Sunday, February 22, 2015

Going Down...We're on Wheels!

Saturday morning. The Salt Slush Team has arrived. The coffee has been consumed the latest car dreams has been discussed. A couple of new amazing projects has already been agreed. All important stuff under the table has been dragged out. A smartphone zombie is drifting around in the workshop waiting for the action which is about to happen. What  kind of action? We're just about to cut the navel string and let our racer touch the shop floor for the very first time.
Various lowering strategies are being discussed.

Under the build table Karl-Johan found an old friend. The old S80 automatic transmission which he once a upon a time was project leading. A moment of reflection.
It's on its way down. Even the normally cool Kalle has his jaws hard set. There was a good reason for concentration...
...and good reason for fast response
 50% completion. No victory yet. Just pure excitement.
A proud and relived team. Magnus already enjoys the comfort.
Yes, we need to mount the correct wheels and yes, we need to adjust the ride height a little, but it looks nice.  
Magnus is here adjusting the ride height, or at least working with the  upper trailing arm.

Who would like to take a ride with Mario?
 Perhaps Gitte?
Cina also felt the urge to celebrate the on-wheels event.

In summery: Perhaps a small step for mankind, but a giant leap towards the salt for Salt Slush Racing!

Sunday update: New rims, new tire's and ride height adjusted to 40mm
It's low. Keep in mind the Amazon wheels are still standing on the table, which means that in addition the car will come down approximately 100mm (4´) more. But we will most likely increase the ride height to 60mm. In total, this means that it will come down approximately 80mm compared to this picture.
And yes, we admit, we can watch it for hours. The low, slightly drop shaped body in bare sheet we really like it.

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