Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dream about Santa Claus and SSR is coming to town

We're approaching Christmas and we're just like everyone else busy in life with a lot on the plate. These are our prioritizes right now:

1. Preparing and getting everything in order for the SSR 2014 Christmas event 
To not confuse anyone the Workshop on the picture is not THE SSR workshop. The picture is stolen with pride. Those of you that want to visit the Workshop on the picture, take your car and drive to Tjolöholm.

2. Cooking our Voodoo style Pulled Pork for the SSR 2014 Christmas Event.

3. Working hard with the start up and launch of our web based Speed Shop. Building the web shop, adding the facts, the prices and setting up the payment system...

4. Build relationship with The Bank (Handelsbanken) We've presented ourselves and our solid business plan for The Bank. More about this in the future.

5. Build relationship with possible friends and contributors. Whenever we have the  opportunity to build friendship we do this, since we like to talk to people about our dream.  

6. Working on the cage, the fight goes on, more pipes and more details is being added to help us to go faster and still be safe... 

7. Starting to think and plan our Motivator The T6 engine!

8. Dream about Santa Claus and since we've all have eaten our porridge, been in time to work, and all in all have been rather nice guys we should have presents in pipeline from the big Santa Claus Workshop in OHIO, i.e. Summit Racing.

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