Sunday, February 1, 2015

Dream, Think, Talk, Agree, & Build -A consequence of Consensus Anarchy

A Saturday afternoon at Ringön is an essential part of a nice weekend.This Saturday we all dropped in for a workshop session.

The focus of the day was to continue with the steering our "Goldene Lenkrad" and pedals. Everything is now set up and some parts are spot welded and combined with mock ups for the rest we'll soon have everything in place and will be good to go. As mentioned in the headline everything done in a traditional Swedish almost Japanese consensus manner, meaning that we drink coffee and talk without thinking. Closely followed by …..a jam session….. then trial and error…..
Yepp, we'll change to steel any day soon. You can for the first time can see what will be our inlet manifold, an original T6 Volvo manifold, which we will modified in numerous ways. We all started to see Håkan's eager eyes as he look forward to cut and change when adding a huge LS throttle. Anders and I started to think about welding aluminum. 
Salty liquorice, a Swedish treat we'll bring to Bonneville.
The one and only:  Der Goldene Lenkrad !
In parallel I kept on building tables... Why ? Just now, we're not prepared to explain why.
All serious build blogs tends to show case welds ! here we have one, TIG 90 amps no added material, nothing strange, made by a rookie …..
Big worries and almost time for... Power Point engineering: How bad and wrong can't this turnout. Just kidding,  but we've started to plan our participation at Elmia Motorshow where we will promote our EFR & Schwitzer turbo business. 
This will generate a couple of things to do, to make the best of it. 
All based on the concept act big and you will be big ! 
Håkan and Carina is evaluating if our stand at the fair is in a good place and on display. Will the right people pass by ?
Lars Martin is thinking while preparing to measure
Håkan digesting and thinking as he is preparing to talk
Back to work our never ending front end. But now it's renovated and in place. We're getting there with a mega caster to help us when going fast.
Our not 9 - 5 office 

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