Monday, December 8, 2014

The 2014 SSR Christmas Party

The day or maybe the night had come.
The moon was full and the crisp winter had given us it's first sign.

All round Gothenburg people in to Speed had started the journey to The SSR (Garage) Factory. The Factory concept is a thesis that Anders has been tinkering with and we'll in steps nurse this transformation.

Nevertheless, the food was ready and prepared, the bar was in order and the SSR Factory was fully decorated to give everyone entering goose bumps.

A "small" band, The Daltons, was on thier way, they are friends of us who's just as much enjoying the party as playing.

This is the starting point for a melting pot between all types of people, opinions, ages and preferences, kind of Yin & Yang, Black & White, Small Block & Big Block……….

All based on and supported by a true belief in executed passion and applied intellect as the basic foundation for "good" life. 

Only one subject was a little bit touchy and maybe not to be questioned, THE SSR Factory Speed Initiative (TSSRFSI).

The full moon via a lousy camera

A crisp early winter evening in Sweden 

Our piece de resistance. The guests hasen't arrived yet… 
...but the food was appearing. Magnus in his go slow hat took the delivery seriously.

The world famous SSR VODO style Pulled pork.

Catrine (my Wife) lovely as always !
Michael discussing engine synchronization with Stråvik, hmmm two Fireblade MC engines driving one wheel each. Did you say injection ? No mechanical connection between the wheels… ? Ok…. but still going straight…... 

Later on we eneded up elaborating about the Swedish word Lagom (translation: without any ambition or stretch at all, execute something in a close to lazy manor or do it like we've always done it...) and Jantelagen (a Swedish Lutheran culture heritage meaning that you shall not think that you're anyone or can do anything and are for sure not allowed to be compared to others since everyone is equal). We got thrilled and combined these two words in to one Jantelagom… which become a very powerful almost dangerous word for ………yes think about that one ! Jantelagom.

We could maybe sum it up and say that The SSR Factory do not support Jantelagom, we can even stretch it to that our advise is to stay away from it.

This years SSR high speed Tannenbaum creation

The challenge of the evening 

Since we have fragments of life outside the automotive world we're faced with the challenge of explaining for automotive outsiders what has happened since they were here half a year ago, at least for some guests. 

Yes, we've had progress! (it's a spare time hobby project...)
Yes, it's for real. We are aiming to go really fast in this Amazon !
Yes, the roll cage can be really useful !
No, it's not the motor we shall use !

And then after a while we got it together and the discussion turned to... 

You hav so much fun !
This is fantastic !
When are you going there?
Can we join? We can help !
Who shall drive ?
For the colleagues from Volvo Car Corp and the professional "automotive world people" the fly in was shorter but some calibration of references was still needed.
No, we have not set it all up in Catia !
No, we are not using any gate system to manage the project !
No, we do not have any design support !
No, we have not used the prototype experts !

And then after a while we got it together and the discussion turned to……… 

You have so much fun, imagine doing it yourself ! 
This is fantastic, kind of engineering as it happens !
Imagine getting your hands dirty !
Imagine Executive senior management combined with true operation in real time !

The German table Mario Michael and Gitte

Mario helped us and supervised the set up of the bar, funny is that we managed to foul him with that it was non alcoholic beer in the bar, for a german this is a rather cruel joke. 
A very sensitive moment ocured already around 23,00 we where "leerlaufen" the bar from beer. Big drama Mario turned pale but everything was fixed and repaired when we opened up the emergency bar

The South of Ringön Table.

The girl closest is Hillevi (Daugther of LM) together with Malcom she is a talented football player just back from a year in Canada and on here way to new adventures.
Hillevi is multi talented and have an understanding for here fathers deap technical "decease" at the same time as She focus here football. 

Catrine talking about speed and more money in to speed parts

Carina  PAX Thore etc having a good time

Mr Martin P a professional in the racing business manage to keep calm and allow the very "beginners green" not even rookies in a racing perspective do there thing. 

Gitte and Cina establishing a proper t-shirt corner in order to boost SSR profit and hence please the Goodess of Speed…and start to scare H&M Perssons.

 Waiting for customers..We had three spotlights giving attention

 Carina's old BMW R69 with handmade Hoske fuel tank were as well serving as a Christmas decoration, for sure enhanced the Christmas feel for the German guests.

 Ann-Catrine enjoys the situation

Lars Stråvik as you can see very happy after he explained and convinced Michael regarding his simple and bullet proof solution for engine synchronization

Ben Harwood is looking cool and distinguished, Representing Union Jack.

 Ulrik, the photograhper, in candle light.

  Amir, Per and Josefine are all happy with the situation

 ...Carina and Gitte feel the workshop harmony. Is the SSR workshop = Better than Yoga?

 Tore and Olle in thoughts….
Yes we gave time and mental space for reflection and deep thoughts...

Magnus brought some coziness enhancing objects. Like the old flathead head. But wait a minute…what’s attached to cylinder one? Hmmm…

 And if you're not moved by a World War ll fighter seat

 ...maybe the Dalton's will, they for sure did not a dry eye was to be found after there version of O Sole Mio….. But who's Averell? 

Selecting a SSR t-shirts is difficult...especially since they're all cool, But this will for sure take  Eriks and Victorias speed image and heritage to the next level, Which is not bad or easy at all. They have a history in Toyota F1 and other automotive experiences, Erik now at Polestar and Victoria at Volvo Cars.

 The food advisor, Helena, here surrounded by some heavy arguments, is shaking loose after straightening up some misconception by the other guests, and as you see they are still speechless. 

 Fredrik- a charming young man, well equipped in a SSR t-shirt

Sofie enjoys one of the last cold beers.

Mario sadly notice that he's about to drink the last (still cold) beer.

 Per had to continoue with Glögg (a sweet kind of Swedish Glühwein)

David, a friend of Per and a guest from another gear head garage here captured in a certain angle and a certain light

 An ol' Mercedes E55 AMG diffrential- degraded to chandelier is the grand finale for
The 2014 SSR Christmas Party.

And as we always say 

From all of Us to all of You

"You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet"

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