Sunday, November 2, 2014

November rain, reduced team and Progress!

Kalle has got a severe cold (with fever) that keeps him in bed.
Magnus is currently working in US and posing as Christ at Bonneville Salt Flats. This might influence the Gods of Speed in our favor eventually.

But the above means a reduced SSR workforce.  So what did we do? Give up? Wait for better times to come?
No way!   That wouldn’t be the Salt Slush Racing way!
Instead Lars-Martin, Anders and I continued to discuss, design, cut, mill and weld. The roll cage now start to get its shape. The support to the rear frame is still missing and the support over the prop shaft towards the main frame is also missing, but we’re rather confident about the concept.

But again, more elbow grease is needed.
Checking the cage while getting used to the position and looking upwards
The current frame structure
On Sunday Mario, Gitte, Carina and I went to The Barn. All of the sudden there was Fika, Sunshine and a barn full of old cars. A peaceful moment.
Again, it's autum and while nature is planning for a long sleep, car guys start to get active. This winter active cool grey creature might be on its way to a paintshop, but nobody knows for sure...
The appearance was nevertheless great and for a moment there was breakout from the normal dull line of VW, Prius etc on the motorway. 

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