 
Therefore we have an owen, which should have been replaced 10 years ago. But we're eager to not overconsume.
Taking about workshop cooking. Isn't this a nice piece of heavy metal? An old school waffle iron. There's nothing like a workshop waffle when blood suger runs low. Keep's you from bad temper... 
...when the custom steering wheel in your Big Block C10 pick-up truck obstruct a painless assembly.
What the this? A surrealistic piece of aluminium?   
No, it made to accommodate the Engine Control Module from Holley. We getting really close to first fire/no load start now...We're starting to prepare mentally for the event and the potential celebration
 The result of workshop slow cooking. Progress in garage and a nice evening meal. The WD40 flavor goes well with Pinot Noir...

Friday, February 19, 2016

Sharp Dressed Man! Salt Slush take a first step on the Cat Walk.

It not only Sally. That we know for sure.

There seems to be a wish, even a crave, for old stereotypes to show up over and over again.

Since objectification affect both sexes these days, Salt Slush Racing is trying to help out with styling. A proper speed SSR T-Shirt make you feel self assured, fine and dandy. It will take you on top of things.

 Even though most of the team members has given up a model career in Paris...

...we still want to contribute.  Therefore we designed our four fast looking Tees.  Here's a selection of frozen fashion moments.
...when we´re under pressure.

...or being proud, but obviously objectified. spotlight with Bass, Salt Slush and Attitude.
Tees, Turbos and Team exposed.
 T-Shirt in the California sun. 
Carina, here in first generation Salt Slush Tees under the great wide sky.

To be continued...since the show must go on.



Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pray for Spray and Go to Gym!

The last precious parts for the fuel system arrived today directly from Street Power in Olofström. What am I talking about?
I'm talking about the life bringing provider of essential juice that makes engines roar, speed happen and gearhead hearts pound faster. The Injectors. That's what its all about.
When these jewels arrived we were prepared...
The strongly modified inlet manifold (that looks like a Picasso type of horse) were glass blasted and cleaned as could be.
Joined together gracefully.
The fuel system is now 100% complete! The no load start is getting closer each day. 

But how about the Gym? Well, there's two alternatives:

a. Build up the leg muscles and enjoy the Tilton clutch...
b. use the Tilton clutch frequently and avoid sweaty places where bodies are built.

I'll go for the second alternative.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Fika from Hell on Valentines Day leads to progress!

Since it was Valentines Day today we felt that we could do with a more hearty Fika full of energy to boost our souls and body's.
Therefore we got going with Tapio's Serrano Ham and a decent sized cake.
Afterwards we were in need for some serious exercise. So Anders completed the fabrication of the ignition coil bracket.
PA, Anders and I used up another 2% of the Fika energy as we fought with the final bell housing and transmission assembly.
A moment of contemplation. The engine, flywheel, clutch, sensor and transmission are installed. Properly installed.
From another angle, another view.
As well the electrical distribution box was installed while we were in super sugar speed. Now welded to the (formerly nicely painted) frame.
Step by step its coming together.
Meanwhile in another part of the workshop, Carina and Tore was solving our old Ford -46 electrical problems.
In a summary, it's amazing what some kilos of dry pork and cake can contribute with.
We're loving the Valentine Workshop Energy Experience.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Crank It Up!

We're moving on with sparkling winter speed and today it was time for First Crank. A milestone compared, never mind.
Oil was flowing without leakage. Hence no rope needed...this  time 
There were doubts. Wise man doubts. 
Dual Dr. Jekyll in furious action.
No nice fumes yet, but...Keep on cranking in the free  world !

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Turning, Milling, Suffolk lawnmower... Happiness!

We're tooling our way towards first fire (that is; a no-load start up) of our Volvo bi-turbo  6 cylinder race engine, that hopefully will provide us with 900 juicy horsepowers which  well make hearts pound and clear fearless minds.
I'm here turning off a couple of millimeters of the TVD to make it fit while taking a photo. Will this work?
Anders is meanwhile, making room in the bell housing for the crank sensor. Hopefully it's well attached to the milling machine...
Carina has a winter habit: Restore an old Suffolk lawnmower engine each year. That's her only hope when the garden is not good place to be. Here she's trying to get TIG welding support to fix a broken stud. Anders, who's a gentlemen and a TIG welder, try to heal the doubtful old part. As it turns out, in vain. To be continued...
But what the hell is this? If you can't see, don't worry. It's the result of a successful surgery. It's the modified TVC from the S80 and the oil cooler adapter from the 960 together, in harmony. Yes, we will change the rusty old hose...this is just temporary.
A small step for mankind, but a giant leap for Salt Slush. Like a spring flower,the modified Volvo S80 crank sensor in Volvo 960 position is towering, ready to measure the heart beats from our home made flywheel.  If it feels good?  Yes!