Sunday, June 29, 2014

Preparing for Post Midsummer Speed.

It’s not only me.
 As well J. Kerouac concluded that a cold beer and dinner only taste really good if you’ve done some good work during the day. When you’ve got the feeling that comes from aching muscles and a tired brain, from laughter and weld smoke, from coffee and evaporated cutting fluid then you can await the dinner of your choise with real comfort.
The Salt Slush Racing Team was of course in search of this feeling and needed to get out of restlessness and into seriousness. We all needed to hear and good stories told and therefore we had to force ourselves from thinking about our daily work, lawn mowing and midsummer barbecue and continue with The Rear End!
 As said, leave the barbecue...
 ...and return to the workshop where we'll always have inspiring freinds visiting.
The springs and shock absorbers has now been converted to coilovers by the ever great Anders-who's-thinking-about-chassis-and-taking-in-inspiration-Karlsson.  
As usually, we debated and performed accutare measurements...
....then Magnus moved over to our dear bandsaw...
...while I prepared for the rewarding after-milling-smoke...

...Magnus imidiately saw the light.
 and adjusted where adjustments were needed.

As we were tooling our way forward quietly and concentrated, all of a sudden Ragnar Burenius showed up with a racing seat for us to use as a dummy.

Would our fat asses fit this race seat? Would the race seat fit the Amazon? We decided to test if Carina Björnsson, with her female body constitution could find space in the seat.
 And since she was happy, we concluded that the seat size should not give any of the team members any as we are..
It fits as well in the vehicle..
...if we move the transmission an inch to the right...and are really lucky with the roll cage position. Then we should be good!
After this interruption, the work continued as if nothing happened.
The sweetness of success were close and the Sunday evening rewards was approaching as our ideas and achievements was concluded.
And while Anders made a final inspection before closing our workshop for today...
...Carina was proud over her acomplishment in the workshop and her hollyhoch, which she eventually managed to get growing outside our workshop!
A good day for all of us!

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