Sunday, June 1, 2014

The pinion rack.

- ...then you only need a pinion rack from a Opel Ascona A or Ascona B. It should be easy to find anywhere...junk yard's is full of them.

That statement came from Ola Gruvesäter, our chassis wizard and front end delivery man.
Apparently Ola has gone through a very common process without noticing. The ageing process. You know you're in the middle of it when a year feels like an hour and it feels like it was yesterday  Opel stopped producing the rear wheel driven car called Ascona B.

But in fact, Opel replaced the rather amusing Ascona B with the (more transport only and perhaps very practical) Ascona C already in 1981.  Which means that Ola was right, the junk yards was full of them…in the early nighties.

How about the SSR network? Does it work? Could we get hold of the right parts without taking a week vacation?

The answer was YES! Through the International SSR Network, we quickly found what we were looking for.

Our friend Rainer Henn, who's an engine tuner and car collector from Pfalz in Germany, managed to quickly crank up a Pinion rack from an Ascona B within a short period of time.  

Many thanks, Rainer!
Anders took the device apart, shortened it a couple of millimeters, painted it...and... Voila!
The steering function in our Amazon is now secured. But how about the rest? Well, you'll hear more about our front end before we get salt on our tires. That's for sure!

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