Monday, September 8, 2014

The complicated birth of A Flywheel

Relaxed, with fresh Sunday morning minds, we continued to transform a piece of metal and an old flexplate from an Volvo 960 doner powertrain to what will become a super strong and beautiful piece of race eqippment.
We followed the usual procedure. The brain trust gathered. Engineering began. 
 Oily fingers tapped on calculators. Drawings were made. Tool magazines was checked. The concentration could be felt in the workshop.
Thinking and rethinking.
But there comes a time when holes must drilled. We needed to make ten holes for the crankshaft connection, six for the Tilton clutch and six to fixate the Newborn flywheel to the remains of the old flexplate, which from now on only will serve the starter motor, all on different radius while not drilling in the Lars Martins fixture…
Good things in life. Cold garage beer and race clutch.
 Our good looking Offspring to be is now ready for next step in the machining process. 

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