Saturday, July 12, 2014


As I tired and weary opened the door to the workshop one evening, after a week full of intensive work and business travel, I saw the sunlight hit the racer-to-be, while I smelled the subtle flavor of oily parts on the move to fulfilling a dream. It was all very beautiful.

Suddenly, a razor sharp fear struck me. Do we have the right speed to achieve our goal? Are we on track or are we just dreamers and pack rats? Are we building and buying cool stuff without the sense of urgency?

In this sensitive moment Anders all of a sudden materialized from nowhere and proudly presented the final development and manufacturing of the right part of the Rearend. Now in a shape that's ready to be mirrored to the left side of the Rearend. A trifle? I don’t think so...

My doubts were at this stage all gone and I realized that we're close to a breakthrough, which is to put the car on wheels and release it from its shackles and enjoy the high speed potential.

Right hand side rear end

The four link close to completion

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