Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Material happiness = EFR 9180 delivery !

Can material gods really bring you happiness? Those of you who doubt this have obviously not received a 9180 EFR turbo suitable for 1000hp! It's a piece of art with its precision cast twinscoll turbine house, integrated wastegate and milled compressor wheel. 

When you move your shaking finger forward to spin the turbine wheel (the turbo community equivalent to tire kicking) and do feel how easy it is to spin, thanks to the big Titanium-Aluminum turbine wheel and ceramic ball bearing, you hesitate for a moment, then you go for it. And yes, you can almost hear engine roar and boost pressure raise!

One hour earlier I felt like I was overloaded with work on a depressing Wednesday in February. Not anymore, cause I've taken the Turbo cure!
The 9180 EFR does not only a power enabler, it keeps the room together as well. A Turbo  decoration
Is it a meat mill? No, it's the beauty in another angle and another light.

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