Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Gasser? A Track Racer? A Dragster? No it's Landspeed Racer !

Our Land Speed racer is coming together step by step. Our coffee drinking and talking, but determined, team is slowly tooling its way to The Salt.  As our creation is taking shape we're starting to get an idea of the final result. It's not a gasser because it ain't high and it doesn't have green or yellow window. It's not a dragster cause it will run on narrow tires and it's not a track racer since it will be somewhat heavy. It starts to look a little bit like of everything above. Actually I get the feeling that it will not only be fast as a shark but as well cool as ice.
But let's start from the beginning. It was a normal busy weekend in the workshop with a lot of gearheads (friends) coming by to critize and question our impeccable ideas. Which is encouraging and gives us strength. Below is a glance of our workshop weekend
Karl-Johan happily provide design guidelines to Robin, the Race driver. A fast guy in search for more speed and control.
Anders is having a machine moment when working with his self-made sheet metal forming machine.
Carina was populating our web based Speed Shop with more good stuff.
 Magnus is concentrated since he wants to leave the workshop with the same 10 fingers he arrived with.
Mario and Gitte are working hard on their newly painted Volvo P1800.
Hard work pays off part 1
 Hard work pays off part 2
 Two enablers. Boost pressure = happiness.
 Not Lagom. But nice.
The place we call home.
The future home for our feets. Yes, we know, the most important pedal is still missing. 
Anders waiting for parts fabricated by Magnus. 
CAD (Cardboard  Aided Design) supported fabrication. Here's the final state-of-the art bearing support ready to be welded in place.

Anders evaluating if the part is according to our strict standard and intentions. 
Magnus keeping a polite and humble attitude !
Yes, we all approve it, we are good to go! Soon we will be in control !

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