Sunday, January 25, 2015

Not a Global Leader Convention...

...but a happy group of real people in Gothenburg...who has received a Golden Control device from The Moon. This component, from which we will give direction as we fly trough tough areas in high speed, is maybe not a suitable representable for Nordic design or Jantelagom, but it will eventually be the something to hold on to as the salt could forms and our knuckles whitens. It represent dreams and makes us feel distant to PowerPoint, Excel and big talks...and more close to get going.
Karl-Johan proudly present the trophy
Hopefully we should not need the devices to the left in this picture since were about to go fast, but anyhow, it feels appropriate to have breaks. This is the first mock-up of the pedal set position.
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bell, Jingle all the can't trust delivery timing from reindeers and Santa these days. But nevertheless our package from Speedway has arrived.
Yes, we ordered a battery-box  as well. No, we're not lazy, we just lack the time to manufacture everything ourselves.
Renovated and painted part always looks good and makes you feel fine. The front end is now ready for assembly.
Pedal set and steer column packaging. An advanced 3D ergonomic packaging topic, here in the hands of the fearless SSR team. Anders imagines a steering wheel...
 ...which makes the Golden Moon device to become real. Ghosts?
Seat adjustment is taking place. Karl-Johan and...

...Magnus both feel comfortable. Both as viewers and test drivers. Please note as well Anders beautiful aluminium transmission cover.

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