Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dropping a tank while playing the piano

Summer stillness is sweeping in to our garage which means that the angle grinder howling has been replaced by Anders tones, since he recently got his garage piano delivered.
The coffee paus entertainment is from now on secured.
Anders is here playing a farewell blues as a homage to... 
...our decoration, Magnus old bomb tank, which needs to be dropped from the roof since we need to lift the Amazon body from the frame in order to access the rear-end during our next hot and intensive welding session, during which spot welds will turn into weld seems.
After this hellish welding event there will be no regrets and no remorse. Only good looking welding and the nice feeling that emerge from true progress. Maybe Anders can play some jazz while the smoke disappears...
 Even the Carinas C20 would get a proper fuel range with this cool old fighting device...time to take-off.
Later, the arrival. 
The tank has now finally landed, home at the proud owner. What will be the next step? No one knows for sure...but Magnus has plans.

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